10 things about French country kitchen

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Beautiful spacious French country kitchen for a large family – dream housewives. In such a kitchen can accommodate not only all that is needed, but also more than that. In it, for example, it is easy to become a sofa, where children can play while mom is busy cooking. Guests arrived? Again, the same sofa to the place – will be where to place them, until the table is served. So look at the space of the kitchen and try to transform it all their fantasies. You will surely be happy with the result!

U-shaped French country kitchen arrangement. In this case, the furniture is arranged under the three walls at once, resulting in an incredibly practical “work triangle”. The method is acceptable only in the spacious kitchen.

Kitchen – this is a room where a lot of light is never. It is particularly important for this particular room the presence of sunlight in the work area and a dining area. But what do if the kitchen was originally dark, with a small window overlooking the north side? How to make a kitchen brighter in this case? What can be done? Really it is necessary to use drastic measures, including reconstruction? Do not worry. The question may well be solved, as they say, a little blood. The main thing to know how to place furniture and help to light about the possibilities of natural light should be used as much as possible. It can be a very good and also a completely free tool for decoration, so your task is to open access to the greatest number of its rays. How to use it to make a kitchen brighter? First of all, no blackout window curtain, and even dark curtains, and do not put it on the windowsill pots of flowers. Penetrate into the room. Consideration of these issues, we are going to do below.

If you are lucky and your kitchen has not just a window, but also a balcony door, in your power to make it completely glass. In the french country kitchen, instantly becomes lighter and fresher. Believe me, the usual lunch turns into a real meal, we can say gastronomic mystery if decorated table will sink in the sun. Equally important, furnished this unusual place, think about how to make your kitchen brighter, not only in the daytime, but the evenings. If the recreation area will be good, and in the dim light, the next plate from the work surface and sink – the light should be in abundance.

Imagine that you do not just cook food, and arrange the whole idea of this process. Ah, how beautiful the light penetrates through the pepper or tomato! But if you put aside the theatrical moments, good lighting will help you notice damage to the product and do not use stale ingredients. Now imagine that the kitchen plunged into gloom. In this case, you do not notice something that is not – you are, in principle, it will be difficult to get on a cucumber or an apple with a knife.

By the way, over the dinner table, too, should hang some beautiful light. Pouring from it a soft, warm light will make it possible to sit comfortably for dinner. Proper distribution of kitchen lighting – it is an opportunity to enjoy not only the cooking, but their absorption.

How to make a kitchen brighter and not to spoil the interior

The desire to make a beautiful kitchen – is commendable. This room should definitely attract attention. However, while working on his decor, many commit such errors, which lead to the minimization of the expected effect. So what should not be used in the kitchen environment?

The first mistake becomes a wrong choice of background. Do not seek the already sparse kitchen enclosed in dark-colored wallpaper or other finishing materials. Bright finish in this case is much more appropriate, because it really promotes kitchen lighting intensity. Researchers engaged in finding ways to improve the ergonomics of the kitchen, in its proposals, how to make the kitchen lighter brought the following facts:

  • White walls reflect 70-80% of the light entering the kitchen window;
  • Cream-colored surfaces – 50-60%;
  • Black – less than 10%.
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More light will reflect the natural gloss finish, so in the french country kitchen decor, it is desirable to use the appropriate paint brand. If you really want to see the walls matte, then select a very light tone. From the wallpaper should be taken washable types or vinyl super washable, have a smooth, with a slight sheen, texture.

Still in the dark kitchen, the advantage should be left for the paint, because the painted surface is still able to reflect twice as much light than the same tone wallpaper.

It is understood that the white color as the main kitchen decoration, inspired by the few. It is quite possible to replace the pastel colors that do not have this sterility.

The second error – a dark, matte finish, sets facades. It turns out that with the help of furniture, you can resolve the issue of how to make a kitchen brighter. In small little rooms right place pieces of furniture with a glossy finish. This surface reflects light beautifully, significantly improving the quality of kitchen lighting. When choosing sets give preference options, the facades are covered with glossy enamel or acrylic plastic.

Error №3 – dull matt design apron. In the dimly lit kitchen apron better spread glass mosaic or familiar in everyday life the smooth ceramic tiles. And the tempered glass and gloss tiles reflect the light wonderfully, so have an equal right to exist in the decor. The presence of any of these options will become lighter and kitchen adds to her space.

Another error – wrong selection of curtains. If your window closes leaves spreading tree or it goes to the north, the kitchen will certainly be felt shortage of natural light. How to make a kitchen brighter? The secret is in the problem area finishing. To make out a window must be very concise. Use of transparent curtains and fine fabrics. As for the style of curtains, they can be rolled or Roman. These type of minimally obscure the window. You can also use a short curtain of tulle. This is also a good stylistic solution.

The latter mistake is a mistake and cannot be named – the dirty glass. Remember, touch the dirt on the glass holds up to one-third of the luminous flux, and so just do not be lazy to wash the windows more often. In principle, the embodiment is to make the french country kitchens lighter, and can be much larger. In this case, much will depend on the configuration of the room and your financial capabilities, but even using the tips given here, you can inexpensively turn the kitchen into an unusually cozy corner where in the kingdom of light will create real culinary magic.

Good housewives dream of a beautiful and cozy kitchen, and very good – understand that in addition to the aesthetic appeal, the kitchen should have more and practicality, that is, be comfortable to use. Most of the women in the kitchen spend most of his life. I do not think that there they just do that standing at the stove and wash dishes. Mistresses love to sit in the cozy corner of the house with a cup of coffee, chatting with my friends or just watching TV. All these requirements will only match a functional kitchen, which is not just a friendly environment with love, but very carefully.

How to plan a functional

Before proceeding to the design of the kitchen, think about what you most interested in her surroundings. If you are a fan of cooking, the main space is, of course, set aside for the work area. For those who love more and to relax in between the shock cooking, care should be taken to the corresponding corner of it. Also on the zoning of french country kitchen cabinets space and will affect large number of your family.

  • Based on the above, it will be purchased and household appliances. How much it present in the kitchen, will depend on your needs, but how big is technology, there could prompt area favorite room.
  • When planning the interior of your kitchen, check with your household about her color scheme, pay attention to the intensity of light and rationality receiving the versatile luminaire.
  • What else will affect the planning of the space? Naturally, the number of windows and doorways, as well as their location.
  • Now that the preliminary picture is already loomed, you can begin to translate it into reality.
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Working space

Cooking area is the first area that you will be equipped with what is legitimate and natural. What is important here /? Perhaps you feel free and have at hand everything you might need in the course of cooking. The main, so to speak, the reference, the points of this area will be:

It is in this triangle, and the kitchen there is all the mystery of the process. If your kitchen is large enough, then do not put these subjects closer than a meter from one another. When you try to bring them closer together will be called a functional kitchen can be, but comfortable – no longer exists. The owner of the apartment spacious french country kitchen table and it is not necessary to go to extremes and “throw” these points on 5-6 meters. You have to wind more than a dozen kilometers away, while you cook dinner. A bit tiring, is not it?

According to the parameters of how these will be placed “three pillars” of the kitchen interior, different types and layout of the premises. She may be:

  • In this case, all the points are on the same line. This layout – great for a tiny kitchen.
  • Linear with the island. Here, one of the points exhibited separately island. To this island to function effectively, it must be surrounded at least one meter of free space.
  • With this layout work area is located on two adjacent walls. This is a very convenient form of placement of furniture that allows organizing a luxurious dining area. Option demanded for the decoration of functional kitchen combined with the living room or dining room.
  • U-shaped. This type of plan is suitable only for large spaces. It is incredibly easy to use; because it really allows ergonomic use of space and keep everything you need within reach arm.
  • This type of work area is preferred by professional chefs, because here the cooking zone runs parallel to the storage sector, which greatly simplifies cooking.
  • Planning task difficult if the kitchen is rich in niches, corners, protrusions, or even outside the projected area is. In these cases have to furnish the room, as they say, on the situation.

Functional kitchen eyed professionals

If you ask the designer about the key moments of the creation of a comfortable kitchen, it is easy to lay out a dozen tips.


First, he will recommend taking care of the acquisition of roomy cabinets, which are needed for dishes, utensils, and of course, food. A good kitchen set must have a minimum number of hard to reach places and french country kitchen curtains. It must necessarily be a place where you can arrange a decorative ware, and other interesting themed items. Closed shelves should be easy to open the door and hang on your available height growth.

If there are kids in the house, the kitchen should be even and safe. This can be done by purchasing the furniture with rounded angles. If it is not included in the plans, at the corners of an existing headset is put on a soft lining. Boxes need to be equipped with a secure lock, and then the child is not guaranteed to get to the knives and forks, as well as cereals and other interesting for him things.

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On a functional kitchen countertop must be sturdy. Ideally, it should be carved out of a monolith natural stone. Good countertops with stainless steel and composite materials. It’s not the cheapest options, but this shortcoming is more than cover their practicality, “immortality” and a wide selection of colors.

Do not deprive the kitchen dining table, even if its size is very, very modest. Use transforming design. In this case, it is justified and practical.


Practical room must have adequate lighting, so it is in this country french kitchen is performed in at least two types: general and a point. The last “sighting”, used above the working area. The central ceiling light rather play a decorative role, and will serve the cause of association space. In the recreation area can use a floor lamp or a sconce, with a soft diffused light. Contemporary and modern solution is the organization of lighting cabinets and niches, if any, in the interior.


The next step, without which it cannot do, will be the organization of labor protection wall. It is possible to issue a mosaic, ceramic materials or washable wallpaper of modern production. In principle, the wallpaper in the kitchen, you can use any of the invoices, however, as the plaster, only the working area will need to hide them under a thin sheet of special glass. He now offered in three versions:

  • Transparent.
  • Matt.
  • Blackout.
  • Floor

What else needs to be perfect in the kitchen, so it’s floor. His material should last for many years. The floor should be cleaned simply not afraid of mechanical loads.

In this regard, should look at the floor tiles, linoleum although too bad, especially for the budget of the interiors functional kitchens.


Do not forget to decorate a functional kitchen. Not all the dishes should disappear in the depths of a closed cabinet. Some of it, characterized by a beautiful pattern or unusual shapes must remain in sight. On open shelves and can be arranged beautiful jars filled with spices, or put tea collection.


Provide adequate ventilation in the kitchen, that is, use the hood. Unpleasant odors are not darken your stay in the french country kitchen island and do not disturb the rest of the household.

Follow these simple tips and functional kitchen will be a highlight of your home!

Curtains in the french country kitchen island – the style and mood

The kitchen is surrounded by a special aura – is the home conjures at the stove on a favorite dish, eat breakfast “in haste” and lead a leisurely conversation over dinner. On how its design meets mental attitude, lifestyle and ideas of beauty depends on the degree of comfort, harmony and happiness in the house. Curtains in the interior of the kitchen slowly and carefully chosen, they can be easy, practical, and can be a bright beautiful decoration element.


As for the utilitarian purpose of curtains, the day they have to protect from the scorching sun, in the evening to isolate from the impenetrable darkness outside the window, and always – from the indiscreet curiosity. In addition, it is desirable that they have not hesitated -, washes, have the necessary functionality (for example, provide a comfortable airing).

The decisive role played by the artistic image of the french country kitchen ideas, the choice of curtains depends on the interior space and the role that took the curtains – to support the stylistic unity, to bring a touch of romanticism or enrich the interior color palette.

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