7 ideas for rustic kitchen designs

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Today is such a thing as a dining room in the house, it became quite arbitrary. Many cannot afford to have its separate dedicated location, due to the small squaring the apartments, while those who owned luxury areas, do not consider the appearance of a room appropriate and prefer to combine it with the other functional premises. And in vain! Even a very modest dining room can make your life much more comfortable. Do not believe me? Let’s look at the rustic kitchen designs and look at how the room will be able to decorate your life.

Since we are talking about a small dining room, it must initially pay for no more than six seats. Trying to sit there more people, you will bring only discomfort in the situation.

From the dining room to organize, count how many people are going on a daily basis at the dinner table. The number of seats must comply with the resulting figure. If this room young family of two people, near a table should appear a couple of empty chairs in case of visits to friends or relatives. In principle, the need for the continuous presence of additional chairs there, but they should still be available in the case described above.

Near the family table of four people will naturally be placed four chairs. But the maximum number of seats may appear only on the condition that the size of the dining area allows it. If this is a separate room, it is likely that the problem will be solved, but when dining at the improvised kitchen areas or in the rustic kitchen design, on this issue will have to think about. Whatever it was, fleshing out the situation and makes every effort to all the participants at the table, feel comfortable.

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The logical zoning

To let into the room more spacious and add functionality to it, it is necessary to do a visual zoning. Dining area can be separated in any way you liked:

Contents of the table in front of a contrasting wall. Darker in tone color may appear on the surface, the brighter the wallpaper or picture on the entire surface. Use lighting. Dining should always be in the rays of bright light over the table so no harm will downlight.


Which of furniture except a table and chairs, you may be in the design of a rustic kitchen design? Yes, almost anything:

  • Tea tables.
  • Chests.
  • Mini sofa.
  • Armchairs.
  • Benches.
  • Sideboard.

Tea table in this case is the subject of a multi-functional. It can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also when you want to release the surface of the main table for the supply of new dishes.

So, in a room for meals be sure to fit the dining room group. This concept includes a table and chairs. Pay special attention to the size of the table and its shape. These parameters will depend entirely on the features of the rustic kitchen design and the number of households. If the family is small, and you will rarely eat at home, there is no reason to clutter up half the room a massive rectangular table. Look for oval or circular patterns of small size. They are for a small room can be more rational in terms of footprint modesty, and in terms of the absence of sharp corners. Proponents know that sharp corners are harmful to the normal circulation of energy in the house. If you have little interest in abstract philosophical doctrine, the absence of sharp edges in the design of the rustic kitchen design is important to you in a practical aspect. You will not fill those bruises, moving around the room.

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Lighting Features

It is difficult to imagine the dining room with no windows, because the natural light plays an important role in its design. Well, if the room has a large, nearly full-screen wall. His presence will affect the visual perception of space. The room will seem more spacious and lighter, especially if the window area to issue bright light curtains. The table is better to have a closer look to this window, then you will be able to enjoy the game at breakfast the first rays of the sun, and this show is incredibly positive.

  • If you make the dining room a rustic kitchen design area, then if there is attached to the areas of the loggia, table and chairs, send it back. You get incredible cozy.
  • Windows is great, but with the onset of twilight or in cloudy weather, no artificial light cannot do. In the case of a small dining room design should think about installing a quality, moderately bright light.
  • Those times in which it was believed that lonely hanging chandelier – all matters of lighting, are long gone. Now the whole dining mounted lighting systems. It is appropriate gently flowing light of the hidden ceiling or wall lamps, cannot do without sconces and lamps direct light. Chandelier also has not been canceled, it has remained a fixture in the interior table, only the requirements for it have changed somewhat.

Suspended lamp over the rustic kitchen design group must distribute diffused light and very soft. This effect is only possible when using chandeliers with shades closed mold made of frosted glass or other original interpretations.

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If the design of a small dining room chandelier will of the case there was a standard design, with transparent shades, lamps, candles or fabric shades, use it in a low power bulb, so you too can make a living in a comfortable environment.

Another great invention that can be used in setting up the dining room light. With it easy to adjust the light intensity.

Color solutions for the rustic kitchen design


Dining room – this is not just a room for eating. This is the place where the communication takes place. Close, people gather at the table to get several treats and of course, this should not interfere with nothing: no dull tone decor or poor lighting. Therefore, care should be taken of these nuances. On the right lighting design small dining room, we talked above, now it is the turn to look at the color palette table decor.

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