Great idea: country kitchen

Big Family – is not only a great joy, but also big trouble. It is necessary to be able to feed all and at least once a day to gather together at one table to discuss plans for the near future or just to chat. Our apartments, unfortunately, cannot always boast of the presence of these specific rooms, a living room or dining room, so the perfect place for collecting the household becomes a kitchen. But in order to have enough space here for everyone and it was in a special comfortable, it is necessary to draw up correctly. So what should it be a country kitchen for a large family?

We design country kitchens

Starting to create room for performing the role of a home, you need to consider her situation and mentally try to spread its area into functional areas. Your main task – to arrange the kitchen so that in any case not to reduce its volume, and no real or visually. If the area allotted for the kitchen is large enough, then your imagination in the choice of colors will not be limited by some frames. You just need to consult with family members to know what they see this room. You can then choose a color palette that will appeal to all without exception.

In what style is better to issue the kitchen for a large family – a rhetorical question.

Here again, a matter of taste and features of the room layout. Country kitchens fans prefer her to furnish solid furniture made of solid wood and attracted by the beautiful natural color. In addition to that headset purchased a large dining table and chairs appropriate style. The latter should be sought not only in the exterior but also comfortable.

Supporters nastily often stop at the high-tech version of the decor, which is provided in a setting bar. By the way, this piece of furniture will be not just a decoration of a large kitchen, but also actively take part in the division it to the zone.

The spacious kitchen is well feel ethnic interiors. With decorative elements you can easily make notes in the situation of cultural motifs of different nations. And these things can be a lot, because in your kitchen enough drawers, shelves and other exposed surfaces to accommodate them.

As probed country kitchens for a large family?

Equipping the kitchen, you will have to be guided by a list of rules that provide a variety of nuances.

Since the concept of “a big family” requires a decent amount of people of different ages, the corresponding change must be made in the food sector. The kitchen will certainly be added equipment, utensils, crockery. In this regard, it may be a problem of lack of space to store them because a standard apartment has never shone kitchen areas. Come to the aid recessed kitchen sets, which can be adequately and ergonomically installed in any kitchen layout. Thus, they save space and leave room for the distribution zones.

Workspace – an integral part of country kitchen ideas, and not only designed for large families.

It’s her heart, so all items in this area, should contribute to alleviate the food preparation process. Very useful if the working table top lies between the sink and stove.

If the family used to eat breakfast at full strength, lunch and dinner, so you have to allocate the lion’s share of space for equipment dining area. Newfangled in interior bar or popular “island” in this case can be used as an additional part of the situation. If the home has children, then they will also have to build a special area with appropriate furniture to age.

Subtleties country kitchen designs environment planning

The most difficult thing in the design of the kitchen for a large family – it does not create it in the background color and the atmosphere, and properly arrange the area so that all present could feel at ease. Besides, now it puts the life of housewives in the tight time frame that does not allow them enough time to spend for cooking, which means that the kitchen should be all the particular technique that allows speeding up the cooking process. It also should be able to be optimally placed with respect to the work area and each other. From standard methods of arrangement of objects I want to highlight:


  • Single-row arrangement. This is true in a small room, part of the area which came under a dining area.
  • Dual inline. It is best in the spacious country kitchen designs square layout. In the center of the room will always be enough space for a dining table.
  • Angular alignment. The most popular way of furnishings, creating comfort in the interior of any form of cuisine.

Peninsular location. Used this way of decorating furniture only in the combined kitchen living room for a large family, and not because is some kind of special, but because they realize this project is virtually impossible in small spaces. It’s a pity! The same can be said about the presence in the interior complete the “island” – luxurious, unusual, practical, but requires a large area.

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