Design features cuisines of different dimensions

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If you decide to do a kitchen renovation, you should definitely think of the future project. Also, you should know what kind of job you want to spend. You can do the kitchen in a brand new home, make repairs to the old kitchen, to add details to the finished project.

What must be considered in designing food early

To make the kitchen of your dreams, you can use all the tools available to you to achieve the desired goal. This applies to your fantasies and opportunities. If you decide to build a completely new house, starting with the foundation, it is quite a serious decision, which should be approached with great responsibility. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, so its design should be approached globally. You must accurately represent yourself will look like your kitchen, where you will cook, and where the working area will be located. All your desires that relate to food, you can make yourself worthy of having a budget and a lot of free time.

Features kitchen design

Kitchen Design implies a global change of the room in which your kitchen area will be. The new room can look very different and have much more functionality than the old. If you do not save, to give maximum strength and construction capacity, the kitchen area will be the subject of your pride and place where you will not be ashamed to bring their friends, relatives and friends. Before the beginning of the kitchen design, determine the dimensions of an existing building.

The first thing to do is to assess your existing premises. You should note all the negative and positive aspects of your kitchen area in which you are going to make repairs. Also, pay attention to what functions does your kitchen, and what features you would like to see after the repair. This is a must do before you choose a new cover, lay a new floor and buy new accessories. This is the basis of design, which must be based on all your further actions. If you have special architectural or design education, you can pre-submit your new premises and to keep fully ready color scheme in mind. And also, most likely, you will know that you can leave from the old premises. You can make a global rearrangement in which you will free space for new kitchen cabinets or appliances.

Book a free consultation with a designer. They are always ready to answer all your questions. Designers take into account your current situation and any further provisions, and then help you to compare the two plans and make your project a gradual upgrade kitchens. If you do not have more resources, after consultation you can handle yourself with your kitchen renovation.

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Ask yourself these questions before you start designing.

  1. How many people will be living in your home?
  2. What dimensions should have your kitchen?
  3. How do you want to arrange the kitchen cabinets?
  4. How many people in the family will do the cooking?
  5. Do you always take food home, or sometimes you go to a cafe or a restaurant?
  6. Which style would you like to see in the new interior?

How to choose the right balance for the kitchen

Once you have decided that you need to update your kitchen, you should decide on the manner in which you will put your kitchen cabinets. The layout of the cabinets will depend on what has dimensions of your room and from what you want to see themselves in the end. Typically, in modern magazines 6 possible arrangements presented cooking sections.

  1. Placement of cupboards along one wall. In this type of arrangement you place countertops, sink, refrigerator and other kitchen appliances along one wall in order to have free access to all premises. This plan is very convenient, because all the areas are adjacent to each other.
  2. A parallel arrangement of kitchen sections. In this type of plan, you have to put all the kitchen cabinets along two walls, which are parallel to each other. In this case, you should pay attention to it, which will run between the two zones. It should not be less than a meter, otherwise you yourself will be uncomfortable at this kitchen.
  3. Kitchen in the form of L. In this type of arrangement, you have to put all the kitchen cabinets along two walls that are perpendicular to each other. This interior is very comfortable, as is suitable for any size room.
  4. The layout of the letter U. In this type of layout, kitchen section are placed on three walls, which stand to each other at right angles. The advantage of this kitchen is that it can cook several people.
  5. If your room has a fairly large size, you can do in the middle of the kitchen island or peninsula. It can be used as a dining area or used for additional kitchen appliances.
  6. If, after the arrangement of kitchen sections, you have space, you can use it to organize another work area. This is especially significant in the case if they can cook several people in your family.

Always remember that there is a theory of the triangle. which has existed since the 20th century. It was invented in the field of design experts to ensure that the optimization process of cooking. This triangle must be placed refrigerator, stove and sink. During such an arrangement are formed the three sides, among which are the food processing area, its preparation, purification and storage. All parties should be approximately equal. This is necessary in order to make you stay in the kitchen and cook without losing more time. The length of one side should be no more than one and a half meters. If these parties are too big, you will be very tired during the cooking process. Too small working areas, you will be uncomfortable and you will touch the hot objects and other kitchen accessories.

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If several people cook in your family, then you need to organize multiple workspaces so that they were convenient to work side by side. This is especially true for the kitchens, which are located in cafeterias and restaurants.

How to design a kitchen island?

Kitchen islands are becoming popular especially in the event that the room is sufficiently large size. Island is an additional part to the kitchen area, which is often located right in the center of the room. The island can perform very different functions. It all depends on your desires and capabilities, as well as the features of the kitchen area. Most often, the island used to during cooking, the chef was able to communicate with his family or friends. In this case it can simultaneously cut, wash and use other ways of processing food. Before designing this part, you should be aware that it will take at least 4 square meters. And also, it’s a great idea if renovated too much free space is left in your kitchen.

Island is always very beautiful kitchen item, but not always compulsory. Therefore, if you want to place it in your kitchen, make sure you consider all the dimensions of your room. Immediately find a harmonious place where you can place 4 square meters. Also, please note that you must have enough space so that you can easily open or close the shutters, as well as to be able to free passage.

The island can include the following elements:

  1. Microwave oven or other appliances that can help you in cooking.
  2. You can use the island for extra working cooking area. For example, you can use this place for the preparation of cakes.
  3. The island can be further possibility of placing another shell.
  4. freezer for food storage will be an excellent addition to your island, if it has large enough.
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Island is quite an unusual part of the room, so if you’ve never heard of such elements, you will be for some time to get used to it. After some time, you can easily get used to the fact that it is a normal part of your space.

Also, you can design an island in such a way that on the one hand you will be able to cook and process food, and on the other hand you can arrange the dining area, for which guests will be able to sit with you and lead the conversation, without distracting you from work. Very often, this arrangement is used for placement in bars, where on the one hand the chef prepares a drink or food, on the other hand, you can spend time with their friends.

What food can affect the size?

All kitchen utensils and household appliances look good and harmonious only when they are stored in a convenient location. Therefore, before you place all kitchen utensils, think carefully about the location of the kitchen area, where they will be stored. To select the correct location of the boxes, consider all the dimensions of your kitchen and make a conclusion. If you doubt your decision, then make the expert advice. No matter what dimensions has your kitchen, even at small sizes it can look stylish and harmonious.

What should be considered when designing a small kitchen?


Unfortunately, not always the case so that the space for the kitchen has a large size. But do not be upset if you treat this problem. If you decide to use the services of professionals, the designers can always find the right solution for the room to a small room looked harmoniously and included several functions. Therefore, your kitchen, even with small dimensions, can look great and have a common reception. However, when designing a small kitchen, you should consider a few things:

  1. Small kitchen includes about 80 square feet. It may not necessarily be square, but rectangular. If you are going to completely change the layout of the apartment, you can combine the kitchen with living area, thereby expanding the space. You can remove the door and instead make a regular doorway. This is a very popular technique, which makes the two rooms visually more than they really are.
  2. You are very much mistaken if you think that the small kitchen can combine the functions of several. Experienced specialists will be able to place even in a small room that you need. In this case the main thing to choose a competent plan kitchen cabinets, which will play the role of the various functions.

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