How to clean kitchen cabinets in beige tones

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Dilute the interior of the bright colors. What will it be? Lilac branch on which sit the birds, or large flowers of unusual shape – it all depends on your imagination. Such “spots” should not be much, otherwise the light tones will lose their properties.

Lilac branch – an excellent decor for beige kitchen

Cleaning kitchen cabinets with striped dream

Females terribly afraid to try on clothes in a horizontal stripes – seem to gain weight slightly nobody wants. Why not extend the use of the properties of contours in a small kitchen? It remains only to decide on the materials and colors. Select the wallpaper with stripes and clear paste over their empty walls. As decoration suit white frame and mounted lamp. In such an “awesome” bands will work for you. Now consider the possibility of vertical lines. Looking at the walls painted in symmetrical rows of alternating vertical lines of different thickness, it sounds as if the space is lengthened. The ceiling and the floor has certainly never meet.

Wallpaper in the kitchen in a vertical strip

Create vertical stripes can not only with the help of paints and wallpapers. A good option would be long cabinets, holding up the ceiling. Sitting comfortably on a chair, leaning back, and enjoy a hot drink and homemade cakes. Dream kitchens feasible in the territory of a large square footage. normal stool suitable for. What is their secret? They easily fit under the table and accrue if necessary. There is no magic – pure practicality. The main condition – to withstand the style dining area. Agree that high bar stools will look ridiculous around the classic table on one leg. But perfectly fit into the interior with a bar.

Best way to clean kitchen cabinets transparency

The fragility of glass pales in comparison with the beauty of the material. The possibilities of use are quite extensive in the kitchen interior. The undoubted advantage is the ability to expand the space. If you look, thanks to the transparency of the glass if kitchen cabinets made of glass, allow you to see all that is behind them. The boundaries are erased, the room is given more depth. Glass shelves create a feeling of weightlessness of space: objects as though hung in the air. The atmosphere of this kitchen evokes the thought of space. The same feeling can create open shelving.

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Open clean kitchen cabinets in the kitchen

Separate conversation is deserved glass furniture. Only a good closer look, you notice the presence of chairs standing around the table. The interior is truly spacious … and fragile. We will not address the question of practicality, so as not to spoil the impression of the beauty of glass.

Turn on the light

See the hidden corners of your miniature kitchen will help a large number of fixtures. A variety of lighting fixtures impresses place dining table pendant lamp, light work area small spotlights, how to clean wood kitchen cabinets the space open cabinets lamps. Preference is given to the soft yellow light and clear bubble. Warm and cozy atmosphere will be an inherent part of your 6-meter dishes. Interestingly it looks LED ribbon that can be sent along the upper cabinets, countertop lighting, or near the bottom of the floor.

LED strip under the lower cupboards

Stretch ceilings, received special popularity, allow to hide ceiling, creating an endless ceiling plane. Just do not forget to do the final cleaning: dust and bright lights can not be combined. Weights cluttering space and spoils the mood. Avoid clutter cabinets, use alternative means of food storage and keep the worktop tidy. The smaller objects will be evident, the more spacious it will seem a kitchen interior.

See reflection

Have you ever accidentally stumble into the store on a mirror, although it seems that there is still one department? If yes, then chances are the mirror surface you are familiar with.

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Run apron and part of the walls allows visually enlarge gloss kitchen inexpensively. Visually, there are two planes, it would seem that for the working surface is another kitchen. Is this not the dream hostess? Add light and heat can be a glass countertop. Thick, durable, and is located near a window, it will reflect sunlight and pleasing color play.

Advantages of the kitchen cabinet cleaner

A simple combination of two colors visually increase the space of the kitchen, giving it a touch of sophistication and refinement. As the main color should choose a shade of white, which carry out most of the rooms. Additional color is chosen based on personal preferences. The interior in black and white looks a bit cool and reserved. Small details in the form of metal vases and glossy surfaces are the finishing touches in creating harmony and spaciousness of your kitchen. The main colors fit and other light shades. The kitchen is in shades of green looks stylish and fresh. One gets the impression that the room is filled with air. Besides green reduces appetite.

White or milky expand the space even in low lighting. Dilute the interior will highlight detail how to clean grease off kitchen cabinets. The main thing in this case – do not overdo it. Gender is different – you can put it square tiles or create a zigzag line. If the task is to increase the space, the preference is to give straight lines. Why? See above. If you think that large paintings on the walls and curtains play in the expansion of space, you’ll have to disappoint you. In fact, the smaller flowers, circles, the kitchen will visually appear larger. Large images, especially in dark colors create the impression of pressure. Wallpaper with the correct pattern complement the kitchen and cheated your eyes.

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