How to choose kitchen cabinet colors?

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Optimal for small kitchens are considered to be two configurations of suites – angular and straight kitchen cabinet.

It is L-shaped or L-shaped. Best for any size kitchen and the most comfortable for the hostess. For a kitchen fit: especially good for small kitchens square shape, but also in the rectangular it is quite appropriate. Direct (linear, single-row or one line)

Kitchen cabinet colors are arranged along one wall takes up little space and is suitable for even the smallest space. It remains more space for a dining area. Small straight kitchen sets are cheaper than other options. For a kitchen fit: a rectangular elongated. The high wall cabinets instead of the standard. The standard height cabinets in 700-720 mm is often not enough to hold everything you need. A good option for a small kitchen – order the unit with cupboards to the ceiling. Usually, their height is 900-950 mm. Such cases are much more spacious than usual. Plus their top, resting on the ceiling will not collect dust.

If you make them semi-transparent kitchen cabinets colors and install the LED lights, the ceiling will visually appear higher and the front kitchen easier. Folding and lifting facades instead of swing doors

Hinged door wall cabinets require space, which is not a small kitchen. In addition to these doors easy to hit your head and put a bump. When ordering a kitchen set in a small kitchen, not stingy on the modern facades of hoisting. Folding, folding and lifting the door slowly opened, closed and easily fixed in the open position, when you need it. Easy height shelves. Shelves inside wall cabinets can be made of different heights – so you can more closely and effectively fill the interior of the containers, jars and boxes. Narrow retractable pencil case. An analogue of the popular bottle, which is often used in outdoor cabinets. Perfectly fills uncomfortable narrow niche, which often remain in the design of the headset in a small kitchen. Retractable design with 2-3 shelves attached to the facade and allows you to use the maximum amount of cabinets.

Is it worth doing a kitchen cabinet paint colors with open shelves?

It is believed that the cabinets with open shelves look better than closed. But they have two major drawbacks. Firstly, the contents of the shelves will be visible, and supplies the kitchen utensils and small are not always aesthetically pleasing look. This will create a sense of confusion. Second, open shelves to easily collect dust and kitchen plaque – do the cleaning in the kitchen you will have a lot more often. Therefore, this solution is suitable only for very neat housewives. If you want to save time on cleaning the kitchen, it is best to order headsets with closed cabinets. Best solution for outdoor kitchen colors with white cabinets.

Great kitchen colors with oak cabinets

When you create a small kitchen set the main task – to make sure that all the content of floor cabinets have been readily available. Let’s see what offer solutions for these purposes, producers of kitchen furniture. Drawers instead of hinged doors. In the small kitchen floor cupboards with hinged doors uncomfortable double. If you do not want each time to remove their contents, dropping to her knees to reach something in the desired depth, make kitchen units with drawers. If your budget is limited to the purchase of the kitchen, try to find a way to get at least a couple of deep and roomy meta boxes to store them in what is most often used: cereals, sugar, vegetable oil, pots and pans. Dividers and organizers for drawers. For all supplies had its permanent place, think carefully about the internal organization of the lockers headset. This is especially important for small kitchens. Inside the drawers is to use separators. Elements to increase the volume of boxes

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Colored kitchen cabinets sidewall drawers often have a standard height – 150 mm. Because of this, the box is not fully used. To increase the useful volume, use so-called expanders – metal or plastic tubes, which are attached to the front and rear of the boxes. Their walls are higher, and your little headset together a lot more supplies, dishes and utensils. Narrow sliding wardrobes (bottle, etc.). If you love to cook, be sure to order the kitchen with at least one. Everything you need for cooking will always be at hand. Sliding shelves and baskets (width of bottle – 15-25 cm) – ideal for narrow niches that remain when attempting to enter the set of kitchen modules of standard size in a very small kitchen with a standard layout.

Different paint colors for kitchen cabinets

Retractable and accessories for corner cabinets. An excellent choice for a small kitchen – set to “smart” storage systems. The choice of such mechanisms is impressive: the shelf-carousel “magic corners”, the system will “train” shelves, mesh containers, wire basket. Their mission – to facilitate access to the mistress of the dishes and utensils, which will be stored in the back of the kitchen modules. Quality fittings will make a small set more expensive, but the costs will pay off many times your convenience. Varnish – MDF and enamel, MDF, plastic or acrylic best option for a small kitchen – furniture with facades from MDF painted with a glossy coating with protective varnish. Beautiful shine and give the plastic or acrylic facades, but more difficult to care for them. Small glossy kitchen has a magical effect. Reflecting the light, the doors give the space a small depth, and even the tiny kitchenette will seem a little more. Copes with the same task facades with metallic effect. If you do not want to spend a lot of time to care for the kitchen, keep in mind: on the white glossy facades of fingerprints and water droplets are practically invisible. Glass and aluminum profile

Lifting the facades of glass in a frame made of aluminum – a very popular option, which is actively used in different models of modern small sets. Glass is different – choose to your taste. Good kitchen furniture manufacturers use safety tempered glass, laminated glass sometimes. Transparent glass doors – not the best choice for a small kitchen. Few people want to see the contents of the kitchen cupboards were always in sight. Exception – if you are on the shelves of the ideal order, and all the provisions laid out in the beautiful jars, cases a container. In order to select the best headset frosted translucent glass. With him your little kitchen will look lighter and airier, and the contents of the lockers will not attract attention. If the budget allows, be sure to get closers for facades and drawers. With them, the door will not clap, and any box, even the heaviest, will move gently and smoothly. You want to save money? Use closers only on those doors and drawers that you plan to use most often.

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Bright colors for kitchen cabinets

Best in small kitchens looks simple and laconic furniture in a kitchen paint colors with white cabinets. Look for rating handles or stainless steel Handles. Be especially careful when choosing the size: large furniture handles visually heavier facades. For glass fronts in aluminum frame profile is often used pens – they almost do not catch the eye. A good solution for a small kitchen – combine the two types of facial accessories: a knob on the upper facades and more practical rating or staples on the bottom. If you like the perfectly smooth facades without accessories, make a small kitchen with a system of mechanical opening without handles – from depression. Very convenient solution that can be used for swing doors and for drawers.

Ratings on the small kitchen is to use if you are very important to relieve the working tabletop headset from small kitchen utensils. She will be free, while all the necessary everyday stuff will remain at hand. Lows in this decision too. Some housewives do not like that, ladle blades always in sight. Others fear that all this will have to constantly wash utensils. In fact, if you are actively using it, it just does not have time to pick up dust and bloom. If you made a beautiful glass in the kitchen apron, took off a spectacular figure, close the ranking, no matter how practical it is, you probably do not want.

Kitchen paint colors with oak cabinets area is different from the usual couch?

From upholstered furniture for the living room or the living room the other models of sofas, kitchen parts are different dimensions, depth, height and seat upholstery. The main criterion – it should be comfortable to sit at the table. The most comfortable depth for the corner -. 48-50 cm Ergonomically considered the seat height to 44-48 cm (the same height are chairs for the dining room).

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Another difference between the sofa to the kitchen – a practical, non-marking and padding, which is not afraid of dirt, moisture, high load and easy to clean.

Select the type of corner to the kitchen. Note: the corners are right-handed and left-handed. Not all models allow the assembly to freely change section places, so think in advance how the group will be dining in the kitchen. Folding Area 2-in-1 sleeper. The presence of an extra bed – one of the most sought after options today, so folding sofa – a very popular model among customers. Corner with drawers for storage. In most cases, the kitchen has a roomy sofa storage box hidden under the folding seat. Exception – the cheapest mini-corners relating to the economy segment. Sometimes you can find on sale a model where sliding drawers, but more often they are made to order. If you plan to frequently open the box and use things that are stored in it, well, if it is reinforced bottom and reliable high-quality fittings. This significantly prolongs the service corner.

This kitchen paint colors with oak cabinets will be very useful in the small kitchen, where places for storage is never enough. However, keep in mind: Area box without visually seems more lightweight and compact, so for small kitchens such an option may be preferable.

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