3 ways to use backyard kitchen designs


Today, indulge in a dining room in the house, not everyone can, therefore contemporaries found a way to unite the functions and backyard kitchen designs rarely combined with living room. The result was a specific room, the interior of which is perfect for dinner parties and family celebrations. Dining room-living room in a classic style in general is amazing because it is so elegant and reserved its interior does not look in any other interpretation.

It all works on the image of the interior:

  • Noble furniture from the magnificent mahogany.
  • Bronze.
  • Crystal.
  • Velvety purple shades.
  • Golden satin shine.
  • Patented walls and more.

A special delicacy backyard kitchen designs gives the French classic. Tenderness refined environment based on the game pale like shades of green, gray, lilac flowers. Their successful combination of shades of silver. In the dining room group, all in the spirit of French classics: on the floor of natural marble, which attracts the beauty of texture, metal frame crowns glass top table, wooden elements painted impeccably white. On the walls are often found copyrights mural representing your attention Mediterranean landscapes. Of the mandatory elements of the decor stand mirror, admirable virtuosity shape cutting.

In the development of the interior dining room in front a classic style object block can be stylish furniture, rich historical past. This room will meet the solemn atmosphere that will create a combination of golden-brown tone alder exterior furniture with deep blue walls. If you wish to hint at the design similarities to the English interior is trimmed with parquet flooring in exotic tone or marabou for us familiar dark walnut.

A more relaxed and incredibly elegant classic looks lightweight. Her background tones are all members of the neutral palette of warm sector. Classical elements are expressed in more elegant lines. Shard interior added to the gold-plated fittings and glossy stretch ceilings. The walls are usually “dress” in a liquid silk with a pearly sheen.

If you have a dream, a dining room group in a semicircular bay window, better put it on the podium and framed columns topped with stucco. Add to this the curtains on the windows, made of natural silk, comfortable furniture and enjoy the noble elegant interior. Probe dining room in a classical style with modern techniques – is nonsense. Style abhorrent extraordinary solutions. In backyard kitchen designs everything should be done in a subtle manner, very modestly. If the envisaged combination of several functional areas in the dining room, the designers is doing it with the help of these techniques the separation space in which there will be a sharp transition between the two. Often all areas combined. For example, in the classic interior of the space in the course is a combination of method with the “light”. The essence of it in a variety of lighting work and dining areas and raising the level of the floor. On the resulting site is traditionally a dining room. You can divide the space in a classical setting, involving the process of accessories.

Classic does not tolerate the brightness of colors. Catching up, do not try to solve the problem by playing contrasts, is made in a classic style separation of zones in the dining room. There should be no confrontation of colors, and their symbiosis, so it will manifest itself in this case are different shades of one color. How will it look in practice? Try to arrange your dining room dining area in light beige and cream colors, then in recreation darker spectra will have to appear, such as coffee or brown.

Another effective way to designate areas – light game. However, do not expect to see something extraordinary here; in these interiors is all done very traditionally. Above the dining area is placed a massive chandelier made of bronze. Their bright light attached feast solemnity. Zone of the rest cover the exact opposite, floor lamps and sconces luxurious, pour out the scattered light. This creates a tranquil atmosphere of peace.

Labeling visual zones of the border can be using a variety of supplements; backyard kitchen designs is always full of classical decorative elements. The abundance of decor in this case only on hand, because any part of the room, you can highlight parts different from those which adorned the next. For example, a dining area a good idea to decorate the marble sculptures and paintings depicting landscapes. Recreation area requires comfort, so there are the place books in luxurious leather covers and tapestries framed vintage frames. Of particular importance in this corner of textiles. Nothing will make her more comfortable than luxurious silk blankets and pillows.

Choose a dining table


Dining Heart in backyard kitchen designs- dining table. It sets out the change of scenery in his dining room, the first thing; decide with this subject of the future situation. To begin, of course, with the size. This parameter is determined on the basis of floor space. If the room is spacious, the table can even be the biggest, but in the kitchen-dining room of this luxury and have to forget to replace the massive table bar. For the organization of mobile Nightingale, which will be developed on the occasion, it is better to take the folding or collapsible general model.

Simply put the table in the classic dining room you cannot. It certainly should be covered with a cloth. This gives the aesthetics and hides unsightly joints and seams on the trans-tops tables.

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