How to make chef kitchen design?

You have decided to hire a chef from the restaurant or feel yourself as a professional chef? Today we can afford to do both. The main thing – to equip the kitchen properly.


Everything is at your fingertips. The kitchen, which will prepare a professional (or someone who wants to become one); everything has to be thought out. Most items should be running literally at arm’s length: in the drawer, the roof rail or open shelf. By the way, massive upper cabinets in the “professional” kitchen often do not use, so as not to interfere. Food and utensils are placed in the lower or units under the sink or in the high-columns cabinets that stand apart from the main place of work.


The best option. Almost all the dishes for the pros equip island element. Behind it is convenient to prepare: here there and work surface and sink and hob – and you can approach it from either side. In drawing on the “island” is usually placed essential items: ladles, skimmers, colanders and blades.

Working surface

Stainless steel, less composite. Countertops for professional kitchens are usually made only of the most wear-resistant and hygienic materials. In natural stone and wood surfaces too porous – absorbs dirt. The same applies to laminated boards. The best variant – matte stainless steel: easy to clean, is it for decades, and scratches on the surface are almost invisible. Suitable also composite quartz better: it is very dense and heat-resistant.


With two bowls. In the kitchen to wash the pros and countertop form a single whole. At least two bowls have a professional cleaning required – it allows simultaneous multiple processes. Sink also needed “wings” for wet dishes or products, and all kinds of accessories: Colander, cutting boards – they are usually put on top of one of the bowls.


Many options and accessories. Where creates a chef, you cannot limit ourselves to a standard set of stove-oven-refrigerator. Kitchens are often equipped for the pros, for example, thermal cabinet, which serves constantly remain fresh (warmed and humidified). It will take as a wine cabinet and a special refrigerator – with two compressors, or just two units – refrigerator and freezer. This will keep refrigerated and frozen foods correctly. Some chefs use only the traditional gas stoves. (It is believed that food cooked on gas – the most delicious.) Others in the kitchen at once, two built-in ovens and a couple of hobs: induction and gas burners with different types – for example, type “wok” and grating grill. And, of course, your kitchen will not manage without professional hood and dishwasher. They should have increased capacity to cope with a heavy workload.

Convenient flap

Top unit doors come in several forms. In addition to traditional swing, they may consist of two halves and fold up like an accordion. Or even “casting” for the housing (should be space above the cabinet for opening). There are also options for doors with a parallel rise. Be sure to spend on accessories, locking the door in the open position and gently return it to the place.

Containers for spices, a variety of hanging trays and even bottle keeper (previously found only in the lower units) are now available for placement in the top lockers. Typically, section neutral design. They can be installed on the assembled cabinets in already exploited kitchen sets.

Push-up system. Open the cabinet door one-touch system allows push-to-open (¬ępush to open”). She is electric (an expensive option) and manual (available at a price, but when you close you will be required to overcome the force of the spring). Now a heavy kettle or pot volume is easy to put on the shelf. In addition, you get a headset fashionable design without handles.

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