Antique kitchen scales: fresh ideas for kitchen interiors


Antique and retro styles in kitchen offer a great field for experiments and fantasy. In creating any particular style essential role is played by décor and elements. Objects from different historical periods make real magic, working just as a time machine and bringing us along with them to the era they belong to.

Some of these elements could be so self-sufficient that can become a central interior element. This can be a very precious item bought in antique shop or something inherited from ancestors or found in a dusty attic. What important is that this thing is a genuine example of some earlier time period, it is big and/or bright-colored enough to catch everyone’s eye and draw a good deal of attention.

Antique kitchen scale can be said to be such an independent detail in a kitchen interior. Some of them are rather big. They all have a circle antique clock-looking measuring scale. There are three main designs of antique kitchen scales:

  • antique kitchen scale comprised of round antique clocks with one measuring bowl placed on top of them;
  • antique kitchen scale comprised of round antique clocks and one measuring bowl both placed on top of a platform;
  • antique kitchen scales for sale which were used in the shops and markets for weighting groceries till 190s of 20th century;
  • antique kitchen scales with weights comprised of 2 measuring bowls – for grocery and for weights.

Antique kitchen scales are made from different materials which usually show historical period they belong to – from 1800s till late 190s. Oldest ones are usually made of uncoated cast iron, bronze, brass and copper. Moving up further along the river of time, pastel colored enamel coated antique kitchen scales begin to appear. And the models of scales of mid-20th century are usually coated by paint of contrast colors.

Antique kitchen scales belong to the same historical period as antique kitchen hutches and stoves. It would be just perfect, if kitchen has all 3 items from exactly the same period; this would really allow reproducing scenery and vibe of a certain era. It would look really authentic if antique cast iron scales go in pair with antique cast iron kitchen stove, enamel coated scales go with enamel stove and brightly painted scales get a company of matching or contrast color-painted stove. But creating these matching ensembles are not necessary, antique kitchen scales can play it solo, it is even possible to incorporate such a bold and charismatic antique detail in most any kitchen interior. Brass or copper antique scales could match sink and faucet, furniture knobs, hooks, kettle or coffeepot, lantern or some antique kitchen utensils.

There are countless ways to play around with antique kitchen scales. Surrounding them with other interesting details and especially putting them on the scales would really bring them to life. Here are some interesting design ideas which really help incorporating this gorgeous antique item and give a kitchen very put-together look.

  • Put a pot with flowers or a bouquet of beautifully dried flowers. Any antique kitchen scales would do. This would immediately add rural vintage vibes to a kitchen interior. Flowers can easily determine coloristic idea of the whole room and may be easily removed and changed. Yet another variation of this stylistic idea is putting on top of scales a jar or a pot with freshly cut seasonal flowers, autumn leaves and brunches with bright berries and fire tree or pine branches with cones throughout different seasons of the year.
  • Pastel fresh or dried roses in enameled vintage pots or jars put on top of the measuring bowl would look exceptionally good in Provence style, shabby chic or vintage kitchen. Old metal antique kitchen scales or even antique kitchen scales for sale could be coated with pastel enamel of wanted color. Porcelain or enameled cups and pots scattered by the scales would complete the look.
  • It looks very fresh when actual food is laid out on top of the scales’ bowl. A colorful fruit, veggies and eggs, placed on the scales, gives a kitchen warm rustic touch. This composition could be complemented with such trendy country vintage accessories as a chalk-board (where one can write a menu or just a smart statement) and a wooden sign. One can also play around with  antique kitchen scales, adjusting a wooden sign saying something like “honest weight” to a scales’ measuring bowl. Instead of an actual food high quality imitations can be used.


  • Put imitations of some cookies or cupcakes with colorful icing on antique kitchen scales. Paired with pin-up style posters and old-fashioned coffeepot a kitchen will get this gorgeous and naïve vintage look.
  • Metal antique kitchen scales with weights usually look very self-sufficient. Just scatter around metal weights and add some antique metal kitchen utensils in sight.

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