10 Species of Furniture for a farm country kitchen

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The alignment of the headset with the letter D in the area of 5 square meters kitchen design.  Is considered a classic approach to furnishings.Play with the visual perception of space allows properly laid by furniture. There are a few interesting tricks that make the layout 5 square.  Very rational and original.

Cycling corners. The alignment of the headset with the letter D in the area of 5 square meters kitchen design.  Is considered a classic approach to furnishings. In this case, the objects are arranged so that one side is bordered on the door or a window sill, while the second ended with a fridge. The space formed at the same time in the corner, you can make an additional work surface or to fill appliances. Angles in a kitchen should be rounded. In addition, it is perceived aesthetic, so also ensures the safety of movement in tight spaces. If the kitchen has a rectangular perimeter, the sink is better to leave on a short wall and slab work desks and fridge to put in a long. In this case, in the diagonal corner is formed a great place to host a dinner table. Under certain conditions, you can create an entire zone by attaching a light over the desk, shelves or cabinets no massive open design.

You can go to the kitchen design modest 5 square’s another way: in the angular space to install the sink. To make it easier to exploit it, so it into the Radius or sloping table-curbstone. On the long side will now be able to bring the work surface, and place the refrigerator with a stove. In the case where the set is made to order, ask for the short side to make a little narrower – then you get extra centimeters of space, which is so lacking in the modest kitchen area. Rather than sink into a corner you can put a plate and ergonomically angled model. It is not just integrated into the decor, but will also be easy to use.

Information in use

It is possible to design a farm country kitchen 5 kW m and U-shaped arrangement of the elements. Furniture in this embodiment takes three checkboxes zone, that is, all available space is used to the maximum. You get the opportunity to create the perfect balance, in which the refrigerator-stove-sink will work triangle vertices. However, this method will only place furniture in the kitchens, which space has a square shape because the inner width of the space should be at least 1.2 meters. Only in this case the kitchen is nice and comfortable to operate, not clinging to the corners and not squeezing between surfaces.

To solve the problem of the situation will help the vertical furniture unit near the entrance to the kitchen. In this case, high and bulky items migrate to distant corners of the room, where there are not so noticeable. However, experts refer to this method of execution cramped rooms ambiguous. Some believe this is an excellent opportunity to fill the kitchen a sufficient amount of equipment, spacious drawers and cabinets, while others strongly advised to do so in the design of the kitchen area of 5 square meters, because it dramatically cuts space.

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Looking at the situation of any farm country kitchen, you cannot help but notice that most bulky items. If it is removed in the insulated balcony or render the corridor, you instantly and significantly unload space. You will have a chance not just to set a dining table, but also decorate the kitchen this comfortable seating area or luxury to do the work area, there could be as you want. But the convenience and run because you no longer be able to simply reach out and take the necessary ingredients from the fridge. If you do not mind the extra mileage to wind, then feel free to use this idea in the design of your kitchen 5 square meters. Economical and simple way to equip the kitchen is a direct single-row layout of furniture arrangement. To provide additional space is set narrow hob (45 cm) and the ability to endure beyond the kitchen refrigerator.

Open shelves in the country farm kitchen

In the world of modern kitchens fashion trend is the use of open shelves, which came to the place of wall cabinets. Open shelves can become a part of the furniture in the interior of the kitchen and its superb functional decorative element.

Open shelves now become one of the affordable, practical and stylish designs. Such design fits great in the kitchen interior, especially designed in the style of Provence. They are also great country style, rustic and Scandinavian. Very impressive look open shelves in the kitchen, which is decorated in a minimalist style, as well as the usual classics.

Affordable cost of such structures is their indisputable advantage, because the acquisition closed cabinets for the kitchen will be much more expensive in monetary terms.

Also closed cabinets visually narrow kitchen space and shelves, on the contrary, make it more spacious. The shelves are always all the necessary items are at hand, besides the need to translate the lost time on the opening of the kitchen doors. And open shelves original design is a showcase, with which you can do.

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What are open shelves for country farm kitchen?

Wall shelves perfectly fit into any kitchen interior space, as well as in any partition. Appointment of such structures is very diverse. They can be used to accommodate the books and notebooks with recipes for storage of different spices, to showcase the elegant dishes to accommodate a television or home kitchen appliances. Depending on the purpose, the depth varies accordingly such designs and their height location. Suspended kitchen shelves with concealed fastening look not only beautiful, but also trendy. mount elegant tableware, decorative elements, as well as all sorts of kitchen utensils.

Country farm kitchen cabinets with open shelves

Often, these shelves are located on the bottom row of mounted kitchen cabinets. It provides easy access to the pan, or the products that are used regularly. Very often such a hinged shelf can see the library of recipes for dishes or drying. Glazed transparent open shelves in the kitchen can be seen as a small china coaster the buffet cabinet.

Built-in shelves are different capacity and convenience, providing easy access to its contents. Such design is convenient to use as extreme module kitchen furniture. Shelves can be placed with the open side in the kitchen, and in the direction of passage to the living room or dining room. A variation of the rack can be built and arched openings open from the kitchen shelves. Mostly they are used as kitchen cabinets with open shelves

Open shelves in the kitchen pillars also provide quick access to the objects they contain. Mostly on the shelves of stores and frying pans needed every day dishes, fruits and vegetables in the baskets. You can also use them for notebooks and books with recipes or serving dishes and decorations. Such designs virtually not striking, they are excellently suited for kitchen connected with the dining room, because when properly placed furniture set may be quite inconspicuous, for example, from the table for lunch.

Kitchen Island with open shelves

Advantageously such shelves from the island located facing the living room, or in a side portion thereof. These designs combine perfectly a kitchen with a library of adds to the bookmark recipes or books, as well as act as a display section for all sorts of decorative items. Ultra-modern version of the slide with the exposed in her dishes.

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Kitchen sinks and opens shelves in country farm kitchen decor

Open shelves of this type are placed against a wall or on the ceiling, in place over the kitchen island, depending on the location of the kitchen sink. They are very convenient solution for storing utensils of daily use.

In the modern design style is very impressive look transparent glass shelves, appropriate in black and white, white, gray kitchen, and even in the kitchen lilac. Good looking pattern shelves of multicolored glass and laminated MDF.

  • The advantages of open shelves in the kitchen interior
  • The obvious advantages of open shelves in the kitchen demonstrates the following points:
  • placement of shelves is possible even in a small kitchen room;
  • You do not need space to open the door;
  • there is no need to spend time and effort on plowing doors;
  • a complete overview of items do not need to waste time finding a particular thing or product;
  • quick access to objects that are stored on the shelves;
  • the ability to demonstrate an elegant serving dishes, using it as a decorative element of the interior.

Due to the fact that the shelves themselves and objects to them are open, they are quickly covered with dust and fat. In order to avoid such a situation as much as possible, it is not necessary to place them in close proximity to the flame plate. Such kitchen designs require fairly frequent cleanings.

Open shelves in the country farm kitchens are often performed and a decorative function, therefore one must have them graceful and beautiful serving dishes kitchen items.

A good solution would be to add just one or a couple of small open shelves in the kitchen space, if the above-mentioned disadvantages are important to you. A couple of open shelves in the kitchen brings in her expression, and help make it more comfortable, homely.


Appearance country farm kitchens are largely dependent on the style proposed by the designers for a kitchen.

If the kitchen is made in the style of the country, then it perfect of solid wood. They look thoroughly and fairly solid. This design model can be supplemented posed on the shelf wicker baskets and drawers for convenient storage of various kitchen utensils, vegetables and fruits.

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