Antique brass kitchen faucets – how to shop for best design and quality

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Along with chrome-glittering ultra modern interiors of hi-tech kitchens, romantic and full of nostalgia styles – retro, Provence, vintage and antique – are very popular in kitchen design nowadays. Those retro styles create a special cozy atmosphere which encourages both inhabitants and their guests to spend in the kitchen space long hours over tea or coffee.

Being elegant and stylish and warm, vintage interiors are not that easily compatible with modern technology as it replicates the period when most of our modern technical appliances merely did not exist. So when it comes to such essential kitchen features as refrigerators and microwave ovens you want them to be built into the furniture and securely hidden from the sight or else all the magic will be gone in a blink of an eye.   

Luckily, this rule doesn’t apply when it comes to plumbing facilities of the kitchen. Choosing a right model of faucet instead of ruining retro design will indeed enhance it.

With retro being such a trend recently, many well-known plumbing producers offer a huge variety of antique brass kitchen faucets. These faucets could be easily fit into retro styles of kitchen space. Being hook-shaped with rather high spout and antique styled handles, these faucets as a rule look very classy and high-end. A wide range of such faucets are launched by major German brands (Kaiser, Elghansa, Sanartec, Gerhans) as well as Italian ones (Veragio, Migliore, Weber ), Finn brand Timo, Czech ZorG. Along with garments produced by European manufacturers, there is a choice of cheaper ones made in Asia which are usually replicas of famous brands but of lower quality. It is also possible to shop for both brand-new and already used faucets on e-bay.

Antique kitchen facets are made of different materials. Most frequently used ones are yellow and red brass, copper or high quality imitation of these materials. There are also elite models incrusted with gold, Swarowski rhinestones and other precious metals and gemstones.

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Those who prefer more laconic designs instead of bronze, brass and copper could opt for faucets of classic shape made of modern composite materials well known as faux stone as well as models with chrome details. Such faucets go well with modern faux stone sinks and could look quite elegant and natural in many classic and retro kitchen interiors. Collection Old England by Franke, for instance, has some good examples of such faucets.

Value of antique faucets may vary rather significantly. Prices depend on brand, country of production, faucet body material, spout swivel, number and design of handles, pull-out spout and built-in water filter.

When choosing antique brass kitchen faucet and other accessories for retro, country and classic style interiors it is very important to make sure that style, shade of color and size of all the items match perfectly. That’s why it may be a good idea to shop faucet, sink and related kitchen accessories from one collection of a well-known European brand.

You cold chose matching your faucet and sink accessories such as colander, tray or drying rack  made of steel coated with brass, copper or silver.

Antique brass kitchen faucets along with matching sink of a real good quality which will serve to its owner long years usually are a bit pricy. High price alone though cannot necessarily guarantee high quality. What features are to pay attention at when making your choice?

  • Weight of antique faucet. The lighter it is the shorter its service life normally would be.
  • Coating of antique faucet. You could easily notice the difference placing budget item next to more expensive one.
  • Before an actual purchase it may be a good idea to make sure the country of origin is really as it is stated on the tag. For that reason don’t hesitate to ask shop assistant to show you manufacturer’s quality certificates and check carefully what is written on package.
  • Mind that very cheap faucets tend to drip, get stirred up after a real short period of using. If German or Italian plumbing equipment don’t meet the budget then as a more affordable alternative one could turn to Czech, Polish and Bulgarian brands.
  • Often looking very attractive, plumbing elements made in china might often contain hidden flaws. A huge variety of designs and very reasonable prices, on the other hand, are obvious advantages of Chinese products. Carefully weighting the pros and cons, you might make a very smart purchase, though. If you shop for items made in China, make a good personal research including reading reviews and looking at quality certificates.
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Thus, choosing the right antique brass kitchen faucet will enhance the unique antique style of your kitchen while providing all the comfort and quality of modern plumbing facilities.


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