Antique kitchen sinks: warmth of natural materials


In any kitchen, whatever style it is designed in, there are several inevitable functional parts as cooking stoves, refrigerators and sinks. They maintain typical for every kitchen everyday routine operations such as storing food, cleaning products, preparing different meals and washing dishes and pots.

Sink plays an important role in this cycle of food processing and meal serving. In modern kitchens sinks along with faucets should meet high standards of quality. But not only that. When a kitchen is designed in a special style, every single detail should play the right note in this esthetic symphony, plumbing facilities included. So industrial looking ugly sink can spoil the warm impression of a vintage country kitchen or ruin the noble pomp of antique Greek kitchen interior.

Stainless steel became extremely popular material for making sinks due to its antiseptic and clinical features. On the other hand, this hygienic and practical material is far from looking cozy, natural and warm. And it looks alien in all retro designs.

The trends in interior designs usually follow mood and ideas of society and, as most everything in this life, develops in a spiral way. After an era of thriving economic progress now harmony, nature become more valuable than ever before. Same tendency applies to interior design. After futuristic lines and heartless cold industrial materials designers turn to retro with its coziness, mild colors and natural materials.

Reacting on growing popularity of retro style, many manufacturers started production of retro collections of sinks. So it is possible to find a sink for every kitchen style. Some of them are so unique and special that could be a stylish detail themselves.


Antique kitchen sinks usually come in such materials:

  • Natural stone. This ecological material gives warmth and special Mediterranean look to the kitchen. Such an antique kitchen sink could look like real masterpiece and will fit perfectly in kitchen interior, inspired by Greek and Romanian antiquity. There are some precious models which comprise of genuine antique bowl with modern metal vent built in it so it becomes easy to use. But these items cost a fortune. More affordable alternatives for Mediterranean kitchen could become antique sinks made of faux stone. Warm beige shades are the best to get the look.
  • Cast iron and porcelain, being the oldest sink materials, are perfect for kitchen with rustic motives. Some of them may have very unique design as well. Besides modern sinks designed in old-fashioned way, it is possible to buy vintage sinks on special vintage auctions and garage sales. These antique kitchen sinks have its soul, each one of them being one of a kind with its own history.
  • Antique brass and copper sinks are the perfect companions for antique brass faucets. This antique kitchen sink would look great in most any retro kitchen style.

Choosing antique sink material and color, it is important to consider quality, cost and how well it matches faucet, furniture and the whole kitchen interior.

Quality is essential question when choosing kitchen sinks. If budget allows, it is best to buy German or Italian sinks. More affordable alternatives can be found among eastern European manufacturers from Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria.  One should not hesitate to ask shop assistant to show quality certificates.

If kitchen plan features a kitchen island, then you might install an additional sink in the island. If decided to do so, both sinks should be from exactly the same brand and collection and bought together right away. It is recommended to do so with sink and faucet if possible.


It is also a good idea to decorate antique kitchen sink with some antique accessories to enhance its nature. For example, brass antique pots hung just above antique brass sink could play it just right. Placing enamel vintage jar with floral ornaments will enhance country vintage style of antique enamel sink. Antique clay jar will look very authentic just as a washing pot in antique times, and will accentuate Mediterranean vibe of stone antique sinks. Experiments with details can bring out the spirit of antique kitchen sinks not only incorporating them into whole interior plan but turning into valuable interior detail.

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