3 ways use rohl country kitchen faucet


Shades of gray and white can be used in general as a basic background wall decoration. But with bole bright colors from this list, it is necessary to experiment carefully so as not to turn a joyful interior, in the flashy and kitsch frenzy of colors decor, repelling his tasteless.

Many housewives prefer light interiors rohl country kitchen faucet that appear when combining fuchsia and white. This is perhaps the only example of the decor, which welcomed the brightness of colors, because the deeper the color used in the decoration, the more interesting it seems to color the solution itself.

The main rules for creating the decor in the color fuchsia

  • In the spacious kitchen using any shades of fuchsia, whereas in small spaces advantage remains with the bright colors.
  • Fuchsia – intense color, so it should not be much in the atmosphere.
  • Kitchen furniture to furnish such a simple form.

If the window is not an accent area, then Make it simple cotton curtains, or products made from flax, as well as blinds, fabric rolls and the like.

Do not forget the final touch in the kitchen fuchsia, which is entered in the decor with bright accessories:

– Napkins;

– Vases;

– Decorative tableware;

– Electrical household appliances.

To the kitchen settled home comfort, combine with fuchsia color wood. This tandem of excellent solutions for the kitchen in the spirit of a country. For this decor can be used raw, that is, without clear lines and carelessly painted wood from which furniture is made. Do not be afraid that the situation will be too unpretentious. Fuchsia color can enhance the beauty of natural materials and drastically transform the fuzzy lines of the furniture profile.

Do you like rustic style, but you want to fill it with modern sounds – combine the typical decor untreated furniture with other accessories in fuchsia color. You will certainly get the desired effect, if you can assemble them on the details common to the individual elements and that will help in the creation of a single ensemble of diverse and at times seemingly incompatible objects.

Like any other room, rohl country kitchen faucet in the color fuchsia will be afraid of bright colors saturation. In large quantities, fuchsia can best express themselves only in the spacious rooms with sufficient lighting. At the same modest space fuchsia is to provide only one of the walls, or even leave it in emphasis. An interesting option would be to contrast the apron in similar shades.

If the color fuchsia is planned to enter into furniture, its form must vary straightforward. The gloss of the colored facades will be perfectly seen on the background light walls.

An exemplary embodiment of the decor

When ordering a kitchen set in fuchsia color, make sure that it countertops were made in shades of gray. This is not only beneficial to vary the color scheme, but also facilitate the task of introducing into the interior of home appliances and other equipment. The first to appear in a silver case, and the second, ideally, be made of stainless steel. You can do an accent color on the walls and paint them with alternating stripes of shades of fuchsia and light colors warm neutral colors. On the floor is spread linoleum milky color, and the window closes dairy blinds.

Interior rohl country kitchen faucet are divided into modern and classic. Each direction is, of course, has its admirers. And what about those who like everything at once: the austere minimalism and classicism full of romance, and super functional high-tech? For such people, the best solution would be the design of the kitchen in a modern style, and not in the true interpretation, but in a more modern styling, devoid of excessive frills decor.

The kitchen in this design is sure to appeal to those who are used to keep pace with the progress, to all who are inclined to thoroughness and light pedantry, in general, people who value convenience and loving order. Updated modernist fully meets each item of increased requirements.

But how to create the perfect interior? What lay it corresponds? What should be in the kitchen of this style of blinds and lighting? Issues no end. So let’s look at a multi-faceted and beautiful interior kitchen modern look closer.

The distinctive features of modernity


The kitchen is in the spirit of modernity is always different enhanced functionality. There are no unnecessary items, and those that exist in the environment, are subject to the same goal – the creation of practical convenience. Viewed style – is not new. He has a hundred years of history, but continues to stay on the crest of popularity today. The versatility of space in rohl country kitchen faucet design in modern style carefully masked. She hides behind facades pedestals and cabinets. This, of course, is a modern technology, without the presence of which on any kitchen functionality to speak in general not necessary. Art Nouveau also traced following concept: maximum freedom in areas with high technical equipment of preservation, provided the original arrangements and kitchen appliances.

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