Glazed kitchen cabinets

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After years of using the kitchen cabinets their look can become unappealing and outdated. The simplest and the rapidest way to change unattractive cabinets are to glaze them. Effortlessly, you can make wood look darker or brighter; make it looks deeper and more expensive. The whole room will change its appearance with only little of paint.

Glazing kitchen cabinets process is quite cheap solution and it does not require specific experience and knowledge. There are 4 easy steps that are easy to follow in order to accomplish the task fast and efficient. Normally the entire process requires less than a weekend.

How to glaze kitchen cabinets

There are 4 stress-free steps to glaze kitchen cabinets:

  1. Prepare the cabinets

Start the preparation with disassembling the cabinet drawers, doors and hardware. Then clean thoroughly the cabinets’ surfaces from oil, dust that may be invisible for the eyes with degreasing products.

Continue with a deglosser, which will remove any remaining greasy residue. After the cabinets are proper and dry, begin to use sandpaper to grit the surface. This way the cabinets will take the paint easily. For the better results, you should apply a primer and then paint. If the cabinets were made from maple or cherry, an oil-based primer would perform better. However, if the cabinets were made with an open-grained wood, such as oak, hickory, ash or mahogany, brushing putty is good option, since its dense texture allows it to seal the grain and prime the wood at the same time.

  1. Paint

When you are choosing paint for the cabinet refinishing, it is important to find the right cream color. However another priority is to use the right formula. The best solution for the kitchen is to use an oil-based formula, because it dries to a stronger finish than water-based paint. That’s why it is more resilient and simpler to clean.

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To have more appealing antique glaze finish, the better choice is cream paint shade that tends to be more toward white than yellow.

To employ paint you can use a foam roller to the larger surface areas of the cabinets. And for internal edges and any other small gaps where the roller cannot get, employ a brush. When painting the doors, you need to wait until each door side dries before painting another side. It usually takes up to 24 hours. The optional step it to paint the back of the cabinet doors, however it will give them a polished look.

  1. Glaze

Before using glaze, make sure that the base coat is totally dry. Normally it takes 24 hours.

Even if you can mix the glaze by yourselves, it’s always better and easier to use a pre-mixed glazing product. Glaze has a broad variety of colors. The best idea is to select an option that matches the rest of your kitchen’s decor.

You can employ a brush or fresh rag for the preliminary glaze application, but it is essential to apply in a either a rounded or straight gesture. Once you cover the cabinets with glaze, take a fresh cloth and use it to wash off the glaze, this way the cabinets are only carelessly tinted.

It could help to begin with the back of the cabinet doors, hence if you make a fault while perfecting the glazing method, it will not be so evident. Glaze the doors before touching to the drawers. Let the cabinet bases to last. If you fix the back of the cabinet doors, you will have to wait before they dry fully to be able to move on with the cabinetry infront.

  1. Finish
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To adding a perfect topcoat to the glazed cabinets is not required, however it may help the finish be stronger and longer and prevent scrapes and other damage. Let the glaze dry entirely before using a urethane product to polish the cabinets. Use a brush to employ the topcoat; study the urethane’s instructions cautiously so that you know for how long it will take for the product to cure. Permit the cabinets get dry as mentioned in the instructions before getting back the doors, changing drawers and putting your cabinets back in order.


Glazed kitchen cabinets have very appealing new look and will last longer. Glazing is not very difficult process that can bring the kitchen into the new life.

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