Color compromises in country kitchen valances

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The most faithful of modernity is the decision to choose a monochromatic palette of the decor in country kitchen valances. This style simply does not recognize the diversity of colors and brightness, but that does not mean that you need to put on the walls of steel and black stains. Metallic shine in this environment will be present at the kitchen equipment enclosures, as well as furniture accessories, and this would be sufficient. The metallized surface, as well as white furniture fronts with a glossy effect or not, give the kitchen design in modern style true nobility.

As stylish decor does not accept the brightness and variety of colors, the primary colors in the interior of this kitchen cannot be more than four. Saturation room accentual patches can badly affect its perception by making the situation provocatively shouting.

Use it

Market pleasing color variety of kitchen furniture and decoration materials, but you need only model in white or cream, beige or brown, orange and purple, yellow and green colors.

Each of the colors has proposed a mass of colors, and many restrictions on their intensity. No, of course they may even have to be saturated to a certain extent, but in any case is not bright, eye cutting.

Professionals never used in the design of a small country valances for kitchen dark palette of art nouveau. They certainly furnish the room with light furniture and light-colored walls will draw wallpaper. The spacious kitchen designers will install snow-white trim panels, and the same worktop through which effectively set off the furniture fronts dark. Can they play on contrasts? For example, add in the modern interior of black paint, which in combination with the metal surfaces and light background makes the situation in the kitchen is very unusual and stylish.

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In contrast decors stop self-confident, imaginative home that nothing prevents to achieve heights in life.

Generally Nouveau – a style that allows you to experiment with a wide color palette and show their aesthetic taste. Your creativity is nothing limit. New kitchen in a modern style vision can be found white and pink, gray and purple, dark beige, muted shades of brown and red colors and delicate salad.

  • The role of the emphasis in these interiors entrusted hung on the wall paintings, vases and covers, coloring his voice echo the furniture fronts. The same mission in the interior can fulfill chairs with colorful upholstery, and any unusual decorative elements.
  • The stylish country kitchen curtains and valances all and will always lie on the ground, because it made the headset for roomy and always functional. Not only is everything and at any time will be at hand, as a routine activity, like cleaning, turn into a real pleasure.
  • The design of the kitchen sets is always room glass, metal and plastic. Their facades are painted enamels, varnish or film monochrome colors, with or without glitter. In furniture design always provides a place for the art and used a minimum of decorative elements for French country valances for kitchen.
  • Film or enamel coated MDF furniture. The structure may present an aluminum profile, and inserts between the panels may be plastic or glass. Incidentally, the glass and aluminum can serve not only as accents, but also form the basis of a furniture component. These suites have a view of the furniture of the future.

The design of the kitchen furniture in modern style can be applied lightweight “routing” of its surfaces. This type of decoration only emphasizes the modernist commitment to a strict definition of geometric proportions.

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Some ideas for country kitchen valances

What else is characteristic for the French country kitchen valances sets is the lack of our usual knobs on the doors surface. The secret is that the hinged door cabinets are opened vertically, and to open them is not necessary to make some titanic efforts. Just a little push on the door, it will open automatically. Since such an interior requires good lighting, the minimalist kitchens on windows curtains never appear. They replace the blinds, light, flowing curtains, muslin, tulle or rolls.

Particular attention should be paid to gender. Let this summer, but still – functioning kitchen, so it would be a great solution to make it washable flooring. For example, on top of the concrete base is tiled. If the floor in the structure represented by wooden decking board or lay on joists, the boardwalk, you can hide under the linoleum. And be sure to let the slope of the floor, it is especially important when the kitchen is planned for no roof.


In a second embodiment the selection is based on the game wallpapers contrasts. In light furniture glued wallpaper darker and vice versa. Here it is necessary to try in the selection of kitchen wallpaper design. If you are ready to make the background dark and stop contrast, your task is not to overreact and east can choose the wallpaper and style of the kitchen decor. If your intention is to make room in the English style, look and wallpaper in a similar performance, as well as make sure that the rest of the home furnishings corresponded to the chosen direction.

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