Country style kitchen island: 5 ways to use


The functionality of this element as an island for the kitchen is very important, but not less important, and its beautiful design. The design should be chosen so that it is perfectly poured into a stylistic solution of the interior, or combined with the color palette of the overall decor.

In standard cases, the design of the country style kitchen design meets basic headset that is, it ends, tabletops, fronts done in the same format as that of the other kitchen furniture.

This is a good technique to save space integrity. In the case, when the island is used as a zoning element, his hand can be issued in a variety of interpretations. For example, in a studio apartment part of the island, “gazing” in the kitchen, it can fully comply with its style, while the other part will be repeated features a living room interior.

The island, located in the kitchen, decorated in the spirit of classicism, can be glossy or marble countertops, and be decorated with stained glass windows, carved plates and equipped with open shelves. Very nice kitchen with island, made in ultra-trendy high-tech. This minimalist island is very comfortable and its design can collect items in different directions this style. Cold glass glare and glint of metal are often in harmony with plastic and wood. Try to arrange an island in the spirit of Provence and fill the interior of the other elements of this style, such as curtains, lamps, vases and wicker furniture.

interiors of kitchens, which are perceived by the mixed style is very interesting. It would seem that this island in the Jumble no place, however, this is not true. Rather, it becomes a central part of the composition, because the surface finish and are very well assembled elements associated with each of the style lines provided in the closed space of modern kitchens.

Often this is already a kind of interior is made in a two-tone version. Designers recommend when choosing the island guided by one of the leading interior colors – then the overall situation will turn out incredibly harmonious. This island will be not just a twist and bind together the seemingly completely opposite decors.

Lighting country style kitchen island

The kitchen of any style requires good lighting, and kitchen with island needs him twice. This is not just a question of design beauty and safety in handling sharp objects, but also to create a special atmosphere. This unusual interior should organize three types of lighting.

With a total light issues usually does not occur, but with the provision of adequate lighting of working surfaces of the problem sometimes. Designers recommend hanging over those zones hanging lamps, the design of which allows you to adjust the direction of light. Additional lighting in the form of mini-lamps can be located under the overhead cupboards country style kitchen decor units and the island itself. This type of lighting will give the interior a special aesthetics.

If your family is large and households like to gather for breakfast, arrange family dinners and evening gatherings, the kitchen island will be the only correct one arrangement of a comfortable family area.

The very structure of the island, you can choose according to your needs. It can take the form of dresser drawers in which comfortably seat dining utensils and appliances. Fans expensive wines could turn into a real island wine rack, shelves and on the beautiful glass windows which will show off a bottle of expensive and aged drinks.

Very popular with the mobile kitchen island. This universal model fits into the interior of any style. The design is on wheels and can easily drift across the expanses of the kitchen in the right direction, relieving or filling the space.

In youth the apartment more appropriate surround the island bar. This buffet table is very convenient for lively parties.

Rural romance in your kitchen

Style country or, as we call it, rustic style, has a strong lead in the top of the most popular interior design solutions found in modern homes. Someone impresses with its unpretentious, someone to ease design and clean lines, and someone attractive atmosphere of antiquity itself.

Also important is the fact that for the reconstruction of the interior is required only natural materials like wood, stone, linen and cotton. And though the spirit of a country can live in any of the rooms of the house, especially the colorful, for some reason, it is obtained cuisine in a rustic style. Maybe try to figure out why?

The main aspects of country style kitchen decor

“To get in the kitchen is enough to leave this rustic only some of its components”

What is the rustic style? American says its cowboy ranch, the French will remember refined Provence and the Swiss describe cozy chalet. In the performance of this style looks like something like this: deliberately rough walls decorated with crowns whitewashed ceiling, wooden floors littered woven floorboards and windows are hidden behind the cotton curtain. And, of course, the center of the whole composition is a conventional oven. So, before you start to draw your kitchen, you need to select more than you feel comfortable with the direction and try to reproduce the basic characteristic of him, interior delights. This does not mean that the spirit of passing the village, you have to give up modern conveniences, appliances and certain glamor in the environment. To get the kitchen in this rustic enough to leave only some of its components.

Recreate the rustic style is easy with your hands, because it is unpretentious. Moreover, it is, in a sense, not even tolerate excessive accuracy in finishing. But the deliberate coarseness and easy negligence interior will only benefit.

Trim the walls, in principle, can be any material. Of course, the advantage will be for natural. Oh, and then you have to connect the imagination. You can make decorative masonry wall, it is possible to sheathe clapboard or board, it is possible to make a tiled mosaic, but remains a favorite style textured plaster. With it easy to give the surface a picturesque negligence and at the same time enhance the beauty of decoration.

But the tile for the kitchen in the picturesque – persona non grata. In an extreme case, it is possible to put the work area, and for this use pattern simulating natural stone or reproducing the natural beauty of the wood cut. If you need a cost-effective option execution – use wallpaper, just how well thought out design. Welcomes the presence of not only the rustic subjects, but also country style kitchen curtains.

If you want to visually increase the space, it makes sense to try to use this technique as an accent wall. With this task will manage wallpapers, which will be shown something of the countryside landscapes. Agree, because the nice sitting in a city apartment to admire the vast steppes, feel on the banks of fun babbling stream or walking on the field eared. Any of these paintings you will return to the memories of a rustic vacation.

Equips floors

In rural aesthetics you will not find parquet floors, because they replace planed boards will ton, but to replace them with more modern laminate – is even possible. Naturally, his drawing must clearly correspond to the spirit of the kitchen, made in rustic style. The original will and decision to lay unglazed surface, aged effect, floor tiles. A note-off on such floors become simple track or braided rugs that will add charm to the atmosphere of village life.

On the ceiling

Simply whitewash or paint their ceilings with water-based will not be enough, because the same sign of the village houses are ceiling beams. In your embodiment they can be made not only of wood, but also of lighter polyurethane. However, such a design would be possible only in a room with high ceilings. If country style kitchen tables set such unrealistic beams, help out or simple stretch ceilings. To sustain the overall stylistic range will play the colors and proper lighting. Make it is not pure white to blue, and milk or beige. Build in a ceiling light fixtures, and put them in wicker lampshades “antique”. The presence of modern lampshades in the kitchen in a rustic style, you can try to balance the stylized street lamps wrought iron chandeliers.

Stylistic accessories country style kitchen island ideas

It is impossible to imagine cuisine in a truly rustic without samovar painted tray. Country kitchen is always full of family heirlooms, so you have to dig into my grandmother’s trunk, to find something original, telling about your family history. You might pick up something from the gift, with which will be able to diversify the environment. Suit pictures in old wooden framed, ornate of blackened metal candlesticks, porcelain figurines.


  • It supports an atmosphere of steam clay plates hanging on the wall, or painted pots are exposed on an open shelf.
  • Revive the interior help bouquets spicy-smelling herbs, garlic and onion or garlands woven straw braid. You can use these elements design, as the wildflowers in the table vase, flower arrangements of dried grasses and twigs, plants in unusual stylish pots.
  • A special role in the country assigned to textiles. If this is the type of the Slavic cuisine to the fore should leave embroidered towels, embroidered curtains, festoons, frills and lace, knitted openwork napkins.

Although rustic style is not shy medley, but overdoing it in decorating the country style kitchen island ideas still not worth it, otherwise it will not be like in the cozy corner, and cluttered and untidy room.

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