Antique kitchen Island: a perfect combination of antique style and modern convenience


A kitchen island could be a great design solution when it comes to optimal comfort and functionality of the room. Such a trendy piece of furniture as a kitchen island basically is a high cabinet, often with multiple drawers, situated in the middle of the kitchen, which could be used as a table, bar stand or additional working surface for cutting and preparing products and sometimes even for washing and cooking is necessary equipment is installed.

A kitchen island provides many obvious functional advantages:

  • Makes the whole interior look complete, complementing kitchen furniture set in a flattering way;
  • Serves as an additional kitchen working space. Kitchen Island can be used as an additional countertop with a sink and a stove built in it. This prevents countertops of main kitchen furniture set from being cluttered with utensils and thus gives a room neater appearance.
  • Often kitchen island plays the role of either bar stand, dining table or even both. Bar stools, placed along one of the kitchen island’s sides, look very harmonically.
  • Additional storage. In the lower part of kitchen island there are usually many shelves and drawers which can contain great deal of kitchen essentials – from electric kitchen appliances and utensils to dishes and pots.

Being both stylish and functional piece of furniture, it has a serious flaw of consuming a lot of space. That’s why this interior model is recommended for spacious kitchens. Thus it usually fits perfectly kitchens made in a luxurious antique design.

There are many types of kitchen islands to choose from. If kitchen style can be best described as classic antique interior, then here are some tips for making an optimal choice easier.

  • The whole antique interior will look more “put together” if kitchen island matches perfectly main kitchen furniture in color, texture and décor. Best furniture colors for antique kitchens with the islands are fair pastel shades of white, beige and pink. Antique white kitchen island, especially trimmed with gold, looks very genuine and classy and is thought to be the best option.
  • Big solid antique kitchen island with no open shelves but just a set of closed drawers on either side will look best. It is strongly recommended to skip roll-in models and subtle portable models on the wheels. Nor it is advised to install sink or stove. As it comes to materials, antique kitchen islands made of noble wood with solid marble tabletop would be just right.
  • If the room’s furniture includes an antique kitchen hutch, it should match antique kitchen island. This is crucial because two furniture pieces have a lot in common.
  • Antique kitchen island can be built in decorative antique arch, surrounded by columns. This will make a perfect sample of antique Greek style. In the centre of the arch just above the countertop of the island is the right place for a classy antique chandelier, possibly designed as some torches to enhance the style and providing a mild light. It is recommended to avoid point lighting if possible.
  • Antique Kitchen Island can be used as a dining table and accompanied with antique chairs. It is also possible to choose bar stools just to steer clear of chrome-glittering futuristic models. Colonial style stools with backs decorated with natural materials as rattan could be a good option.
  • It is best to live countertop of your antique clean for most of the time since it is very self-sufficient. A few classy antique details or pieces of art will look good; just make sure they do not distract attention from clean noble lines. For example, plaster statue of antique god can be enough. Pair of fine antique candlesticks (preferably of brass and old copper), put symmetrically on both sides of countertop will give the last touch, bringing coziness and warmth to the kitchen in elegant and classy style.

After the design is planned, it comes the time to bring the idea into life. You can buy antique kitchen island in the furniture store since many furniture manufacturers offer antique collections. Garage sales, vintage auctions give yet another source where a unique piece of furniture with a rich history behind it could be purchased at rather reasonable price. Original old furniture usually requires some repair as coating with paint.


Another creative way to get a perfect antique kitchen island is to make it out of antique kitchen hutch. To do so, upper part with shelves should be removed and more solid countertop placed on top.

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