4 steps for great kitchen with kitchen cabinet organizers

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Before you begin to plan for repairs, let us consider the following factors. Size (Living area). Every centimeter of space is important, especially for a small kitchen. Your kitchen will determine the size of your entire future plan. Is there a place for the island? Is there enough space for an additional car wash? You will be able to afford the pantry?

Will you knock out a wall or expand the kitchen? How much space you can add presumably for kitchen space? These are questions for discussion with the designer or architect to help you develop competent redevelopment plan.

The existing kitchen cabinet organizer. You should not feel slighted in the existing kitchen space. Windows and doors are rarely found in the place where you would like to see them. They may be completely on the wall or in the wrong place. If you need to save the location of windows or doors in your kitchen and you do not like it, there are always other ways to change this. For example, you can add a peninsula in the L-shaped kitchen and create a space in the shape of a horseshoe, which will be effective and will provide you with more space visually. Learn about the different forms of cooking.

Thinking about remodeling, and think about what you like now in your kitchen:

  • By what route you are moving in the kitchen?
  • Are you comfortable in your kitchen every day?
  • Available if you can go from stove to sink?
  • Are you comfortable if the kitchen cook two?
  • Plan better now than to change something later.

Your budget may vary easily depending on the chosen materials and finishes. This is what you can “juggle” the basis of their own capabilities. These are just some of the questions that you must answer to yourself as you begin to plan repairs. To see the full list of questions that you should consider download Free «A day in the life of the kitchen.”

Main ideas

Infrastructure. Depending on how much time has passed since the last renovation of your kitchen cabinets organizers, you may encounter problems with electricity or plumbing. Work with a team of architects and engineers, to the state of your kitchen could stand all the technology (equipment, lighting, etc.) that you choose to install.

In older homes can detect problems with settling floors, ceilings, or with curved walls, which must be aligned. Be reasonable in the beginning of the repairs, it will help you avoid many problems later. Do everything according to your needs, but do not forget to appreciate the advice and suggestions that offer you a designer or builder. Lifestyle. How will you use the kitchen space? How do you cook? How do you entertain and relax? Answer the questions in the questionnaire “A day in the life of the kitchen” that would decide what to prioritize in the new kitchen.

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For example, when selecting professional equipment, which occupies 80 percent of the area in the kitchen, you cannot afford enough space for storage or lockers, and cannot increase the window opening to let more light into the kitchen.

Budget. For a more detailed discussion, please visit the project on budgeting. Your budget may vary easily depending on the chosen materials and finishes. This is what you can “juggle” the basis of their own capabilities.

Decide where to save and how to spend. Determine a realistic budget, from about 6 to 10 percent of the value of your home, remodeling your kitchen. Customers, who spend on repairs about 10 percent of the food of the total value of the house, receive a refund of their investment at resale homes. Download and view our clue to determine the budget, which will help you decide how to dispose of it.

Kitchen cabinet organizer ideas- an integral part of the design and essential component affecting the total cost of the house. You need to determine not only the price, style and materials. Even the simplest repairs can be expensive process, time consuming, and therefore you should take the following steps before you take decision on the choice of materials and goods.

  • Step 1: Decide whether you plan to sell the house. Let the finished design meets the standards specific to the real estate market in your area. You need to decide whether you will stay in this house for many years, or do you do the repair for resale housing. If you are renovating the kitchen for yourself, think about how long you are going to live in this house.
  • Step 2. Determine the scale. Repelled from its budget and the current state of the kitchen. If you need an easy repair without changing the layout and rearranging the basic technique, you may be enough to replace the doors and trim freshen the walls a new coat of paint. But if you have to choose between the replacements of old furniture, changing the layout and construction of new structures, give preference to the purchase of new furniture.
  • Step 3. Decide on the layout. Kitchen cabinets – one of the most practical and convenient work areas. To start, make a careful plan of existing facilities with an indication of the doorway, windows, and other architectural highlights. In addition, it is important to indicate the current location of the electrical wiring, plumbing and sanitation, especially if your repair involves redevelopment space. The plan must indicate the location of the heating and ventilation systems, space for kitchen hoods, electrical outlets and pipeline (if available). Before you choose the cabinets, subject to specify the size of the acquisition or existing kitchen appliances that will be installed in the new design, including a refrigerator, dishwasher, cooker, microwave, apparatus for making ice, wine refrigerators and washing.
  • Step 4. Make a sketch. Draw a sketch of arrangement of major appliances with the most efficient use of space. Stick to simple and clear layout. Schedule convenient passage between the three main elements of the kitchen: sink, stove and refrigerator (“work triangle”). Carefully consider the balance of other items, parts and appliances – you should consider how often they are used. The main types of plan kitchen: two-row kitchen (kitchen galley), L-shaped kitchen, a U-shaped kitchen, kitchen-row kitchen – the “island”.
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Modern kitchen cabinet pull out organizers has expanded beyond traditional planning, creating more open space. However, these types of basic layouts still define how devices are located relative to each other. If you have enough experience in similar works, use the services of an architect, interior designer, and a specialist in the design of kitchens, kitchen furniture store representative or designer kitchen cabinets to make the most effective plan for your space and calculate the dimensions of the kitchen furniture. Before you go shopping for countertops, create a detailed plan of your kitchen renovation. Think about how long you are going to live in this house / apartment, and scribble sketch of kitchen furniture and accessories you plan to use. In addition, pay attention to the kind of repair work, typical of the houses in your neighborhood.

Make better

Kitchen – the heart of your home. Here you cook, relax and entertain guests. All of this should reflect your countertops. These durable surfaces must be in harmony with the rest of the design and meet your needs. Modern countertops are available in different variants.

Composite countertops made from recycled materials such as paper. These countertops are resistant to bacteria, stains, scratches and heat. In most of these tops is no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), they do not emit radon and are considered harmless to food. Countertops made of a composite often need special treatment or impregnation of special care. Granite – one of the most popular materials used for the manufacture of countertops. It’s a beautiful, durable, high temperature resistant surface, suitable for cooking and daily use. For granite worktops it is quite easy to care for – they are sufficient impregnation process once a year. Protective impregnation helps prevent contamination and keep the growth of bacteria.

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Granite countertops come in a variety of kitchen cabinet door organizers – from warm brown and beige tones to cool blue and gray. Due to this diversity, you can pick up the countertop to any kitchen design. Although granite is – one of the most expensive materials, these countertops will last you for many years and will significantly increase the value of your property. The perfect alternative to natural stone – artificial stone countertops. They are 93% composed of quartz particles and not inferior to the popularity of granite. The quartz worktops elegant appearance combined with high strength. Quartz countertops are resistant to scratches, dirt, high temperature and do not require special care.

Easy using

Countertops made of artificial stone are produced in many colors, from delicate, natural shades to bright and bold colors. These luxury countertops are ideal modern kitchen. They are resistant to scratches, stains and hot temperatures and contain – a special substance protecting the countertop from bacteria. Countertops made of solid wood characterized by a warm appearance, like a timeless and ideal surface for cutting and slicing. Scratches and burns on the tops of solid wood are easy to fix – just smooth out and treat them with mineral oil.

Contemporary laminate countertops mimic expensive stone countertops and solid surface, but they are quite economical. Laminate countertops do not require special care, but they are susceptible to high temperature and protected from chips and scratches. The new trend among the tops – pull out kitchen cabinet organizers, which can be made to order, responding to the unique design requirements. They can be ground, polished, painted, or include elements of decor – from shells to pebbles. Concrete countertops need regular protective impregnation.

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