Flush mount kitchen lighting: all-round solutions

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Flush mount ceiling lights for kitchen can even replace the central ceiling chandelier. It has got some reasons for that. The main advantage is that they allow you to make the lighting in the kitchen uniform, diffused, soft, both separately and in conjunction with a chandelier or led backlight. Ordinary ceiling light without additional lighting creates shadows and this visually narrows the space.

Flush mount kitchen lighting

Backlight for led and halogen lamps are very economical, and the installation of spotlights with the possibility of inclusion of parts, that is, only where you need it at the moment, for example, in the work area when you’re cooking, saves energy.

Rotating spots and ceiling-wall lamps can direct the light wherever you want, allowing you to profitably advantages and disadvantages of space – low ceilings visually lift, narrow kitchen to expand, zoned a combined kitchen-living room etc.

In addition, you can use a monochrome or color light, forming an unusual lighting design, separating areas and emphasis. The disadvantages of spotlights include next points:

  • more complex compared to chandelier installation;
  • necessity to consider the placement of light sources on the ceiling at the stage of fixation, and placement of recessed kitchen spotlights on the stage assembly;
  • someone it reminds the “office” lighting. Today spotlights can organically enter even in traditional kitchen interior as pictured below.

6 best facts and tips: what you should to know about flush mount kitchen light

  1. Types of spotlights for installation are divided into: mortise, overhead, hanging. If the mortise can be embedded only in the suspended ceilings (suspended, plaster, lath, etc.), invoices (external) fixtures can be installed on ordinary concrete ceiling, as the base of the case such spot has a special mounting plate for screws.
  2. Embedded models are the most popular in the category dot lamps, so they are presented in a very wide color, design and the range of dimensional range.
  3. Flush fixtures can be fully recessed into the base and then they are almost not visible, and it can decorate the ceiling, speaking over his face, beautiful decorative lens.
  4. Invoice spot lamp spotlights can create local, basic and decorative lighting. Each of them is able to illuminate not more than two square meters of the room.
  5. Modern devices are fireproof, and therefore can be used in combination with any finish. And their housing is of a waterproof material that allows you to easily withstand high humidity.
  6. There are structures with an internal or external location of the light bulb that provides directional or diffuse light, respectively.
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Spotlights with external and internal lamp

There are 3 useful tips:

  • The simpler the design of the spots, the easier it is to care for them — clean up of fatty plaque, dust, etc.
  • For suspended ceilings it is better to choose round or with rounded corners fixtures.
  • For more economical and rational consumption of electricity install a dimmer.

Types of lamps for spotlights are: led, halogen or incandescent bulbs. Led lights are popular. They are economical and consume very little electricity and virtually no heat. Therefore, the led device can be used in combination with the different finishes – its location even near flammable materials will not catch fire.

Swivel and fixed spot lamp

Devices with installed incandescent bulbs give a bright, familiar to all pleasant light, but they are much larger in size and require installation by a large margin, in addition they have a small lifetime. From the point of view of durability and energy consumption, best halogen bulbs, but they are also considered the most expensive. They give bright, close to natural light, but have one drawback – the lamp is very hot, so choose lamps with metal frame, glass diffuser and a ceramic cartridge.

The installation of spotlights in the kitchen with suspended ceilings implies a restriction on the power of the installed lamps. Thus, the capacity halogen devices must not exceed 35 watts, and the power of incandescent bulbs – 60 watts. This is due to the properties of the material, which can melt from too high temperatures.

Placement of fixtures and rules “games with light”

To create the main lighting in the kitchen ceiling spot lights should be placed at a minimum distance of 30-40 cm from each other. From the corner of the wall is aged a minimum distance of 20 cm Experts advise to install a single point with 1.5 sq. m or follow the following recommendations – for every 1 sq. m of ceiling should have a lamp at 20 watts.

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If you want to install lamps with power exceeding 20 W or intend to combine them with a chandelier, their number can be reduced. Using the correct location of the point of illumination, you can easily change all perception of space. Visually expand a small, narrow or elongated kitchen is if you install a group of several lamps along the center and on both sides of the narrow elongated ceiling or kitchen. The main goal is to evenly fill the space with soft, diffused light without shadows.

Spotlights in the interior of the small and narrow room

The main task in the large kitchen is to arrange the lights so that they are well covered all functional areas, but creating a sense of comfort, intimacy and pleasant atmosphere. The most versatile variant of the placement is next: in the middle of the kitchen, over the table or bar you can hang a ceiling lamp or chandelier, and install kitchen flush mount ceiling lights above the working area directly above the room.

If the kitchen has low ceiling, it is better to choose a swivel model and send them light up at the ceiling, as well as set the lamp on the visor wall cabinets units. A chandelier is unnecessary in a small kitchen.

In addition, flush mount kitchen ceiling lights allow you to perfectly zone the space, highlighting each of the functional areas. As a rule, in the combined spaces – the apartment-studio, kitchen-dining room, kitchen-living room, work area, kitchen area or hallway adjacent stands spotlights, a recreation area or dining room illuminated by chandeliers and hanging lamps.

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