Comfort high design of kitchen

First, the kitchen must clearly distinguish between functional areas. It is necessary to organize convenient operation. For example, near the sink is easy to hold detergents, drying, dishwashing, container cleanings, and knives. Cutting area surrounding the place of storage bowls, Rolling Pin, cutting boards, and other useful things. A hot zone require tack, tea coasters, it is convenient to arrange spices, trays, pots, pans.

How to organize a convenient storage of kitchen utensils ?

To provide a complete overview of the contents of the shelves and drawers. This can be done by setting the sliding system. In this case, all the objects are always visible; to reach each of them is easy.

Eliminate “dead spots” available. Of particular difficulty are corner tables, and cabinets. This problem is successfully solved revolving shelves, sliding systems, angular boxes.

How to achieve this ?

Longline storage shelves. The standard distance between the shelves does not meet the individual needs of the hostess. Therefore, we can think about how to purchase additional shelves which allow easy reach of any items, no matter how tight it was no use of space in the closet.

If any items are needed in different rooms or different parts of the kitchen, it makes sense to duplicate them.

Continuing to find new storage space. The space under the sink. Between the wall and the fridge, narrow cargo, stools, unused height box – all these potential opportunities to enhance convenience and comfort.

If possible, purchase a comfortable kitchen appliances and accessories. A good wash can cost a bit more expensive. But it is not a time to pay for itself at the expense of convenience, ergonomics. In addition, it will protect your back.

  • Beautiful harmonious appearance. The satisfaction of aesthetic needs.
  • Comfortable dining area.
  • Possibility for the hostess to retire for a cup of tea and to pay attention to yourself.
  • The ability to seat a couple of guests to entertain their pie, talk, has fun.

So, the problem set. How to solve them ?

When created a functional headset, it is worth thinking about what style of room gain. What facades, furniture support the overall mood of the project idea? It is not necessary to change the whole set. Often enough to change only the external parts. For example, replace the facades, even if the body is strong enough.

The concept of beauty to each his own, and this applies not only to human appearance or objects of art, but also any other things around us. Including interior. For example, one the most beautiful dishes – classic, with massive wooden furniture facades, crystal chandeliers and stained glass windows. And another from all this luxury and pomp head around: his strictness mile of clear lines and metallic luster modern style. And yet, you can highlight the basic rules to help you understand how to equip the kitchen is beautiful, not forgetting about its convenience and practicality.

Rules of beautiful kitchen

The realities of our kitchen, as a rule, are both a dining room and sometimes the living room. Therefore, the words of any woman, “I want a nice kitchen,” lurks the desire to make it aesthetically pleasing for visitors and households and easy for you. And to make the kitchen of the plant to ensure family food in a cozy studio creative hostess needed to competently plan the space to designate a certain style of the interior and create a pleasant home environment. When deciding how to make a beautiful and comfortable kitchen, remember that first and foremost it is designed for cooking food. Even before the repair you need to know exactly what equipment and appliances must be in it necessarily, because for them it is necessary to determine a permanent place.

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