How to find the best solution to integrate a microwave into the kitchen


It’s important to find the correct place to integrate the microwave into the kitchen. This is the essential appliance in the modern life and it needs a special place in the kitchen cabinetry.

The problem with integration microwave is that the countertop of this appliance takes valuable workspace. To recover fit it in the kitchen cabinet.

There are many microwave styles that are to consider before choosing the right one. Also there is a big choice of kitchen cabinets with microwave shelf. The choice depends on the size and style of the kitchen. Someone can find suitable to move the microwave off the countertop to keep its convenience.

Types of microwaves

There are basically 2 types of microwaves. It can be either countertop or built-in models.

  • Countertop microwaves can stand on the counter or fold into a kitchen cabinet microwave shelf. The mounting models can keep working place by hanging on the wall, either within kitchen cabinet or under the countertop. The advantage of these models is that the landing space is just near. And the main disadvantage is a sizable footmark6 that is being occupied on the effective area.
  • So-called “drawer-Style” microwave is good for small kitchens with limited working surface. Instead of reaching out to the counter, homeowners with different heights can effortlessly access this microwave. This is a good solution with many advantages. The main gain is saved counter space. However those models seemed to be more expensive.
  • Over-the-Range microwaves offers even more advantages regarding free valuable counter space. This installation offers a key solution for the kitchens that are constrained with the space. Even though a lot of over-the-range microwaves contain light and ventilation for the range below, usually the ventilation does not work as satisfactory as a specific range hood. It can be not enough for professional ranges and cooktops. These models are more pricey than countertop models, also they might and may demand professional installation. There also safety concerns about reaching over a hot range or cooktop to contact the microwave.

How to integrate kitchen cabinet microwave shelf

There can be found 4 approaches to integrate kitchen microwave cabinet:

  • Build Cabinetry Around Microwave

To create a shelf or opening within the cabinetry let you relocate the microwave off the work surface. For protection reasons, it would be good to figure out a place that offers landing space near. The more strongly the microwave fits into the space, the more rationalized it looks. Building cabinetry around the microwave is quite easy and inexpensive solution.

However, because of possible gaps between the microwave and the cabinetry, the look of the kitchen microwave cabinet can be not fully integrated and flashy.

  • Microwave Hidden Behind a Door

Putting the microwave inside the kitchen cabinets or appliance garage can hide the microwave behind a door. This way the microwave will merge with the rest of the cabinetry while not being in use. Tambour doors perform particularly well, because these door lifts up and out for easy access to the microwave. This idea gives the benefit of good landing place. Though it adds some extra expenses for the door and installation.

  • Microwave Grouped with Appliances

It looks logical to put all kitchen appliances together, especially in the small places, for instance to group the microwave with an oven. It’s important to find a trim kit that will match other appliances and help the microwave blend in.

This idea has strong demands for the choice of the hardware that matches and can be arranged appealingly and reasonably with your microwave.

  • Microwave inserted into a wall


Sometimes kitchen gives a possibility to recess your microwave into the wall. It depends on whether there is hidden closet or any other spaces that have been stolen from the kitchen. This solution will make microwave is blend completely with the kitchen and will ask from working space. Nevertheless it will require construction and demolition at the first steps of the cabinetry installation.

The choice of the kitchen microwave cabinets depends mainly on what offers the kitchen. There are many innovative approaches and solutions to integrate comfortable the microwave. This decision should be made at the first stages of the cabinetry installation in order to make the most out of the working space.

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