10 Important Tips for small kitchen design

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Small kitchen design for many housewives, it is very uncomfortable and it comes as something to be measured, but if the design and horrible, it’s a disaster. What to do if a small kitchen design does not match your preferences and tastes, and also does it visually reduces.

Proper selection and planning the design of kitchen space, is primarily responsible moment, sometimes the solution of this difficult problem, affects the quality indicators such as convenience and comfort. After all, the kitchen is a warm place hanging out, where every morning over a cup of tea is going the whole family, at lunch prepared delicious food, and dinner in a quiet corner, removed the entire daily hectic negative.

In this article we want to give an idea, in the transformation of even very small kitchen in the and kitchens with a 4 sq. m. using methods to increase the visual and design solutions and ideas that will make it most convenient for you and for others, and your guests. Complementing material tips and advice.


Our first advice and important and not clutter the workspace and without a small kitchen. Even such a necessary and important housewives kitchen appliances like microwave and food processor, can be both visually and actually significantly reduce the kitchen space. Occasionally used equipment and things, try to hide in the closet, and if you can lead them to the wall with the help of special holders.

In developing the design, use light colors in the interior and its shades like white, amber, cream, beige, etc. Color in the interior of the small kitchen designs plays an unimportant role, with the help of color can be up to no recognizable visually enlarge the space of a small kitchen, as well as give the room lightness, freshness and space. Take into account that all sorts of colorful carpets, and heavy blackout curtains and curtains, as well as a pile of decorative plates much more visually reduce the already small kitchen.

To the extent possible, home appliances like washing machine, cooker hood, refrigerator and a gas stove, it is best to build in furniture or hide under the table top, the most increasing working kitchen space. Well, if this is not possible you can simply move the refrigerator in the hallway and a washing machine in the bathroom, thus making the kitchen more than ample.

Lighting is of great importance in the interior design of any room and the kitchen is not an exception. In the planning and development of kitchen design in advance think over the future of lighting. With the help of spotlights, you can create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere and a large chandelier will look great in the center of a small kitchen, diverting attention from the failures size of the room itself.

Buying furniture

As for the furniture, a small kitchen design ideas space will not place a lot of furniture, so I have to order furniture in size, our board cabinets and cupboards do mounted, lifting the door to the special fittings and design T- shaped plan, so you can tailor a little space in the room. Whenever possible, you can slightly change the functionality of a small kitchen, you have to move the dining table into another more spacious room, leaving only the appointment of the kitchen for cooking. Alternatively, you can use the trans-dining table, or use the bar instead of the table.

It should be noted, when choosing furniture, pick a kitchen with self-colored façade, i.e. preferably without drawings and unnecessary decorative elements. Be concise and nothing more. Otherwise, the already small kitchen will be visually less. Today, the interior of the kitchen have become very popular kitchen or in simple words the crossbar with a variety of holders and mini-shelves. Their main role and objective is to save space in the kitchen and creating the convenience of housewives in cooking (the so-called all at your fingertips).

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Living room – this is the main room of any apartment, as is the center of the house. An important role in each family apartment just takes and small galley kitchen design. Typical apartments, especially, in which lives a large part of the population, do not have a large living room and a spacious kitchen. For this reason, in today’s time, very fashionable and popular to combine these two rooms, turning them into beautiful common space.

Design living room with a kitchen should be carefully thought out, functional and exclusive. Then the whole family can easily gather for a large family table in the spacious kitchen.

Goals combined kitchen with living room

The main objective of creating an open kitchen is to increase the free space. When you have an apartment area of 25 square meters. , the size of most kitchens does not want to think too much. What can be done so that the family could have dinner together? Get rid of the partition between the living room and kitchen. At the same time, you can remove the door to the kitchen of your corridor and lay the pass. Usually, there is obtained a niche where you can put a refrigerator. Lack of passes plus demolition of partitions increases the kitchen area. Also, there is an additional living area where you would normally create a dining area. And we all know that does not provide space for a dining area. The kitchen-living room: pros and cons

  • Think over the design of a living room with kitchen is not a simple matter. Pluses are obvious:
  • Visual extension of the space plus an increase of light sources;
  • A simple process of organizing the celebrations: the hostess does not leave the 18 square meters. And continues the conversation, and check the readiness of food will not be a problem;
  • Lovers of collective party will especially appreciate this design, as in an apartment with a small kitchen is difficult to accommodate more than six people, and a living area with open plan kitchen to cope with it easily.

The advantage of this design is also no need to buy a TV for the kitchen. It will be enough to buy wide diagonal-panel televisions in the living room area. If you have a big, about 20 sq., Kitchen, and then you can think about buying a fireplace. By combining the living room with a kitchen, you can mount a common fireplace, where you can drink coffee and look at the old photos. But mainly the convenience that we get from the kitchen design for small space-living room – it is an opportunity, and dinner, and supper for a full table. Disadvantages cuisine combined with the living room:

  • Aromas of cooking food. This is due to the fact that the hood copes only partially, and if we will focus on products with different specific aroma, it will be particularly relevant;
  • The sounds that are produced when a microwave oven, a dishwasher or oven. They immediately become public property, and it is not always pleasant and appropriate;
  • Increased requirements for cleaning. If your kitchen a couple of cups and a plate that are thrown at the sink, do not have a serious negative impact on the interior, then the combined kitchen, living room, even a used napkin forgotten you can significantly spoil the overall impression. Fair hostess recognized that they sometimes had to regret this design because of this small nuance. But this applies more to the owners, who are often used to take the guests to delight their perfect order in his home. If you are not a man who can spoil the mood of several kinds of dirty dishes, the living room with kitchen design does not make in the future to regret this decision.

The combination of the two rooms in the apartment not meant their complete dissolution of each other, but as a complement of the first second. The kitchen designs for small kitchens should be separated from your living room at least visually. To achieve this, use special techniques, so-called zoning. There are several of them.

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Kitchen with living ways of zoning

To create a valid and interesting design of the interior must be thought out properly divide the space into several zones. To separate rooms on two zones are ideal use of such materials glass blocks or glass partitions. One of the most popular ways of zoning is simple flooring or carpets in different materials. You can also apply color zoning. To do this, you will need to paint the kitchen floor in a single color, and the floor is the living room to the other. However, using different materials zoning Postal effect in the most qualitative way. The kitchen will be harmonious look made tiles, and that swings the living room, then you can use carpet, parquet, and laminates. This is to your taste.

A great way of zoning began painting the floor and walls of the kitchen and the room a variety of materials or colors.

The usual bar also creates excellent effect of zoning. Looking at the interior of the living room, you can either make a completely new design of the bar, or simply leave a part of the wall that used to share your kitchen and living room. If such a structure can be finished in the same stone facing, beautiful tiles, facing brick, wood paneling.

Many well-known designers use in their work for the zoning effect a large dining table. It certainly is on the boundary between your kitchen designs for small spaces and living room. This way you can perfectly organize and divide your space. This method of zoning is often used together with the light zoning. In this embodiment, the zoning in most cases over the dinner table hung a number of interesting fixtures, low. As a result, we get just two divisions

Underwear – table and chairs.

Top – lighting is playing the role of “light curtains”.

The color of the lamp can also play a separate role in the atmosphere of your living room with kitchen. Professionals recommend choosing warm colors such as red, orange, yellow, and burgundy. You get the comfort and convenience as well as these colors will give your dishes appetizing.

Very good and even fun way of zoning – the use of a fragment of a wall. It is understood that during the demolition of walls, partitions, you can just leave her small part. This would have the effect of zoning. It turns like a living room, but harmonious and cleverly divided. Summing up, we can say that planning design living room with a kitchen, you will find: first, bold, and secondly, the original decision. This solution is perfect for increasing the space; also it is very convenient, especially when you have a large family. Use these tips into practice, and you have to create a unique design. You just need to fine-tune the tips below features is your apartment, and then enjoy a cozy place in a spacious room.

Without a doubt, it is nice to admire photos of the interiors spacious kitchens. But what if you got a very small kitchen? The main thing is not to lose heart. Designers have repeatedly proved that it is possible to create a kitchen interior 2 by 2, which eclipsed a more spacious room. It is reasonable to use every square centimeter, can be placed in the kitchen the minimum necessary furniture and appliances. If something still does not fit, it is necessary to resort to the “hidden reserves.” Often it located next to the kitchen pantry, a balcony or a part of the corridor. You may want to combine them or make back some of the furniture (for example, arrange on warmed balcony dining room, and a fridge to put in the closet). You can remove the swing doors, replacing it with a sliding or make arched doorway. Just do not forget in this case, buy a powerful hood to smell of cooking did not reach living rooms.

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Uniquely for small kitchens designs need to order a kitchen set on the individual sizes. Standard there may simply not fit into or occupy a lot of space unnecessarily. Normally cabinet depth is 60 cm, and for a tiny room of 45 cm – is the maximum allowable size. In the small kitchen just need a perfect order, so try to accommodate as much as possible hinged cabinets up to the ceiling, where you can hide all kitchen utensils and small appliances. If you have nothing to put the stop to open the upper shelves that are visually expand the room. The space under the sink is usually filled with appliances: oven, washing machine, a compact refrigerator, and dishwasher.

Before you order a kitchen, you should decide at its optimum position in the small kitchen design layout. Most often, small kitchen interior designers are using T- or U-shaped layout.

  • At T-shaped arrangement of the headset it is located in a corner near the door. A dining table and chairs – on the opposite side, usually at the window. Developing kitchen design 2 2 need to understand that there cannot fit a full dining group. Outputs: move the dining area to the living room or balcony; replace the table bar console type (fixed along a blank wall).
  • Or use the folding tables and chairs, which is necessary to remove the cabinet after every meal. It is best to order a radius rounded facades and countertop, so you reduce the likelihood of injuries and bruises. U-shaped layout is the arrangement of kitchen units in three walls. This allows you to create the perfect “work triangle”, i.e. place the refrigerator, and sink and hob at arm’s length.
  • This option is suitable if remains at least 1.2 meters between opposing cabinets. Unfortunately, in the interior of the tiny kitchen of always having to give up something. Often a full cooking surface is replaced by narrow stove 2 burners, refrigerator usual high exchange to a compact, single chamber, and instead uses a microwave oven. Well, that is available in the shops of home appliances range allows everyone to create a comfortable and functional kitchen.

To visually seem spacious small kitchen design layouts is better to use when you make a room bright colors, abandoning flashy and contrasting colors. This appliance is better to choose neutral colors (black, silver, white) or the color of the furniture. You should also make maximum use of the glossy surface of furniture and decorative materials. Use when the design works apron ceramic tiles, glass panels or metal thrown off the mosaic. If you allow the style and layout, enter the interior of a few mirrors or glass doors, cabinet doors, table and chairs made of Plexiglas. Choose plain or with small pastel patterned wallpaper, especially good in the kitchen look of wallpaper solid vinyl and washable.

The kitchen: Basic Principles

  • We can formulate the main recommendations for the design of a tiny kitchen:
  • Use multipurpose furnishings (table-trans-sill-the bar);
  • Reduce the depth of the cabinets and the table size when ordering furniture for individual sizes;


Purchase compact appliances, and additional tools for better organization of space in the kitchen.

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