Glass pendant lights for kitchen

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Chandelier with glass shades competes in popularity with the crystal. The versatility and practicality of this material make it ideal for lighting fixtures. If you choose a model with colored glass, you’ll get a real art-object. Solution without additional coloring diffuses the light flow and guarantees the required level of lighting. With this material you will find top designers and skilled craftsmen, so to choose the best lighting is not difficult.

Glass pendant lights for kitchen: 6 easy tips for everyone

  1. Chandelier with glass shade or canopy is a very practical choice. You will not have trouble cleaning, and thanks to modern production technologies, the probability of scratches and chips is minimized. That is why the quality of lighting for the kitchen often are chosen glass models.
  2. Glass blends with different materials. Neighborhood with valuable woods, gold, silver, fine fabrics in classic interiors looks classy enough. Even the luxurious and massive chandelier, made of glass, seems to be visually lighter and more graceful.
  3. The solemnity, festivity and chic rooms decorated in the art deco style can complement the original models are made of transparent glass, and colored. Colorful shades have the potential to become the main focus of the design.
  4. Glass ceiling lights are often used in modern interiors. Concise models of regular geometric shapes or extraordinary solutions with whimsical lines, modern design and loves experimenting with original details.
  5. If you want to arrange a comfortable and functional room in hi-tech, we recommend you to pay attention to the spotlights of glass. They guarantee an excellent level of lighting and it does not conceal the space. This type of devices can be used for both the primary and local lighting.
  6. Lovers of grace, elegance and harmony of floral and vegetable motifs exactly like glass pendant lights for kitchen island, ceiling in the style of floristry. Models, the creation of which the designers were inspired by nature itself, will not leave indifferent fans of understated aesthetics.
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You can find interesting glass ideas for Provence, country, vintage, Moroccan, Oriental styles. You will find as chandeliers, glass, clear and frosted shades. Colored lamp shades will help not only to create a harmonious design, but also will affect the temperature of the light.

The guidelines for choosing lighting for kitchen

The chandelier in the kitchen in addition to beauty, should give a good light and to provide comfort.

  1. You must know which part of the kitchen will illuminate your chandelier. In this case, a chandelier with adjustable power modes and lighting will be the best option for your kitchen.
  2. Keep in mind the total wattage of the lamps. Very bright lighting is quite frustrating as too dark. The norm for kitchen of 10 square meters – 120W.
  3. The lamps, in order to avoid a large load on the tripod mount must be in several horns. The larger the kitchen, the more horns.
  4. Incandescent bulbs are quite relevant and inexpensive, but they have low efficiency. Fluorescent lights can give bright and soft light, but very tiring for the eyes. Halogen lamps perfectly and are long, but they need to be disposed of very carefully.

Kitchen space and glass pendant lighting for kitchen

Not only the interior affects the choice of the chandelier, but also the form of kitchen space:

  • Ceiling lights are perfect for low ceiling. They save space. Stylish ceiling lamp is the best option in this case.
  • If the kitchen is long and narrow, suitable elongated chandeliers. They are mounted on several ceiling pendants and light bulbs they can be as long as necessary for lighting.
  • In the large kitchen looks good large chandelier. It can be as pendant and ceiling, with different levels of lamps. For example, a bunch of crystal spheres of colored glass. This chandelier will suit any decor.
  • For the kitchen square and small, will fit round ceiling lamp made of glass. Do not get carried away too fanciful forms — they are heavier interior. Transparency will make the space more light and bright.
  • When choosing lamps or a chandelier for the kitchen, remember that it must fit in with the overall style. Too refined form is not appropriate here. Simple shapes perfectly fulfill all their basic and important functions (comfort and quality lighting), and it can look stylish and dignified. Good luck with your purchase!
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Modern decorators love to add a few lamps to the main kitchen ceiling or in the eaves to create in the kitchen a number of different images, the so-called lighting scenarios. Put illumination on the facades of the kitchen and under the cabinets and inside the cabinets are automatically enabled when the door is open the led lamps. Also fashionable to apply wall lamp with adjustable light on the wall a meter above the table to change the light background, and if needed, small pendants over a breakfast bar or counter top-island in the dining room, the dining area or living room.

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