Best small country kitchens ideas: 5 top tips

small country kitchen

If you are more conservative in their views small country kitchens, and your window is already sterile white blinds, you can paint them as well, but only gentle and calm compositions. From the materials you will need a pencil, brush, stencil, or drawing and acrylic paint.

Favorite ornament we put a pencil on the closed shutters, and then paint the picture of the resulting colors and give the creature a good dry. After that, the blinds can be operated normally.

Textiles as decoration small country kitchen ideas

Do not think of a better way to emphasize the present situation, how to decorate the kitchen, handmade products from a particular textile. An important role in the decoration of the kitchen professionals withdrawn, of course, textiles. It must exactly match the texture of their styles. So, for the rural areas are relevant, such as the cotton fabric, linen, calico, and sometimes even ordinary burlap. The figures usually choose elegant floral cell or accepted.

How to decorate the original kitchen textiles and that it can be saddled with their own hands? Naturally create unique curtains in rushed and frills, unusual to pick up. To gain a better light curtain air of matter, such as chiffon. In addition to curtains, the hostess may well sew colorful potholders, pillows on the chairs and stools cover. The main thing that the rest of textiles in harmony with the basic element – the curtains.

  • The modern decors require modern curtains. The most popular today are Roman shades, decorated with elements of the printing or florid ornaments. These curtains are not “steal” space; on the contrary, a good picture is able to make it infinite, Gone away. In addition, the material of the Roman blinds is easy to care for. It can be washed indefinitely, which is important for the kitchen space.
  • Do not think of a better way to emphasize the present situation, how to decorate the kitchen of specific textile products made by their own hands. To do this, use a cloth or steel pearly shades with matte, smooth and always flowing texture.
  • Captures the spirit will help, of course, tablecloths. Delicate, pastel colors, brushes, leaving the floor, they are incredibly harmonious look with the same curtains and furniture upholstery.

After selecting the style of ancient ages, you have to consider all aspects of the then situation and choose the right elements of decor. The spacious kitchens, especially when trying to pass the life of the eighteenth century, it is necessary to make an extravagant and lavish decoration. In small rooms – it is better to stop on the strict lines of Roman architecture. How to decorate too “right” small country kitchen designs inexpensively, with their own hands? Of course, a variety of arches and columns, which also change the visual perception of space?

Perfect small country kitchen decorating ideas

From textiles small country style kitchen designs need to use a series of spectacular tissue, brocade and silk. Well, if they are embroidered with gold thread.

Do creative people the question of how to decorate the kitchen with his hands, difficulty with the answer does not matter. They are always ready to give a lot of ideas and always went out and brought in his house a lot of scrap materials for the creation of masterpieces. For those who first take up a brush or try their hand at another career, to cope with the task will not be easy. It may be a feeling of insecurity and fear of mistakes. However, when your efforts will be appreciated by the guests and the household, you will feel real satisfaction, and realize that your suffering and torment were not in vain. And if you ask for kitchen decorating tips, you do ascend to level the guru. So create, fantasize, to connect the unconnected and be sure that your kitchen is really original!

How to quickly and inexpensively update the decor of the walls in the kitchen

Our dishes do not indulge us spaciousness. If their area fit the standard set, a minimum of home appliances and even a small table with stools, then we are happy. Did you know that even the most modest kitchenette can be transformed into a real comfort in the hearth or analogue respectable cafe, is to use only original wall decor in the kitchen? In this case you absolutely do not have to spend a lot of funds for the substantial renovation, we are talking about this kind of finish that complements and embellishes the already existing interior.

Decorative materials for small country style kitchen designs


By the choice of finishing materials do not need to approach slowly. Pay attention not only on their beauty or other external data, and on their compatibility with your kitchen interior style, as well as to the practicality of the front surface. You know perfectly well that the kitchen is pretty smoky and humid, so in this environment, not every material can hold out long and fruitful.