White antique kitchen cabinets, photo

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A classic interior of dining-room and kitchen is unique and incredibly interesting designer direction, able to fill with an atmosphere the special comfort, heat and beauty. Today we will show to your attention the basic elements of classic style, that will help to do the kitchen you unique and incredibly beautiful.

Benefit of white antique furniture

White antique kitchen cabinets are the frequent enough colour decision accepted by house owners all over the world. Only on the face of it it can show oneself that a similar choice can entail additional efforts on the care of surfaces. Actually, on light facades not evidently and halves of spots noticeable on the dark surfaces of kitchen furniture. But on a background snow-white walls and very light floor coverage a white set becomes unnoticeable practically, only dark surface  and spots of domestic technique give out the presence of working surfaces and systems storages. An a bit contrast in the snow-white idyll of kitchen was introduced by a table group is a white dinner-table and chairs of analogical color with the dark upholstering of seats. Showily completes character of light, but incredibly practical kitchen, original chandelier with the latticed plafond.

A type and method of making of closets can render considerable influence on appearance of apartment.    Withoutframework befit to modern style, but they look nevertheless, as antique. Into a design wares are elegantly written from a bronze, silver and even from a composition-metal.

Pay attention to detail in choosing white antique kitchen cabinets?

Closets-shakers is famous the lines, by clean lines and often they can be seen in a pair with the simple interior of room. If your kitchen has a classic look or executed in style “modern”, then accessories of doors of closets-shakers will become wonderful addition of interior. The best method to do a kitchen a bit glamour and modern is this decorating of apartment and equipment. It be possible to say, that decorations also influence on the common impression from space, as a choice of type on original appearance logotype of company. A flat form is a staggering method to modernize a kitchen. Style, supposing restraint in an interior, is perfectly “read” in combination of flat pens them with furniture having straight or square lines.

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To the kitchen in “traditional” style, at that doors are shakers, the special uniqueness is given by antique pens from tin. Perfectly harmonize with vintage kitchen faucets. Wares anymore behave to the decorative details of interior, their application allows to add to the design of molding and traditional elements. Tin pens primely go to the pair with bars, casting and bronze. A kitchen looks splendidly, if adaptations for closets for her not too defiant and restless. Contrasting colour decision – dark pens on the white background of furniture does not give to the apartment to seem superfluously outmoded.

The accessories for kitchen space, made from various materials – bright-polished chrome, polished bronze, look very modernly. Combination of lamp from an ancient composition-metal with the bright-polished nickel of finishing gives an apartment more collected and complete kind.

What does need to be memorized in choosing white antique kitchen cabinets?

Traditional kitchens differ in attention to the details. This kitchen is gap-filling in a number of decorations and unusual architectural elements, such as archs, moldings, beams, false panels from dark wood, hiding refrigerator, by volume extraction, chandeliers, stylish furniture and refined twisted legs of island. Each an object possesses authentic details here, that gives an atmosphere expressiveness and eccentricity.

Inalienable part of many classic kitchens are the refined headsets in that necessarily there is a closet with the glazed doors. Antique or artificially made old furniture – too good variant. Look, as elegantly the snow-white shelving looks with glass doors and dark brass pens! But be attentive – “antique” details look sometimes falsely.

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You will not see flat facades in the design of interior, self-possessed in classic style. Unlike modern stylistic directions, the classics differ in the variety of decorations. One of the personal touches of style are relief doors of closets. The great number of variants of relief decorations of furniture will allow to choose exactly that you, that it will be to you to liking.

The classic design of kitchen opens in truth boundless possibilities for the decor of closets, especially, if the question is about the glazed doors. The ancient glass cut or is in framing of wooden реечек or thin metallic net is only small part of variants of registration of closets.

Often for giving of lightness an interior and reduction of prices of project as replacement authors use a gypsum, and stone and metal a tree – for giving of stylishness an interior. Original form metallic retro– extraction underlines the chosen intention of updating of space only.

Often in traditional kitchens it is possible to meet decorated by columns or pilasters small islands, furniture “gliding” over sex, or extraction in style under a fire-place pipe.

An expressive sculptural marble, nutwood and granite, are one of the most popular variants for making of working surfaces. And today there is a great number of artificial quartz materials that look the same as marble, but here differ in lightness and less cost.

Frequently use a few different colour variants of finishing. Sometimes a kitchen island is executed in one color, and other furniture is in opposite. Mixing of colors gives a look a complete kind – it is not needed intentionally to avoid this non-standard reception.

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A classic sideboard gives not only an additional place for storage of tableware – as a rule, his construction plugs in itself a comfortable counter.


A hit is a high closet not looking a kitchen and used eccentrically – for example, a refrigerator or pantry fully can be harboured in him. Besides such closets are very functional: in them it is possible to place everything, that it requires to the good hostess on a kitchen.

Very well combine a vintage island and white on a perimeter doors of closets. Lightness and rural charm an interior is given by the dried up bouquets of pratal herbares. And quite unnecessarily all elements of equipment and finishing must be in one style. The classics love space and high ceiling. In such apartment it is impossible to see the wide coloured gamut of tints : style implies restraint in colour registration. Architectural details are used very correctly, and the strict and restrained articles of furniture are made from the expensive breeds of tree, from a stone and metal.

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