Cheap kitchen design layout


The budget kitchen design layout furniture trims melamine or laminate. Melamine poorly resists mechanical stress, but the laminate is more stable and durable, so it is good if the countertop headset will be performed from it.

More expensive furniture countertops are usually made of stone. The most beautiful, of course, natural stone, but such surfaces require specific care. For example, one of the most luxurious decoration stones – marble – easy to absorb oil and wine, because these spots have a long fight. Most impressed by the modern design of the interior kitchen synthetic stones. They are practical and very durable. This kitchen will last a century. Artificial stones made on the basis of acrylic, sand and quartz, also obtained high-strength and well withstand thermal stress, so in demand in the decoration of dishes.

As for the overall finishing room, there is also need to use high-quality materials high strength. Paul and apron better execute granite or ceramic tiles. In a more economical version of the floors covered with linoleum. If floors are planned to pave a wooden board, then it will need to be sure to handle the special water repellent composition.

Individuality and perfect kitchen layout design space can emphasize the fashionable wallpaper and spectacular lighting. The ceilings in the interior – without many frills. They can execute on any proposed technology today.

Modern kitchen interior: the color and spatial solutions

Fashion trends – this, of course, it is good, but even the most cutting-edge interior is better to use natural colors and natural colors. You have to play on contrasts. Do not be afraid to connect the red and black, black and white, green and yellow. These combinations produce very interesting decor. For emphasis, too, choose juicy shades of orange, blue, red and purple palette.

  • The spatial solutions there are no restrictions. Today is a very popular kitchen design layout ideas for kitchen-studio. Style and the kitchenette are also not lagging behind demand. Many seek to combine the space of a small kitchen with a dining room or living room space. Interior design in this case can be shared space or divided into zones. In this aspect of the interior design of modern extended kitchen it is not forbidden to rely only on their own preferences. Run zoning can be simple, using the play of light, or different in texture flooring.
  • Indeed modern kitchen interior is impossible to imagine without the bar. It is so modernized and adapted to today’s needs, it can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also be additional jobs. Augmented the perimeter chairs, bar becomes a great place to eat. By the way, this piece of furniture can also be used actively in the zoning of the space.
  • What else distinguishes the current small kitchen design layouts, so this moderation in the use of accessories. The flowers are out of the competition because they are, in addition, that look great, even add liveliness and freshness, sometimes quite stingy with emotions, the atmosphere of a modern kitchen interior. But comfort in the kitchen – no small feature. Dilute the interior will help a couple of reproductions or small mural “delicious” theme. Coup in the room decoration will be publicly displayed bright or tea set painted plates. In small quantities, these accessories will not disturb the harmony of space, and will not look obtrusive

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No matter what kind of style you prefer, creating a modern interior kitchen – retro, trendy hi-tech, classic or even leave it without the characteristic stylistic features, as long as you do not feel cramped and uncomfortable in small kitchen design layout. Put it in the arrangement of his soul, and the house will be a real oasis of warmth and comfort.

Methods emphasis expressive cuisine

In a situation where for some reason it is impossible to recreate the interior of the true bright red kitchen, and a desire to bring stubbornly leaving the surroundings holiday you focus on decor accents

In a situation where for some reason it is impossible to recreate the interior of the true bright red kitchen, and a desire to bring to the surroundings holiday you stubbornly leaves, focus on decor accents. Save the situation may lamps with red shades, such as curtains or other textiles, which have a place here. Bottles and vases, decorative plates and sofa cushions – this is only a hundredth of a simple solution. The use of these gadgets capable of radically transforming even the dullest interior. Cover the red tablecloth in white daisies dining table, cover the same covers and stools in your kitchen forever endeared summer and heat. Lay panels with ladybirds, lost in the green grass. Red color will be here at least, but the charge of good mood of being on this kitchen, you get to the maximum.

Red kitchen – for and against

Psychologists are unanimous – the red – the color of positivity. By exciting the nervous system, making it brighter emotions, stimulates blood circulation, sexual desire and appetite. But the presence of the red, especially in unlimited quantities, can produce fatigue and irritation, so use it in the interiors is much dosed. It is sad, but the red color may have a negative impact and, therefore, before ordering such bright kitchen interiors, check to see if you can be there without compromising their health.

And who and why it can be uncomfortable on a cheerful red kitchen design layout tool? Being in a room with red trim is contraindicated in hypertensive patients. Here, they can increase the pressure. Such people should not be abused in a similar color and small kitchen accessories.

Order kitchen furniture in quieter tones have people constantly are in stressful situations and are too tired to work. The brightness of color finishes in this case will only increase tension.

Do not use the red, and those who follow the figure. This tone is an excellent appetite stimulant, and if you are constantly on a diet or regular arrange for his body’s fasting days, the idea of kitchen design in colors of red spectrum to be simply forgotten.

Use information

Another reason to abandon the red furniture, tiles or wallpaper will be already hot room, windows facing south and east. Plenty of bright color in the interior only strengthens the feeling of stuffiness and heat. If you think this is far-fetched motivation and your decision to get a red kitchen that does not change, at least to set the air conditioner in it, so you will be in the room more comfortable.

Design your own kitchen layout modest dimensions should furnish furniture fronts with a neutral color, as an active red will narrow even more the already scarce space, causing the birth of a sense of lack of air. In such an atmosphere, and close to a heart attack.


Red – this is perhaps the most difficult and controversial representative of the color palette, but he’s always winning. He certainly looks impressive, but the energy of the interior can only withstand a strong personality, who is not used to defend and attack, not fester, desperate to burn, do not wait for better times, and solve problems here and now. But red kitchen layout design tool- it is not always something shocking and defiantly catchy. The presence of this mass spectrum of colors allows you to send a sufficiently wide range of moods and feelings. And if you think about it, the red, especially associated with the wine and tomatoes, bell peppers and watermelons, cherries and strawberries! What only companions there still room red, as in the kitchen?

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