Commercial design kitchens

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Commercial kitchen- it’s premises, which are located in the industrial and public premises. They are very different from home kitchens, and this should be taken into consideration during design. Industrial kitchen implies a large size of the room, a huge amount of engineering networks and several working areas, which should take up a lot of space. Also, commercial design should be simple and clear, can not be said about the design decisions usual home kitchens. All the features of the design of commercial premises should be considered during the design.

Features design of commercial premises with large dimensions

  1. The workers, who work in the kitchen, must always be kept in a secure environment. Observance of technology security- one of the most important rules of the kitchen design in the industrial area. First of all, it should be responsible for floor coverings. The material should be such that it can be easily cleaned of any kind of contamination, while not harming someone from personnel.
  2. The most common materials in the design of industrial kitchens, is colored concrete and ceramic hob. Both of these materials have properties that enable them to withstand any load. Also, concrete and tiles are not subject to slip, which is the basic of safety rules. To the surface was slippery in the least, you can choose a grainy coating. It even when wet does not become slippery.
  3. If you are afraid to use in an industrial kitchen tile or concrete, then a great option would be the tires, which is very safe. More often do so that most of the floor takes a tile or any other material, and in places it is often possible spillage of liquids, use a rubber coating. Also, you can use a special carpet that had a few percent will reduce the chance of possible injuries.

In the design of commercial premises for the kitchen, you should keep in mind that it should remain a lot of free space, which can be moved several people. Therefore, during the construction of the plan, first, it is best to note the possible ways of workers, and then proceed to the placement of the major kitchen furniture and appliances.

  1. First of all, you can draw a line that will indicate the approximate path of movement of workers. Remember that the design is best to avoid the transition to another room. They most often lead to accidents, since through them difficult to go to the main escape routes. To get rid of transitions, consider how you can correctly place all the elements of furniture.
  2. Compliance with safety is the most important requirement in the design of industrial premises. You do not have to arrange furniture so as to create a dangerous situation in which workers can be injured any severity. The kitchen is in an industrial premise in itself is a very dangerous location, so you should give it as much attention as the design can be. With the help of special rules you will be able to reduce possible accidents by a few percent.
  3. After the arrangement of furniture, carefully analyze all places where workers can face a danger. You need to design a room, given the fact that the kitchen will always be very hot. Therefore, the kitchen needs to pass the shower, which would be enough seats for workers were able to take a shower at the same time.
  4. Make a balance of space, which will help to avoid contact with dangerous substances in food. You are in no case should not prevent poisoning.
  5. Set the center of the room light sources that will illuminate the main working area.
  6. Food should always be fresh, therefore the environment must be as many different refrigerators and freezers.
  7. Leave the room for a large number of shells and placing dishwashers. This is especially true of large restaurants, where manually is very difficult to wash a large number of dishes.
  8. Designated cleaning fabrics and other non-food items should be kept away from areas where food processing occurs.
  9. The restaurant should be all the necessary appliances, so I leave them space. For example, it can be electric ovens, deep fryers and other appliances for cooking.
  10. Some restaurants involve placement of microwave ovens and other, which the customer requires.
  11. tops best to choose stainless steel, as it has the longest service life, due to its properties. As well, the section must have a lot of shelves to place there all the necessary cooking utensils.
  12. Be sure to make room for the laundry room, which will store dirty linen and towels, which will be expected to clean.

Also, in addition to the basic requirements of the technical part, you must comply with the aesthetic rules by which employees will always be a pleasure to be in the room. In personnel will always be a desire to return to work, if you provide them with all necessary conditions and combine them with beautiful and stylish interior, which will be able to configure them in the desired fashion. Carefully consider the way employees and keep in mind that they do not overlap with each other. Otherwise you will not achieve its goal of secure design, and this will lead to a variety of injuries and accidents. Correctly place all coverage to every employee could see what he was doing. If you want to achieve the expansion of space, you can separate the glass from the kitchen area of the living room.

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Software for the design of industrial kitchens

With the help of various services on the Internet, you can design any kitchen for industrial premises. This can be a large kitchen area of the restaurant, a large bar or cafe. In the program you will be able to choose the arrangement of furniture and do a variety of building plans that you can provide the construction crew.

These programs include:

  1. User-friendly and intuitive interface, which allows you to drag any items, rotate them to group together, select any cover, add any items to furniture meet all your requirements.
  2. The programs contain rich libraries with which you can choose absolutely any surface and quickly design a house of any complexity and number of storeys. To find the necessary additional templates and examples, you can see fashion magazines or take advantage of online publications.
  3. You can create documents in any format completely, it can be text files, presentations and files for a variety of extensions that will be maintained in the graphic editors.
  4. When designing the kitchen you will be able to collect all the plans and images in a layout, add your voice messages and to present to the customer, who turned to you for help designing kitchen space.

Guidelines for creating a design for a commercial kitchen

If you do not believe in your own abilities, you can always use the services of professional designers and architects. Experienced people will carefully analyze your space and be able to assess the size and other characteristics in order to make a new design with all the minimum cost and time. After that, based on your wishes, he will create a 3D model of the kitchen, which you can later translate into reality.

To make it easier for the designer to work, you can provide him with the following information:

  1. A list of existing items of furniture and household appliances. Measure all the items, put it on the sheet size and model that you want to leave.
  2. The list of things you would be willing to buy. Carefully review all of their properties and characteristics, and do not forget that every household appliances, has its own power and gas consumption. Choose materials such surfaces that will last you a long time. Some household appliances you can leave if they can fit in your new interior.
  3. Calculate the area of your room and size of possible future subjects to know how to extend the existing space. To save space, you can use the technique that is built into furniture, shelves, with multiple levels, drawers and various flaps that will not take up much space.
  4. When you furniture is spread, then design the working areas based on the number of people who will cook in this kitchen.
  5. Commercial kitchens must necessarily have its space for changing rooms, bathrooms and storage of dirty laundry.
  6. your kitchen should have several additional power supply in order to use them in the event of tripping the main sources of energy.
  7. Get insurance on the property.
  8. After all of the above steps, you must obtain a license, which will confirm that your room is completely safe. This may take a lot of time, so be patient. If you start this procedure in advance, you can avoid a lot of problems in the future.
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Areas which must be located in the kitchen

The kitchen is in an industrial area- this area that should include several zones. If the room has a fairly small size, you can combine these functions with each other.

  1. The cooking zone must be sure to include two further subzones. The first should be for meat, and the second should be given to a fish and vegetables processing. All of these areas need to be near the place where the products are stored. Cooks should not run away from one zone to another.

Kitchen-2 is the most important place, which is an enterprise related to cooking. In the kitchen you should consider the installation of a microwave oven, range hoods and other essential items of household appliances. This area also should not be away from the main area of food processing.


  1. kitchen utensils clean area must contain multiple dishwashers and sinks. As well as any other equipment to clean the dishes, a customer wants.

4. The storage area is one of the most important in the kitchen. It contains a host of other subzones, which are divided according to the type of food storage in either compartment. This requirement must be satisfied. Otherwise you risk to bring the infection from one compartment to another.

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