Buying two tone kitchen cabinets

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The best combination of colors dictated by nature. Therefore, it suffices to choose the color, the combination of which is in the nature. Then it will be difficult to make a mistake.

Island two tone kitchen cabinets

Another option delineation of the room – the use of the island set. And with the right of its choosing, it can be something like a tiny workroom in the room, closed from prying eyes. That will have a good partition and ergonomic area for cooking. And the kitchen island can be a variety of formats and sizes. Because of this it is easy to pick up under one or the other type of premises.

So to summarize. What are the main moments in the delimitation of passing the kitchen? This – the use of color finishes, lighting and furniture. It is important to draw a parallel zones: the work area and a passage should not be crossed in any case. Small kitchen communicating presented to the delimitation is to use furniture. Thus, the entrance kitchen interior turns a functional, dynamic and original.

The kitchen with breakfast bar – a very topical solution to date. Many of us who does not already have, tend to establish in its kitchen facilities similar design. This love of the masses to such a decision due to its compactness and functionality. This is very important in our, often cramped living conditions.

Therefore, further consider how to arrange the design kitchen with breakfast bar, which features such an approach, what it can lead.

Benefits two tone kitchen cabinets

A review will begin with a determination of the merits of the use of bar counters in kitchens:

  • area for cooking, can act as an additional plane;
  • area for the use of food and drinks;
  • non-standard solution of the interior, making it more comfortable and attractive;
  • element of effective zoning premises;
  • designs are available – you can buy a ready-made version or to order on the individual sizes and requirements.
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All these qualities are obvious, but they are of great interest, help to promote solutions.

Kinds of two toned kitchen cabinets

To better understand how attractive can be the design of a kitchen with a bar, it should deal with varieties of designs:

  • Island. This option is suitable for those rooms that have plenty of space. The island can be more and stove, and a sink, and many other elements. This arrangement allows you to have access to the objects from different angles, and thus, improves the functionality of kitchen space.
  • Scion. There is also an option. He is in high demand in our country. You can extend the tabletop headset to ensure its consolidation with the help of the bar pipe. It can be fixed on the floor and the ceiling. By the way, the pipe is not a mandatory element. Such tabletop can have very different length, shape and other parameters.
  • Bailiff. It is characterized by a small width, can be mounted on the wall, for which special legs or you can do without them can be used. This is a good solution for a small space where you want to save the area. This bar can be folding, and hence, after using the design will not take up precious space.
  • At the sill. This is actually an analog version bailiff, only set it in the window. The table top can be in fact a continuation of the sill.

Shape of two toned kitchen cabinets

The choice of form depends on the intended use of the bar. After all, it can replace the dining table, used as a complement to, for example, to have fun in a narrow range. Suitable for rack and cooking. For each case, you can pick up your form design.

The standard version has an average width of worktop and support can serve as a chrome “leg” or more “legs”. The end product – a rectangular or oval cross-section. Height is typically the average (about 110-115 cm). Equipped with such a special rack bar stools with footrest.

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If the countertop will replace the dining table, it is recommended to choose a wider option to create the necessary comfort in food consumption. Of course, this solution is suitable for a small family. This table top can also be used as a work plane. However, for this you need to consider placing high.

Excellent choice – a two-level stand. These two levels are functional. One can be used really as a bar, the other – as a work area.

If you need a design in the classic sense of the word, then it can be provided with various additions to accommodate wine glasses, bottles, and other needed supplies to the bartender. As a rule, such a design is complemented by a bar counter and cupboard to store all right. The only drawback of this model – the higher price than the cost of analogues.


Bar counters may be located in different places of the interior of the kitchen:

  • Near the window. It allows the use of natural light for illumination. You can admire the view from the window at a tea party or the use of food.
  • Standalone location. In this case, the rack is located separately from the other elements of the interior, away from the headset.
  • On the border of the two zones. This approach is used when it is necessary zoning space. It is often used in the studios kitchens.


Another dilemma when choosing a bar racks. A common option – chipboard, laminated plastic. Quite affordable model, characterized by moisture resistance, durability and no need special care.

Few things are more complicated with solid wood, but thanks to careful pre-treatment such material is highly relevant for the production of racks. Besides its beautiful views, special energy create a unique atmosphere in the interior.

Plastic – simple, but very attractive option, characterized by low weight, accessibility. It has a large selection of colors and shapes. A rock. This can be either natural or artificial material. Enough expensive solution, but wherein a particular appearance. It can act as an element that emphasizes reliability. This can be seen by looking at kitchen design with a bar.

Separately, it must be said about the height of bar counters. Standard variant – about 110 cm, however, in view of the purpose parameter element may vary within wide limits. If you order a rack, individually, can provide virtually any height. Another issue that it needs to look attractive and convenient to use.

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To determine the optimal height, you can use this approach. First, buy comfortable chairs, and for them to select the level of the tabletop. Recommended height of chairs to add another 30 cm. It is a convenient solution.

Two-tone color

Colors is set, even if it’s a bar. Therefore it is necessary to select a shade that it was in harmony with the other elements of the kitchen. In some cases, this can be an accent color. Then choose a contrasting color. In other embodiments, the group is mainly used in multiple colors present in the design. Typically, the color coincides with the rack tone countertop kitchen units.


Do not forget about this important element of the interior. And though there is a general room lighting, it is recommended to arrange for his bar. To do this, use directional light sources that will illuminate the qualitative plane. Correctly organized coverage – is not just a more prominent objects around, but also a special attraction of the room.


And finally, we can not say more about some of the additions that may be present in the bar. For example, boxes for storage of kitchen utensils under the worktop. As you can see how it might look. Still it is possible to surround the rack various functional and decorative accessories. This will get the most out of using this element of the interior.

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