How to decorate the country kitchen rugs with his hands?

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If you do not possess any talent in handicrafts, try to decorate your kitchen with the help of borders. They can be sent along the edge of the tile or simply on the wall. Borders may be different in shape and coloring. They can decorate a beautiful pattern, such as a window or lockers. Take small pieces of glass mosaics and colored tiles and try to put out of their borders on the edge of the window sill or table.

Decorative elements of the plan country kitchen rugs may have and the type of embroidery, so that they can decorate more and tablecloths or towels.

Involve in the creative process of their children. Kids will love to create a mural of colorful pieces of mosaic or draw something “tasty” piece of paper, which you then turn into a real picture. This approach even the most nondescript interior kitchen will amaze by their magnificence.

On the floors

Update the kitchen, make it beautiful, and can be simply restored the old floor. Option replace worn planks on a new, solid and high-quality wood, now many cannot afford. But scuffed floors – it is not aesthetically pleasing, and how to decorate the kitchen with his hands in this case?

If the floor is not in a catastrophic state, it can be subjected to grinding and coating of stain, in other cases it is necessary to change the flooring. It is not necessary to philosophize. Use linoleum or laminate, by the way, the latter with great success mimics the wood pulp.

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You can close the kitchen floor or carpet woven with his own tracks.

On the walls

In his kitchen, you are free to do anything, so the walls it is also not necessary to leave Uni. It is perfectly possible to decorate their paintings, drawings, patterns. To make it easy, even if you have no artistic talent. You just need to pick up the stencil and paint, or it is easier to use vinyl stickers.

If the original kitchen was “dressed” in a monochrome tile, then this mistake can easily be remedied. Air berlin transforms it, will self-adhesive film with a cheerful coloring. Make available for tile stencil and cut pieces of film. Now stick them on the tiles in random order. You can complicate the process and figure out how to decorate the kitchen with the help of the figure of the film, made with his own hands. This option would require the realization of a lot more time, but the result will be stunning.

About appliances

Little can touch and your household appliances. This will help to better fit its environment in the updated french country kitchen rugs.

It also will come to the aid of stickers and other textured materials. Refrigerator doors, for example, you can hide behind a wooden plate. This is a great way to clean out metal surface decoration. In general, the free surface of the refrigerator body makes it possible to clear up fantasies. Under certain skills it can be painted with acrylic paints. For quite far from the drawing, there are gay magnets, which is also easily possible to arrange the surface of any household appliance. This technique is incredibly uplifting.

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On the countertop

The old countertop is also not a reason to run to the store. Keep it covered with stains and scratches, but to change it, you probably will not, because you know exactly how to decorate the kitchen with his hands in this case. That’s right, you can attach the plywood sheet on top of the countertop and put it loose mosaic. It can be spoiled for laminated surface or hide it under a beautiful oilcloth. The last option is the least practical, but progressive. Frequent change of oilcloth will allow updating the decor regularly.

About kitchen cabinets

That’s where there is the opportunity to run wild imagination when decorating the country rugs for kitchen, so it is on the surface of the kitchen cabinets. They are really the easiest way to draw. With a little effort and old cabinets will gain a new life. Sand facades they and just paint in any color fashionable. Today, at the peak of popularity of eggplant colors and shades of lime green. New colors will add to the decor of style cuisine.

How else can decorate the furniture in the french country kitchen area rugs with his hands? Try using the decoupage technique. She breathes in the old set a new energy and environment will give a special charm. Decorate the kitchen can use materials such as:

  • Decorative wallpapers
  • Stencils
  • Self-adhesive films
  • Sticker’s vinyl
  • The cloth

The last update is also possible to fine facade wardrobes and decorate the interior. For some, this could be the opening, but the lighting of the room is also a way of its decor. And in this case, the lamp dual role. It is, of course, should have a presentable appearance, fit in with the style, but above all, to exude the “right” for the direction and power of light flows. For example, a bright directional light is needed in the work area, but the table may well remain in the shadows. As you can see the functionality and aesthetics of the french country rugs kitchen area, directly proportional to the light. Light type in the kitchen can be used either:

  • Suspended
  • Built
  • Wall
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If possible, be sure to make extra lighting along the cabinets and do not give up hanging lamp. Without it will be difficult to create a common space in the kitchen.

In deciding how to decorate the french country rugs kitchen lamps with your hands, remember the purpose of the room and use any “tasty” reasons. For example, on a sconce can appear cherry or grape bunch, and the chandelier butterflies and bees.

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