5 ideas to choose kitchen backsplash design


Standard-mounted (stationary) bar to the backsplash designs for kitchen is the most common in the apartments-studios. Chrome or wooden vertical holder firmly secured. Bottom space, which can be hidden under the bar stools. This option is for some reason very popular with young children.

The bar along the wall or window will suit a small kitchen. It is a narrow countertop, mounted directly on the wall. Also, the role of the coffee table can play an extended sill or lower part of the recess.

Mobile stand-partitions. They work on the principle of table-books, too, are suitable for tiny spaces. Disclosed or made up for a minute, if necessary.

Stand-appendage to the kitchen corner. Worktop attached table 10 cm below the working surface level or taken out up to 15 cm by vertical supports. The most convenient rack height 1.1-1.2 m, the distance from the tabletop to the chair should be at least 30 cm.

What else can pamper them, realizing the dream of the bar to the kitchen backsplash design ideas? Set it on a small built-in TV or LED backlight. To make a small room easier and above, you can order a table-top made of tempered glass, and vertical holder to make the maximum height to the ceiling. Use wall light neutral colors: white, milk, cream, ivory, cream, gold, lemon, lime, gray, silver, blue, and turquoise. All in a very pale variations. This will expand the space. Finishing materials: wallpaper, wallpaper for painting, paint, plaster, ceramic tile, plastic, MDF, laminated chipboard, natural wood. Refuse from the use of gypsum board; otherwise the room will decrease by another 10 cm. In this case, the loss of space will not reimburse decorative wall niches.

Ceiling in kitchen backsplash designs

As can be lighter. There is no need to reduce and so little height of the walls, so the suspended plasterboard ceilings, use in other rooms. Finishing materials: whitewash, paint, washable wallpaper, PVC panels, and ceilings. The glossy surface of the material will last an additional ten centimeters in height.


Color can be a couple of shades darker than the walls or contrasting. Typically, a small-sized kitchen design is carried out in various shades of the same color or with the use of two colors, in harmony or contrast. The use of three or more colors leads to a feeling of untidiness and clutter the room. Material: ceramic tile, ceramic, linoleum, cork. Not only practical, though beautiful, parquet, laminate, bamboo. Using the floor with a podium is also not advisable.


Kitchen backsplash tile designs set is better to make to order. This will allow maximum use of the available space, especially the corner and the area in front of the window. Wall shape may be U-shaped (galley), the letter D, linear, etc. Typically, these headsets with increased capacity, strict geometric forms and a minimum of decoration and made in a modern style (minimalism and high-tech). However, nothing prevents the wall if you want to book with smooth curves countertop or with a hint of classicism and baroque, the main thing that in this case it does not become too unwieldy and dysfunctional. If possible, give up the large wall cabinets to open shelves. The alternative – to reduce the depth of the drawers and countertops. Color furniture 2 shades lighter / darker walls; expand room high-gloss surfaces. Upper elevations make glass or silver (mirror), the door opens upward or folding (such as roller shutter). It is necessary to maximize the working area free from the trifles and household appliances. Use the vertical pipe-holders for spices, bread bins, kitchen utensils, cups. Book a folding table with stools or set-trans-enabling to save space when folded. You can give up from the dinner table, moving it into the living room, or limiting the bar.

Other elements

Furniture textiles – simple, concise, to the tone of the main colors. Window decor: light translucent curtains or roman blinds. The door – folding, coupe glass. Household Appliances: compact and built.

Many women spend a lot of time in the kitchen, in order to continually please their loved ones and close friends and tasty culinary delights. Of course, for this creativity simply needs good design small kitchen. It creates a positive mood. The compact kitchen has a composure, because not only did the hosts simply have nowhere to turn, so more and terrible color of the walls, old furniture, household appliances idle and lack of sufficient light can fight off all desire to cook. If you are already close to this state, you should think about how to repair and expand his tiny kitchen at the same time.

You can of course start planning the repair with a detailed project for the unification of the living room and kitchen, but what about those who have a studio apartment? Be content with what we have? No, to start think about global, i.e. about the color of the walls, ceiling and floor. Small kitchen, as a rule, suffers from a lack of natural light, and therefore you should use light, bright and solid colors. It is also desirable that the color was warm. In the event that such an interior will seem a little boring, you can vary it by adding one of the walls of the original trim, for example, embossed wallpaper. With regard to sex, the best in a kitchen backsplash designs pictures will look like laminate or linoleum (the main thing that it was light).

Furniture for a small kitchen

Finished walls, ceiling and floor, should proceed to the choice of furniture. Try to pay attention to those pieces of furniture that will maximize functionality and all this will not take up too much space. For example, small kitchen furniture can be built. Thanks to this solution the kitchen visually becomes larger. Use also built-in appliances.

Remember that when choosing furniture for a small kitchen, you should avoid sharp corners and rounded to give preference to form cabinets and countertops. Because visually expand your kitchen, you can with a few design tricks.


Do not abuse the accessories. There should be little. Try not to hang on the windows heavy curtains, as they can make the room darker and overweight. Slightly higher than normal is enough to hang a curtain rod. Buy light, airy tulle or even refuse to use it. Instead, hang roman shades of light, a monochromatic fabric. On the windowsill, you can put pots with live plants. The main thing that the flowers were not overall, and pots – too bright.

Of accessories in bright kitchen is fitting look bright cushions, which can be put on the chairs. It is a simple luxury, if you can find a tablecloth, made in the same style. As for paintings, photographs, and other gizmos dear to you, then use them better than the minimum, and only on one wall. Hang ladder pictures of each other, it looks good.

Also, the mirror can be actively used in the interior of the kitchen. They are not necessarily hanged on the walls. For example, take a mirror finish facades kitchen units, and then through the reflection of the kitchen will look bigger than it actually is.


It is appropriate to design a kitchen tile backsplash designs chandelier. It should be small and subtle. The light will be very advantageous to be reflected in the crystal, and your kitchen sparkle with new colors. Also, before you hang a chandelier, make sure that everything is fine with the ceiling, or under bright light will be clearly visible all its irregularities. If you put the soul into the creation of the kitchen of your dreams, you need all turn out. The result will impress both your family and your guests. Enjoy your positive updates and new culinary delights!

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