Great plan to make modern kitchen

In addition, it is also known that no technical innovation has not improved anyone’s culinary skills. But emotional, suggestible way or another design solution – one of the most important factors affecting the whole cooking process and, as a consequence, the result.

Planning for the modern kitchen interior

A large number and variety of kitchen equipment, furniture and accessories give the impression that the task of planning and equipping modern kitchen is reduced to the normal choice of a kitchen unit. People with similar vision begin to deal with the fact that the mass of the proposals that exist at the present time, not easy, but on the contrary, complicates the search – the buyer is caught between the months of all sorts of furniture salons focus on one thing to hope.

In order to make the selection process easier and to achieve maximum results, it is useful to learn from what the components forming the kitchen interior. The efforts of a professional designer who designs or reconstructing the kitchen focused on some aspects of the fullness of the relationship which eventually result depends. One is functionality dishes.

How to make the kitchen functional ?

First and foremost, what people tend to pay little attention – clearly articulating their own needs? Such abstract factors such as eating habits and family preferences, lifestyles of owners, the time they spend in the kitchen – for the architect of the most important moments and conditional items in the creation of the most comfortable and functional space. If you think seriously about how modern styles and trends in the design of everything with regards to cuisine, associated with a variety of historical, cultural and social traditions of different parts of the world, it becomes clear why designers paid special attention to the habits of its customers.

Here are a few simple examples. The basis of the standard Japanese food planning only two subjects – a stove and a dining table. Located close to each other, they form a platform on which the simultaneous preparation and consumption of food.

The most “extremist” a product of Western design kitchens have become the so-called kitchen-cupboards. Vital activity, business image, lack of personal time, reduced food consumption, instead of the usual pleasure to meet the body’s needs. Concentrates in jars and bags require very little time for preparation and storage space. Due to this, the kitchen is open to any area where you can put a refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave oven.

All the examples given us demonstrate a very close relationship and living conditions of forms that creates life. This once again makes it clear that, before choosing a color palette or tile kitchen hood company, you need to think about their habits and preferences. It is necessary to imagine who, how often and what types of foods are usually prepared in your home, you will have lunch in the place of cooking or prefer to share cooking and food. From such a “scheme of life” depends on food in the house, its connection with the other rooms, the presence or absence of the area for lunch and ancillary rooms, opening or removing the territory.

As for the furniture design, experts advise to design it starting from the shape and area of ​​the premises. For example, in narrow elongated kitchen furniture is most often built in a row, usable area by arranging the cabinets under the window or dining area.

The Internet as a Council first offered the image and variously-functional kitchen the same variation of the triangle whose vertices – the main work areas. Washing area, which includes a sink, a dishwasher and a shelf or rack with cooking utensils, storage area, which includes a refrigerator and cabinets with food and cooking area, which are, respectively, cooker or hob and the oven.

Passionate love to design in its various forms, aesthetics and just (finally!) The question sharply raised repairs in the kitchen caused a new wave of interest in the creation of a special kitchen space in my mind. After reviewing kilometers pages of domestic and foreign magazines, shoveled gigabytes of pictures in the profile and not very Internet portals, I have found a lot of ideas about the practical and visual arrangement of kitchen space. And they found much more than examples of most ergonomic space allocation, not an example of the latter.

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