Best reasons for corner kitchen cabinet

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It is quite ergonomic, maximum functionality and leaves plenty of room for design refinements and discoveries. Discussing the plan, always pay attention to the location of the three main items in the kitchen – a sink, refrigerator and cooking hobs.

Therefore, we offer you several options registration of the corner kitchen cabinet.

Types of accommodation

The angular form design kitchen furniture, countertops, refrigerator, sink and all the appliances are located along two walls. Accepted provide 3 types of planning:

  • L-shaped. Suitable for compact spaces where all the furniture is adjacent to the walls. Used to place a 6 square. m, ;
  • L-shaped, with the peninsula. With this layout, the longest side of the corner adjacent to the wall, and there is a short. It turns out a kind of projection, which is easily converted into a work area, due to the free two-pronged approach. The ideal kitchen area is a square for such accommodation in 9 sq .;
  • Corner layout with an island kitchen measuring at least 10 square meters. m, and a separate dining table top, which can be used during cooking.

The bar – a solution to many problems

Corner Options allows you to make the bar as an element of design. Sure, it has its advantages. Here are some of them:

  • in flat or just the small kitchen is a bar counter will replace the standard countertop, which will use it for cooking, and for groups, and for joint meals;
  • it can play a supporting role in the division of space into zones;
  • below it, you can make additional lockers for storage of utensils.

Many manufacturers sell a set of furniture is already provided with a bar top, which simplifies the selection process. Corner layout small kitchen becomes a matter of elementary in this case.

Interior style

Modern designers recommend it for more space design styles. Distribution in these cases is very ergonomic and easy to use, and allows you to set a certain tone that meets internal outlook landlords:

  • The expressive, luxurious, sophisticated art deck. The furniture is made of valuable wood, the color palette is decorated in rich shades of blue and purple. Also welcomed burgundy, purple, milky white and brown. It is decorated with silver or gold, mandatory inclusions mirrors scattering illumination over the entire space of the room. Kitchen area at least 9 square meters;
  • Light and delicate style of Provence. Suitable for a small kitchen, where the angular layout enabled to 6sqm Color furniture mainly wheat, turquoise, olive, mustard. Romantic French flavor captivates apparent simplicity and charm, which benefits small-sized kitchen corner;
  • The classic layout of the kitchen corner, with wooden surfaces. The presence of threads and accessories that take up space visually, and is perfect for an area of 10 square meters. m. Some awkwardness can remove patches of stained glass in furniture.
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Stealth kitchen corner cabinet

Examples plan corner kitchen is very different, and sometimes simply amazing placing a huge number of essential items in the pretty little squares. Naturally, the designers have their advice on how to make the space more visually free, but do not lose the feeling of comfort. It is advisable to abandon the classics, and to give preference to the Art Nouveau style, high-tech minimalism.

Do not forget about lighting quality surfaces, and do not leave a single chandelier for this. Now a great multitude of spotlights and LED strips. Add lighting inside the cabinets, the very best to choose furniture with a glossy reflective surface.

This item will show that for a small space better to choose a hanging locker, it will release a visual footage. If successful planning is absolutely real use and the sill, which can be expanded to obtain additional countertop.

Under the window is easy to place cabinets, or to make a folding table in a modern style. To this place the best ergonomic solution – a built-in appliances, and extends the functionality. Located it over “shoulders”, connecting the refrigerator, sink and cooking stove.

Advantages of the kitchen corner cabinet

Compact – it’s the golden rule of picking a corner. Let us recall a few other:

  • even at small sizes of the premises, or the design studio, located in the area opposite sides of the load space is not visual;
  • All very convenient and accessible, no need to run around the entire area, you can move functionally and one side of the room;
  • Plan kitchen corner shows that there is no not involved zones and cabinets with angular sections allow you to use the space as much as possible. Excellent combined suspension furniture, in the form of cabinets and open shelves, with a gas column, which in the case of the small size of the room, also located on the wall.
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At first, the kitchen of 10 sq. you can contain all the necessary cooking utensils. With proper placement of interior items, this area is sufficient. If you are trying to locate a dining room, living room and a storage area for winter food reserves, the interior will overwrought, cluttered and untidy. To avoid this, you must be guided by the popular design techniques that will help to arrange any room. With the right approach, plan kitchen 10 sq. m., it is not already a difficult task. Moreover, the result of work, for sure, enjoy and family members, and visitors to your home.

Details of functionality corner kitchen cabinets

Plan kitchen of 10 meters, should include only the necessary items that will be used in the cooking process. In addition, you need to consider where it will be store inventory and products. Given this purpose kitchen facilities, there should be placed the following subjects:

  • Furniture set
  • Necessary appliances
  • Sink for washing dishes, vegetables and other food products
  • Table
  • The hob or cooker
  • After selecting the desired items and items that will help make the room functional, you can start planning space


Variations plan corner kitchen sink cabinet

Everyone knows that there are several types of traditional plan kitchen of 10 meters. These include:

  • Location headset in the form of the letter G
  • Placement along one wall
  • Island variation
  • Location headset with the letter P

Very successful plan kitchen 10 sq. m., with the island. This multifunctional design, which includes a work surface, shelves and drawers. It is convenient to store bulk foods and utensils to use design as an additional desktop. The optimal area, which is recommended to have a kitchen island, is the premises of 10 sq.

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Of all these types of plan kitchen space, the most practical and rational, it is a variant of the corner. In this case, the available area is used wisely. Furniture Set is comfortable for the hostess; all the necessary items are literally at your fingertips. At the corner location, it is a place for equipment dining area with a sofa. This is a practical solution for medium size kitchens.

Kitchen corner cabinets with balcony


Previously, many perceived the kitchen, equipped with a balcony inconvenient location. It was used as storage space for conservation, empty containers and other unnecessary stuff, which can be useful in the future. But, thanks to the professional work of designers today plan kitchen 10 sq. m. with balcony, is seen as a good option.

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