A few words about the materials and country kitchen islands

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It is clear that choosing the in the room such as the kitchen, focus should be on washable materials. And not just a washable, and more, and have a water-repellent effect. What for? Then, that the cooking process produces, in addition to odors, and even the appearance of steam and excess moisture. In the category of the ideal choice include wallpaper from natural materials such as:

  • Tissue
  • Bamboo
  • Tree

If you are a big fan of the interior changes, you’d better take the “clothing” for the walls with vinyl or fills surface. The design of the kitchen completed painting. These materials have the advantage that they can be repainted up to 5 times. Elegant will look in the kitchen decor silk graph, where there is vegetation. Some people like to see in your country kitchen islands with attractive wallpapers scenes or fashion photography. They also perfectly complement the atmosphere.

Let us dwell on the super popular today vinyl wallpaper in country kitchen island. On the invoice, they are two-layer fabric. They combine the lodge and paper. This synthetic material is sufficiently dense and is characterized by high strength. He is not afraid of water and is resistant to fire. The external layer of rolled fabric is PVC, so the design of the decorative surface of the kitchen is always beautiful, elastic and smooth. We cannot keep silent about such advantages of vinyl material, texture of both. This quality helps make the atmosphere in the kitchen is not only practical but also aesthetic. Vinyl wallpaper is good in all but one – they do not leak air. Modern designers are trying to solve this question, and in some species they managed to achieve this already, so if you do not want to enter into the walls of the kitchen in an airtight shell, look at the rolls corresponding notation.

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By labeling can be identified and washable wallpaper. The icon on the packaging looks like brushes and three waves. Do not start to compare them with vinyl types of finishing materials. Washable wallpaper – this is a very general concept. These categories and types of duplex coatings with latex, vinyl same. Duplex design as the least attractive kitchen wallpaper. Decorative surface in the form of latex is not ready for frequent washing, and even with the use of any specific funds. In order not to spoil their beauty, is permissible only occasionally wipe them with a damp cloth.

The role of the wallpaper in country kitchen island ideas

Starting a kitchen renovation, you need to understand what role to play in its interior wallpaper. Since the wall – this is the main kitchen area, and then they look to be presentable. They should be covered with beautiful and eye-catching materials that are actually able to fill the room with harmony, coziness and comfort. Without the presence of an atmosphere hostess will be difficult to carry out in the room so long. Design kitchen wallpaper is also important in the context that is often in the kitchen there is reception, chat with neighbors and friends celebrating a small family celebration. Agree, much nicer to do it in a comfortable environment.

The exact answer to this question is simply impossible. The fact is that each of us is rich with the taste preferences and has its own personal preferences. If you listen to the opinion of the designers, the kitchen should prevail calm and neutral colors, so the wallpaper should pick up on this principle, without accents saturated brightness. Presence of fine pattern. Calm colors should be complemented by elegant smooth decorative elements. Look for these options in an environment where you can really feel relaxed and comfortable.

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Design kitchen: color games

Looking through the catalog and shop displays, special attention is paid to the design canvas and color wallpapers. First of all, get to know the so-called special offers for the kitchen. In addition to the specific structure of the vinyl they have a particular color. They are often stylized surface tile. The figures may be image teapots, cups with flowers, and other mini-kitchen still life subjects. With regard to the color spectrum, these wallpapers are presented in clean and bright shades. The most popular are:

  • Caramel
  • Coffee
  • Green
  • Beige
  • Creamy

Such a design of materials – the perfect solution for kitchens to be drawn up in a provincial style, or in the spirit of the classics. The presence of the figure will correct all the shortcomings of the walls and furnishings.

But for such a trendy interior design kitchen wallpaper unacceptable. They are funny to look at high-tech or modern, because these style – the territory of pastel and mostly monochrome solutions. However, some types of wallpaper are not forbidden to use here. I am thinking about how it is to combine web, refer to the principle of harmony. In those places where it is supposed accumulation of interior objects better to paste wallpaper plain, but on vacant areas will be very appropriate strips ornaments, patterns or panels of different type of materials.

Very often it is necessary to equip not just a country style kitchen island, a miniature, in which at times more difficult to organize the space correctly. However, in this case, come to the aid of kitchen wallpaper design originality. He, again, must delight in light colors. In this case we are talking about such nuances:

  • Peach
  • Vanilla
  • Ash pink

With regard to the figure we can say one thing: in this case it is not welcome. An exception is made for small flowers and monograms.

Options for selection of wallpapers for the kitchen

Ways to choose your favorite wallpaper in the kitchen, there are several. The simplest of these is called the selection of material in the color of the furniture. For example, the basis is the facade of the headset. In the same tone are selected and wallpaper. Naturally, they do not have to be his twin. It is best if the wallpaper will be a few shades brighter or paler.

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Mosaic in country kitchens with islands

Making mosaic combinations of disparate design wallpaper it is considered the original decision. The interior of the room, in this case, is simply doomed to be stylish and make extraordinary cuisine. Combining techniques help not only beautify, but to adjust the space. Add the environment decorative effects by using wallpaper divide space into zones. With the right approach, all this will be perceived as fashionable current modern trends. Country kitchens with islands involved in the experiments, the combination must be similar for any color spectrum, or the texture, figures, elements. Then, upon completion of work turn stylistically harmonious space. To become really bright color from the spectrum of dark shades.

Combine the wallpaper in the kitchen can be different, and the will to change the geometry of the walls, ceiling and climb to happen other interior conversion miracles. The narrow kitchen? No problem! Feel free to glue the wallpaper is not the usual way, and the horizontal line the walls.


Unique decorations and created by gluing colored chaotic stripes. Using vivid wallpaper, you can even do the whole accent wall, which is attracting views; create an unusual atmosphere in the kitchen design.

To combine suit and plain wallpaper and patterned materials, including tiles with imitation. Gluing the pieces better horizontal division plane technology.

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