Features kitchen design style galley

The idea of the kitchen style galley appeared in 1926 in Frankfurt. It is a way of planning kitchen cabinets, which allows well-organized space with small dimensions. A characteristic feature of the style is that you have to place the kitchen section along two walls that are parallel to each other. But, if you like the arrangement of the U-shape, this option also allows for this style. Cases do not have to stand on the floor, they can be hung on the wall. With such a reception, you can create space for additional storage space products. Also, in the free zone, you can place extra seating area.

Kitchen-a place where people are more likely to spend their free time. They prepare the food there for his family and for friends, communicate, conduct emotional evening. Before preparing each dish, the person needs additional time for pre-deployment training. In turn, it is necessary that the preparation space. The main requirement in the style of cuisine galley- is sufficient distance between the two parallel lines. The distance should be large enough so that you can easily move from one zone to another. Other important aspects are the lighting and color of the interior.

If your room has a fairly small size, then you should wisely choose the color scheme, which will allow to achieve the visual magnification. To achieve this, you can use pastel colors. The most popular colors in the palette are the pastel ivory, pale orange, brown, lemon and other subtle colors that will give your room a cosiness and harmony. If you choose to use a white color, it will give your interior an extra lightness and ease. Once you have selected the color of wall coverings, you can go to the furniture color scheme. Furniture, too, should be light-colored to blend with the background. Also note that the kitchen table should be combined with the color of wall coverings or furniture. If you want to be fresh and clean, the only use lightweight materials that do not pulls the viewer’s attention. For this finish, you can use glass or small tiles in pastel colors.

Also remember that in a galley style kitchen should have a high-quality lighting. With the help of well-distributed light sources, you can achieve the visual enlargement of the room. The ideal situation would be that if your kitchen will be a large window through which the room receives natural light. If such a window in your room there, then you should carefully approach the process of light sources. If your room is large enough, you can use a wall lamp, which will complement the main lighting.

Also of great importance is the color of flooring. It must be approached by the color of the walls and furniture. You should carefully choose the tiles, if your choice has fallen on this kind of stuff. Pay attention not only on how it looks, but also on the overall texture. The material must not be slippery. If you want to be stylish and unusual interior, you can use the tiles with the tree.

Furniture-is one of the main parts of each room. In order to deal with cooking, you will need a large number of kitchen utensils. Also, you will need additional space, where you will be able to store pots and pans. If you’re doing in the kitchen galley style, the furniture should not have dark shades. Cabinets can easily be positioned on top of the wall near the ceiling. Suspended cabinets visually increase the height of the room that will be enjoyed by lovers of high ceilings. If you use the hanging cabinets, then you must remain free between the upper and lower zone. At this point, you can place a wicker basket in which you can store utensils. Trees- is a very stylish modern interior of every detail. Some items can be stored in clear text directly on the shelves. For example, it may be various receptacles or cans. It is best to choose a glass dish that will look beautiful in any stylish interior. If your kitchen is too little space, you can use the built-in appliances. This can save you a large amount of free space that can be given under the dining area. This may be a dishwasher, oven and fridge. The rest of the household appliances you can place on open shelves, if they do not interfere with the perception of the interior. To save even more space, you can use the drawers, which can be stored completely any items that may be useful to you in the cooking process.

When you design a kitchen style galley, you have to place the sink and refrigerator on one side. The oven and the other household appliances you should place on the other side. So you follow basic safety precautions, which states that the stove and sink should be at a safe distance from each other. So you can save yourself from possible accident.

If your house has a large number of pots and pans, you can place them on the optional stand or hang on hooks, if you have the opportunity. If you like to bake cakes, then store the container directly in the oven. This will help you save a lot of space. So you can avoid the effect of rubbish, and above the room will always look clean and neat. If you have some place you can organize another working area for cooking. If your kitchen has a window-sills, the place where a vase of flowers. Never place next to the window pans or cups. Under the ceiling grid can be placed for storage of fruits or vegetables.

Therefore, designing a kitchen in a galley style, remember that you should not use dark colors, to strive for the organization of free space. Also, please note that you must remain a place for meeting friends.

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