Best pine kitchen cabinets: original rustic style

Obviously, kitchen cabinets are representing the character and the class of the kitchen. Dependent on the conception and perception of the homeowner. the kitchen cabinet styles wary. For those who like warm rustic places, which is inspired by the cottage styles and like simple, natural and raw materials, pine kitchen cabinets would be the prefect choice.

Unfinished pine kitchen cabinets

Unfinished pine kitchen cabinets are the best solution to construct a natural and rustic style on your kitchen. The material and final covers let the wood attract attention to its rough and wild nature.

There are a lot of reasons why unfinished pine cabinets are increasingly popular. Let’s mention 4 of these reasons:

  • Affordable, cost-efficient price
  • Long lasting, durable material
  • Add cozy and elegant accents in any interior
  • Easy in customization and redecoration

Unfinished pine kitchen cabinets works well in different designs:

  • Well-lit color of the unfinished knotty pine cabinets is offering this kitchen with light and natural look
  • Warm colors, particularly caramel hues, work flawlessly with rough and natural decorations of the unfinished pine kitchen cabinets
  • Combination with modern designs and high-end technics provides cool and airy notes to the kitchen interior
  • Unfinished pine kitchen cabinets in grouping with the wooden boards in the kitchen complement it with a genuinely beautiful and cozy appearance
  • Knotty smoothness of the light pine cabinets is offering this kitchen with truly formal and modern design.

Knotty pine kitchen cabinets

Knotty pine has a peculiar mark, that distinguishes its appearance from any other wood. Thanks to this distinctive mark, knotty cabinets became increasingly popular for the rustic style interior designs.

This type of wood is soft and has an smooth grain, that captivates stain voluntarily. The tones the goes perfectly on pine are very light and medium stains. However the determinative feature of the knotty pine is dense and dark knots. They tend to exploit through the finish over time. The wood have to be cautiously sealed and primed before you begin to paint it in different color.

With what color knotty pine kitchen cabinets look best?

  • The classic countryside combination is knotty pine with pastel green, mint or faded yellow colors.
  • Old reclaimed bricks can be a good choice to partner it with knotty pine. Kitchen will acquire a charisma of the cabin in the woods. Pastel patina of the bricks will keep kitchen in matte and has powder effect.
  • Shiver and/or dark granite counters together with stained walnut slat floors save the kitchen looking practical and pulled-together, without being vulgar. Avoid patterned or plaid curtains, instead go for the red Roman blinds or tailor-made linen or burlap grain-sacking curtains.

The pattern of the knotty pine is susceptible for many colors and designs. It can afford more than just white background and rustic style. For, instance charcoal would work good with knotty pine, it will transform the style to more industrial.

Charcoal and Red

The appearance of knotty pine is much more flexible than it first seems. Do not reserve to light-white or brick walls robotically. Charcoal paint will look modern and urbane in a kitchen with rustic cabinets. Switch the wrought iron or pine cabinet pulls and knobs for smooth oil-rubbed bronze and tile floors in terracotta. Soft stainless utilities accompany perfectly the natural materials and gray walls. Granite farm sink is good equally for both, to country style and a cool contemporary take on an old-fashioned design. A hint of red-orange on window shades enlivens the room, as do gleaming copper pots and a rack of red enamel cookware.

Light-Blue Island

The minor ginger cast that knotty pine grows is a delicate complement to blue. Use the benefit of the color assembly with a marble-topped island tinted dusty, gentle medium-blue. Blue with many grey or a bit of a teal in it works equally good with the unique cabinets. Dainty gray mineral on the blue island saves the room from darkness and should spread also to the cabinets counters. Paint also the ceiling white to replicate even more light in the room and cover windows with thin blinds. A white lighting falling over the island brightens evening meal preparation. This hybrid contemporary-classic kitchen can survive a fridge and stainless stove or colored enamel appliances in vintage or contemporary styles.

Painted Pine


Knotty pine cabinets are not blessed, that’s why if you want to diminish the country atmosphere, you can paint them. For that polish these long-lasting pinewood floors and complement with knotty pine sunbeams to the ceiling. Also face the wall to the cabinets with knotty pine boards. After paint the cabinets themselves with greenish enamel or a grayer milky finish. Replace unremarkable hardware with tough iron reproduction handles, drawer pulls and hinges. Otherwise preserve white ceiling and walls, and just add a huge porcelain sink, countertops and  old-fashioned butcher block island. The kitchen can work with white enamel or brushed stainless appliances