5 ideas of oak kitchen cabinets

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It turns out, if we consider the balcony is not a place for the storage of things, but as a useful additional area, it can be converted in the course of a comfortable, functional kitchen. For the arrangement of the additional space in the first place, you must glaze and warm balcony. After that, think about what functional area is not enough. It is possible that the layout of the kitchen 10 meters, with a balcony, should include a small bar or a holiday destination or a convenient system for storing utensils. These ideas can be implemented on the balcony, equipping this room appropriate for the size of furniture and shelves.

More expensive, but a practical option – plan kitchen 10 meters with a fridge and a balcony. This essential, but a massive piece of furniture can be taken out of the premises and arrange on the balcony. But previously have to demolish part of the separation wall. Resulting in an additional 3-4 meters, they can be used efficiently. The most practical option – equipping the kitchen with a refrigerator, which is located on the balcony. Defining place the largest and necessary piece of furniture, you can easily organize a dining area with a sofa.

Oak kitchen cabinets

By choosing soft furnishings for the kitchen facilities, should not give preference to the dimensional model. The best option – a modular sofa that perfectly fits into the overall interior design and does not take up much space. Good purchase for the kitchen, is the angular furniture. Such models are represented in a wide variety, in any form and color performance. When planning a corner and the removal of the refrigerator on the balcony of the, soft, compact area, it is a rational and practical kitchen colors with oak cabinets.

Key design principles

At arrangement of kitchen space area of 10 meters on the photo, it is recommended to observe the following principles:

  • Using only the necessary items.
  • Compulsory division of space into zones.
  • The acquisition of modular furniture.
  • The use of bright colors.
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If you wish to make to the interior of bright colors, they can be used only as accents. Suppose that on the background of the headset in a calm color scheme, dishes will be bright, colorful. The same can be bright napkins, towels, tablecloth.

Completing such a big topic, as the layout of the kitchen 10 sq. We emphasize that the work front is more complex kitchen paint colors with oak cabinets to the arrangement of small rooms. Organizing space in a small kitchen, we have to use a minimum of furniture, utensils and equipment. The room is medium and large sizes, are tempted to make the area a large number of kitchen utensils. Immediately discard this idea, because it can lead to clutter the room. The best way to resettlement – use the minimum number required, but practical and functional objects.

Of course, communicating kitchen in a private home – more frequent than in the apartment, but there are also such planning in multi-store buildings. It remains an open question in this case, what should be the design of the entrance kitchen? How have the existing elements in the room of furniture and interior design, how to make the most design-through kitchen is not only beautiful, but also comfortable?

Planning premises, if the kitchen in the hallway, not so easy, but possible. It is important, from the planning of the room with kitchen paint colors with oak cabinets , to focus on three key areas, namely:

  • properly organized crossing zones and their use;
  • maximum comfort and functionality in all rooms;
  • clearance doorways.
  • layout options

Quite often it occurs in a city apartment kitchen-living room, a room communicating room with landscaped balcony. Typically, such door will not be room for more than 2. However, in a private house, where the plan may be more difficult, the kitchen may have three or more doors leading to different rooms, for example, in the pantry, living room, another room, etc. In some homes is the kitchen making access to the courtyard, which is quite convenient. One of the interesting ways, which is quite often used by professional designers, – setting the dining room table or a large bar in the middle of the room. Through this course the room delimited zone, thus it is possible to pass from one room to another, bypassing the working area of the kitchen. Of course, the task is much more complicated it is in small rooms in apartment buildings. To do this, you need to consider each part of the room separately.

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Main areas of unfinished oak kitchen cabinets

So, as already mentioned, the most important task in the kitchen entrance is a proper organization of filling the room. That is, everything must be done in such a way that it was convenient to use the room, both in cooking and in the passage to an adjacent room. First we need to determine the size of each zone. This will allow her to beat properly. Then allocate sufficient space for passage.

Important! The working area where food is prepared, should be separated from the passage. And they are not in any way should not be crossed. Otherwise, passing in formal attire, for example through the work area in her cooking will peak all the smells that are not very nice. As already mentioned, the easiest way – to set the dinner table. However, you can divide the design of the drywall, which can be handy niche for storage of various items or more plane.

There is another reason that should delimit the passage area from room to room with a work area. Excess traffic is unpleasant, it can bring down in cooking, stir. As a result, this plan will only be an additional irritant in the house, and this is unacceptable. It is best to both zones are spaced from each other by not less than 1.5 meters. But, of course, you need to look at the general layout.

In the small kitchen, of course, large areas very difficult to achieve unfinished oak kitchen cabinets. However, due to the furniture can make a room more ergonomic. How? For example, the use of furniture with sliding doors or the same system for interior doors. It is no secret that any open door – an additional element of ranking. Shine

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The most important point in planning is to set the right lighting areas. Zone crossing must be lit as possible. Thus it should be absent for small objects, such as:

  • the intersection of the wires;
  • gender differences;
  • sills;
  • Other.

It should be completely free to move. It is best to use simple ceiling lamp or, if passageway emerges clearly enough to identify it with a spot lighting, built in the floor. You get something like a runway in the room. However, this simple method will allow a little room to extend if the kitchen is small and square. In general, the lighting – the crown of any interior. It allows you to make it a great option environment or ruin even the most expensive interior. It follows that the illumination should be look ahead step planning environment in the room.

Color spectrum oak cabinets kitchen

Another way to probe passage space – designated area using different colors. However, it is important not to use more than 3 primary colors and shades for each. With a large number of incongruous paint room turn into a small dark space. So here is some advice:

  • the smaller the room, the brighter the color should be;
  • floor can be used not more than 2 of contrasting colors;
  • a large part of the walls to be one color, definitely one area can have a small figure.

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