6 Ways how to install kitchen cabinets

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Smart accessories in kitchen cabinets – comfortable kitchen. Instead of swinging hinged facades and floor cabinet’s popular drawers, sliding door coupe, folding, folding and lifting doors and offsite storage. They make the kitchen more spacious, more comfortable, and more stylish.

Instead of the usual static shelves of kitchen furniture designers offer to give preference to a sliding containers and baskets. Smooth facades kitchens Nouveau require replacement of conventional speaker’s handles hidden or system push-to-open («push and open”). Kitchen design is more elegant, and the boundary between the kitchen area and the rest of the space of the apartment – less evident.

How to install kitchen cabinets as a design element

Highlighting that the kitchen looked more harmonious, specialists in kitchen furniture are trying to visually lighten the upper part of the headset. Latest glass facades. Wall cabinets partially replace the open shelves.

Lighting in the kitchen in addition to purely practical functions of struggle with the darkness and becomes interior decoration. Decorative lighting, built-in directly into the set, decorated with furniture and effectively illuminates the work area.

Luxury view at a reasonable price

Reasonable price in kitchen design are increasingly using materials that look expensive but affordable. Thanks to modern technology, even cheap food may look luxurious. Costly array increasingly replaces practical MDF, which is used for finishing veneer of fine wood.

Modern plastics and paint coatings are often used in the interiors in a contemporary style kitchen cabinets, furniture give any color perfectly smooth surface or luxury texture, whether it is a soft velvety surface or metallic effect. The most popular myth of the glass aprons – on the shiny surface of the glass will be too noticeable drop of water and fat, dust and fingerprints. However, in the opinion of those who have dared to make such an apron in the kitchen, the next it is no more than on other surfaces, such as ceramic tile. And take care of him at times easier – there is no glass between the tile joints, which over time accumulate dirt. What glass is perfect for an apron?

Typically, the thickness of the glass to the kitchen apron is 6 or 8 millimeters. In the working area of the kitchen, experts recommend only use tempered glass. Primarily for safety reasons, durability and reliability. Tempered glass is 5 times stronger than usual. But even if somehow it manages to break its shards are small and non-acute. This apron is adjacent to the well plate or hob and is not afraid of heat. Ordinary glass is less reliable. The apron is made of Plexiglas at all difficult to consider as an option walls in the kitchen. It cannot be used in a gas stove area due to temperature fluctuations; Plexiglas is easily scratched, dim, poorly cleaned of fat and other food contaminants.

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Choosing the glass on the kitchen cabinets, keep in mind that you may need a so-called bleached glass – opt white. Ordinary glass, though it seems to be absolutely clear, in fact, has a pronounced green “bottle” shade. On colored aprons (with the landscape, urban panorama or colored still life), he will not be visible. But if your apron will be a lot of white or another very light background, greenish tint spoil everything. Experts note that due to the greater transparency makes drawing on the apron clearer and more vivid. Clarified the glass is about 30% more expensive than usual. What could be the glass apron?

  1. Colorless glass without color pattern

It is transparent or frosted. The advantage of transparent apron that he – “Invisible”, it is not evident, and if dissolved in space. Its main function – to protect the colored paint or wallpapered wall of spray. Apron frosted glass reduces glare and looks interesting. Glass does not have to be smooth. Very nice looking bar with textured surface, such as satin. Another option – with the help of sandblasting or silk graph on the glass surface can be coated pattern, ornament or inscriptions.

  1. Printing (full color UV printing) on the glass

Panels coated with these beautiful images are called chipped in. Today it is the most popular and hottest version of the apron of glass. Glass apron with print is beautiful and durable. The image is applied to the “wrong” side of the glass by a special technology. UV inks do not fade; can withstand heat up to 120 degrees, not afraid of moisture. Particularly impressive look panel with 3D effect. However, this apron will cost much more expensive than colorless or colored glass.

  1. The colored glass

Solid colored glass apron looks very stylish, bright and at the same time unobtrusive. The palette of available colors, without exaggeration, is huge. In the manufacture of such aprons can be used a so-called skived. On the inner surface of the glass panel special paint applied, and then heat treated glass. This is a very reliable and durable method of staining.

  1. with a decorative pattern on the vinyl film
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Kitchen apron with a vinyl film on which a pattern – a budget option and affordable than printing. The film was rolled on the inner surface of the glass, which protects it from moisture and temperature extremes. However, over time it may wrinkle, fade and flake off, if the material and the work were of poor quality.

  1. Apron tempered glass triplex

Triplex called laminated glass of varying thickness. Its advantage is that the pattern is protected from any external influences. Apron of the triplex is a “sandwich” of two layers of glass between which is “baked” picture. If all of a sudden be able triplex broken, it does not break, but simply covered with cracks. However, this option in the kitchen is used quite rarely. The reason – the relatively high cost, its thickness is greater than that of conventional glass apron, and there are some disadvantages with cutouts for sockets and wrestling.

  1. Mirror Apron

It looks very stylish and unusual, visually expands the space and creates an unusual visual effect. But many people are not very comfortable to constantly see yourself in the mirror while cooking or washing dishes. Therefore, instead of the mirror panels is better to use mirror tiles with sandblasted matte finish and partial. From designer

Glass apron is very good for a close and a small kitchen. Gently reflecting surrounding objects, it visually expands the space. The glossy surface of the apron reflects the light and makes it lighter. Landscape or picture with a view of the city added to the space perspective, depth, pushes the boundaries – exactly what you need for a small-sized kitchen. High-quality glass panels, made by technology, it is very durable. This apron sure will serve you for at least until the next overhaul of the kitchen. Installation of glass apron – important nuances, installation of the finished apron takes very little time. On average, the standard apron experienced craftsmen required 1-2 hours.

The speed of installation and clean distinguish chipped in from the apron of ceramic tiles or mosaics.

How to install crown molding on kitchen cabinets in two ways:

  1. with the help of fasteners

This method of installation is considered optimal. The kitchen cabinets are fixed very securely, even if the glass is thick and heavy. Another plus – with this method of mounting is not necessary to carefully prepare and align the wall. Moreover, the apron can be easily removed and put back if necessary.

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Note: can be used two types of fasteners – mounted or pass. Suspended fixture – a metal platinic- “hooks” the size of a centimeter, which is inserted in the glass panel. No holes in the apron there. The plates were pressed against the glass and very unobtrusive. This solution allows for the most accurate dock edge panels, an apron if not solid.

When using the passage of fasteners to the glass quenching apron corners make the holes for the screws. After the installation of special decorative caps closed diameter of 2 cm Plus this method -. Between the glass and the wall remained a gap of about 4 mm. Therefore, these aprons can even be mounted on the wall is very uneven or, for example, on the old tile. But fasteners always are visible, and they are not suitable for every design.

  1. in the liquid

In this method, the glass pane is glued to the wall of the apron. It is important that the wall was properly prepared. The surface should be leveled, plastered and dry. Mounting glue chipped in with one hand easier – no need to drill the walls and messing with fasteners. On the other hand the use of fasteners is considered more reliable. After the glass panel of kitchen cabinets mounting joint between the apron and the table top is closed parietal rim. If the apron is not solid, but is an integral joint, it is important to master thoroughly combined panel, leaving no gaps. The joints treated with a silicone sealant that protects the wall from the mold. A thin layer of sealant on the outside with a neat the wizard will not be visible. Standard installation, which offers a Moscow company, does not include pre-deployment training wall and the installation of fittings and accessories (baseboards, wrestling, outlets, lights, and so on. N.) These services have to be paid extra. If desired, the installation of glass apron can be done independently. But this work requires experience and skill of handling the glass.

Glass apron Illuminated

Additional decorative apron of glass panels in kitchen cabinets attached properly chosen lighting. Along the perimeter of the apron, and sometimes inside it, attach the LED strip. It effectively illuminates the surface of the apron and illuminates the work surface, significantly saving electricity.

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