Beautiful kitchen designs is real

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Dye or pasted? This almost Shakespearean question torments many housewives started a repair in the holy of holies. And oddly enough, many believe that the paint will make beautiful kitchen designs. One could argue that the inks are different and among them there are also bright shades. But in this case, the kitchen turns out all pretentious. And you feel it as if in a museum, not in a cozy little corner, where you can enjoy a cup of tea. Wallpaper same – more interesting option. Moreover, they are available, so even with the huge ornamental potential.

So. Decided. Sticking wallpaper. What it is necessary to initially think?

  • About density. That is, it is an indicator of durability and strength of the material. In dense wallpaper samples intended for the walls in the kitchen, smaller pores, which likes to gather the soot and dust pans.
  • The stability of the light. The quality of the wallpaper should be such that they do not burn in contact with them, and the sun did not change the pattern configuration under the influence of heat working plate.
  • About water and vapor tight. Caught them evaporation should dry very quickly, and dirt – easily removed. Vinyl wallpapers
  • This is no exaggeration great option. They are dense, moisture-resistant and affordable. Such coverage will serve at the kitchen walls of not less than ten years.

The lion’s share of the range – is vinyl wallpaper wall with relief structure, which appeared in the kitchen, really captured the imagination of a variety of decors and colors. Look for vinyl collection. This wallpaper is incredibly successfully mimicked the texture mats, fabrics, plaster and other materials. Unusual, beautiful, unpretentious and with all this budget solution for kitchen design background.

Vinyl layer may be applied to a paper substrate or physios. The last option is the most appropriate for a particular room. Such wallpaper simply glued because a good fit even on not perfectly smooth wall is not deformed and, if anything, is suitable for painting.

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Buying rolls look at the way in which treated vinyl. “Hot stamping” makes wallpaper thinner, but, paradoxically, and more durable. They are less spoiled and well tolerated cleansing.

“Foamed vinyl” – is relief wallpaper, ideal for untrained walls in the beautiful kitchen designs, because they are wonderful mask all irregularities. But in terms of practicality they have nothing to boast. The surface of this material is very fragile. It’s easy to scratch, which means if a family has children active or restless little animals, you’d better look for other options for wall decoration.

Heard about the harmful substances in vinyl? Forget! Modern wallpaper of this type produced by large companies has an excellent reputation. They are allowed to use even for children. The surface is covered with high-quality vinyl microspores that evaporate moisture and “breathe”, so under the cover is not going to condensation and mold is not mapped.

If you have to save and get cheaper types of vinyl wallpaper, the pre-treat the surface of the latter and antibacterial compounds.


“Sam is not afraid of moisture, but it is available on the coating cannot withstand its effects, so before you buy wallpaper for walls in the kitchen, check the label”

It is the best foundation for beautiful and high quality wallpapers. It is made from the last pressing cellulosic fibers.

Wallpapers tear proof. They do not swell when wet, do not shrink when dry and perfectly breathe. This is the best disguise for cracks. They are easy to straighten out, causing the surface, so to cope with the gluing of wallpaper for the walls, even beginners can in the beautiful kitchen designs for small kitchens. It does not have to web. Wallpaper paste is smeared directly on the wall, which greatly simplifies and speeds up the process work.

  • If you read on the price list, the term did not fail to specify what specific type of finish you are invited. In the retail under this brand sold an incredible amount of wallpaper, including:
  • Vinyl species.
  • Fully options as for painting, and already painted.
  • Repair coming for alignment of walls.
  • It is not afraid of moisture, but it is available on the coating cannot withstand its effects, so before you buy wallpaper for walls in the kitchen, check the label. It is always a symbol saying that they are washable beautiful kitchen designs for small kitchens.
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The shortcomings in the wallpaper are listed one price, because their local production still uses raw materials of European quality. But if you think that overpaying for wallpaper can be saved on the plaster and screed surfaces, then you know what to buy them still profitable, even in that case, if you do not dare to glue them on their own. Masters finishers them to you, as opposed to paper, for a very reasonable price. It so happened that in the interior design, both among experts and the owners of residential real estate remains classicism in special honor for many years. If you are thinking about a “change of scenery”, then this direction is worth a closer look. Especially good dining in a classic style. The originality of its design almost all attracted considerable interest.


Classic interior pompous and luxurious. It always used really expensive natural materials and decoration of the author’s work. There are lots of stucco and painting. The color palette is also specific. This is the realm of golden-purple shades. Looking for a beautiful kitchen designs for small kitchens it is impossible to get rid of the thoughts that are standing in the royal palace.

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