Advices to buy shaker kitchen cabinets

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With regard to the classical style, it is the epitome of perfection. Kitchen furniture, performed in this style can be made of solid wood. Cozy and warm atmosphere of a shaker kitchen cabinets is obliged to use natural colors and natural materials.

The stylish kitchen is sure to have certain advantages in the form of a perfect design, which favorably emphasize the dignity of the premises; in the form of eco-friendly materials; as the use of modern technologies; in the form of original accessories that will ensure the exclusivity of the kitchen.

Thus, shaker style kitchen cabinets contribute not only to awaken special culinary skills, but also a great appetite, as the presence in this kitchen brings only positive emotions. So it happened that cuisine is a sign of elite wealth and excellent taste. After all, the kitchen is the personification of the hearth, a kind heart of the house, a pulse which determines the rhythm of life of all its inhabitants. And the magnificent view of luxury kitchens combine with their important mission. Manufacturers of luxury furniture make it the most comfortable, reliable, functional and safe. In general, speaking about luxury kitchens, kitchen furniture is meant by leading Italian manufacturers, which is a symbol of the highest quality and style. And this one will be surprised, because the Italian furniture is made from the highest quality materials for high-technology automated equipment. Italian manufacturers with utmost to closely monitor the quality of their products, so widely known around the world. Therefore, their kitchen furniture is in demand of representatives of all parts of our Earth.

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Beautiful luxury kitchen design allows you to minimize the time and effort in the preparation of your favorite dishes. This kitchen will make an impression and leave no one indifferent. Each manufacturer uses its own secrets in the manufacture of kitchen furniture, so each model plant in its own unique and individual in an excellent performance of Italian professionals.

Fine cuisine captivate its charming contours, modern fittings, lighting and ergonomic systems. Their design features more than comfortable. If this is the classic luxury kitchen, they will create an atmosphere of suburban villas, even in urban housing. If this current direction, they combine the necessary functionality and lightness.

The main difference between the Italian manufacturers of kitchens lies in their excellent design, structural plasticity, convenience and high durability. The luxury kitchen furniture can present a variety of configurations of the same element in mind all the preferences and architectural planning client necessities.

White shaker kitchen cabinets- a guarantee of comfort

The kitchen is carried out a significant part of our lives. The kitchen can serve as a dining room or even living room. The luxury kitchen would be even nicer to take the long-awaited important guests and arrange a warm friendly gatherings and cozy family dining.

Beautiful kitchen interior articles can act as a powerful inspiration to work in the culinary field. After all, the result of culinary activity certainly affects environment and the interior of the kitchen space. Items kitchen interior should be organized in such a way that the mistress was convenient to make all the necessary culinary tricks and tricks, from which the result of effort by cooking culinary masterpiece depends. Kitchen elite serve their masters in this field as an indispensable assistant and the main source of inspiration in the high flying art.

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Shaker kitchen cabinet doors – this is probably the only place in the house, which has such a bright and interesting history. With only a kitchen did not do, as soon as it is not on experimenting, and 150 years of design searches were not in vain, even though the kitchen does not update started with the design flow.

Half a century ago the kitchen was the usual utility room where huddled in the corners of the oven, snack bar and sink. Women had to literally thrash all over the kitchen. Cooking was tiring, so it engaged more often hired cooks. But women’s patience did come to an end.

Kitchen as a ship’s galley, or engineering

In 1843, the women said, “Stop!” And began to think how to make practical and beautiful kitchen. The idea originated in the kitchen of the new head of the brave woman Catherine Beecher. It has already gained fame by the time the master of economics, it was written many books that teach women to cook, wash, clean, etc. She dreamed that there will come a day when the cook and maids disappear when women are able to prepare their own meals in a comfortable and beautiful kitchen.

Its ideal kitchen much borrowed from the steamship galleys. In this kitchen a lot of small cabinets, it is compact and convenient, it is all at your fingertips, so the woman does not have to run.

In 1913, Christine Frederick, who not only taught the young girls housekeeping, but also wanted to make the most rational plan kitchen. To do this, she begins to learn the movement of women in the kitchen, it binds to the foot of the participants of the experiment and the thread when finished cooking process, it measures the how far gone in this time a woman. After the experiments, it is clearly divided the kitchen into three zones: the storage area, cooking area and washing area.

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In 1920, all of its research and conclusions, she released the book “Engineering housekeeping”, which soon became the best-selling book. The work on the kitchen layout is involved another woman – Lillian Gilbert, which truly can be called phenomenal. Moreover, she had 12 children, she also had an excellent engineer, psychologist, and became one of the founders of scientific management and ergonomics. Therefore it is quite clear why she took up the improvement plan kitchen, with a load time should be protected. It owns such inventions as the electric mixer, the shelf on the door of the refrigerator and trash from the pedal. Now we have great shaker kitchen cabinets!

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