Basic principles on choosing kitchen furniture for recreating a luxurious antique Greek-Romanian style in your kitchen

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For many of us kitchen is considered to be a heart of our home. This is the very place many families love to gather in together to share the news with each other after a long busy day. For many people kitchen is emotionally connected with happy moments of childhood when the smell of granny’s pies made them feel secure and complete. And of course for those who love cooking kitchen is kind of sacred place.

In a hustle of a modern world, people tend to long for structure and harmony.  That’s one of the reasons why antique style in the interior became such a trend nowadays. Clean shapes and lines, light colors, natural materials, exquisite elements of décor – those features typical for antique style will bring the spirit of antique Rome and Greece into the kitchen.

Once you made up your mind about designing your kitchen in antique style you should take care of appropriate antique kitchen furniture.  Of course, each kitchen is unique and meets taste and needs of its owners but there are general basic recommendations that could guide you through difficult yet exciting process of choosing the pieces of furniture.

First things first, antique kitchen furniture is rather big. So it requires a rather spacious room to be placed in, otherwise it can make a heavy impression. It is easier to fit this kind of furniture in a big house. Not that it is impossible to go for antique style in a city apartment, but it sure could be a little trickier. You should keep in mind leaving enough space between pieces of furniture while plan your kitchen. For small apartments one of good solutions could be combining kitchen with dining room which will allow placing all garments of antique furniture not too close to one another. If this way is not possible then be sure not to choose too many pieces of furniture for the room so they all could be placed on good enough distance from one another.

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Next important thing to take care about when furnishing your kitchen in antique style is the colors. It is generally recommended to have the walls of antique kitchen painted in light clean shades. Pastel colors such as white, ivory, beige, crème, dusty pink are ideal for this kind of interior. Another stylish way could be a combination of white and gold which never fails to add some luxury and pomposity to the room. Or you could play on contrast of black and white or mix all three basic colors of white, black and gold in the kitchen’s interior. Choosing antique kitchen furniture, keep in mind that the color of the furniture is not supposed to contrast with coloristic idea of the room. On the other hand, the colors of the walls and furniture are not meant to match completely since it will make the pieces of furniture literally fade away.  This particular kitchen style generally looks especially classy and elegant with lighter shade of furniture over darker wall color. Here are examples of good color combinations:

  • Dusty pink walls and white furniture;
  • Grey or blue walls and ivory furniture with golden trims;
  • Deep beige walls and light ivory furniture;
  • Black walls and white furniture.

When choosing proper furniture for antique kitchen, it is very important to pay attention on materials the furniture is made of. High quality materials are must when it comes to recreating a luxurious antique style in a modern kitchen. Best materials for your antique kitchen furniture could be natural materials as wood and stone, especially marble since they were of high use in antique times. Countertops and table surfaces made of marble would fit perfectly into interior.

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Another way to add an obvious antique touch into the whole kitchen is to play with textures and details. Distressed surface of the furniture would definitely hit the goal and literally would give this noble old look to the room. You can buy brand-new furniture with this special effect or use special techniques to get distressed texture. It is also a great idea to decorate the doors of kitchen cabinets and closets with typical antique ornaments such as carved on the surfaces meander. Bas-reliefs, plaster moldings with antique motives, natural stone incrustations and even imitation of columns could be successfully incorporated into antique kitchen furniture.


Whether you choose to buy ready furniture or have it made according to your unique design these basic ideas will help you to recreate a perfect antique luxury in your own kitchen.

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