European kitchen design ideas – how to make?


Tables can be made from any materials, as long as its shape and exterior products fit into the stylistic decor, but if you get lost in a variety of offers, stop for a traditional wooden version, which is always going to be a win-win. Good will and combined model with stone and plastic tops.

Storage areas in the european kitchen design is more rational to transform in such a way that they become worthy of its decoration. Classicism – a beautiful sets and expensive cutlery. Why this beauty hidden behind cabinet doors, if all this beauty can be put in the cupboard? The closed boxes are best kept napkins and tablecloths, as well as bottles of alcohol to their modern appearance they do not violate the integrity of the picture. If you often have parties, get a functional item as a buffet table.

As you know, the classics will not tolerate counterfeiting, because the interiors in a similar style are always expensive. The costs are compensated by the fact that this is not a solid repair for one year. Style is designed for tens of years of excellent service. In addition, classicism has many faces, and therefore, your room will not be. Its interior will be really bright and individual, but in his situation will be viewed the author’s vision of style. If you look at all these benefits together it turns out that the dining room in a classical style with its harmonious atmosphere – a great opportunity to demonstrate the excellent taste and the owners emphasize their material well-being. It suits you? So get to work! It is for these events are simply irreplaceable.

Classic european kitchen designs never goes out of fashion. It is perfect for decoration of any room, especially the kitchen. The kitchen in refined classical style, beautiful and moderately luxurious. Through the use of predominantly light shades and pastel colors, classic style and suitable for processing small size kitchen.

Comfort, respectability, elegance, spaciousness and versatility – the main qualities that should have a kitchen in a classic style. Classic style requires the use of expensive materials. It is strictly forbidden to use synthetic fabrics, metal and plastic parts, except in cases where these materials are skillfully mimic the natural. Before you begin to repair, it should be well thought out budget.

The design must be present tree. Popular elements are also the masonry. In case of limited space in the room, it is necessary to use lighter colors and shades. The ambience and decor is best to stick to minimalism.

European kitchens designs style most popular with Italians. It is beautiful, comfortable and roomy kitchen, where the whole family gathers for a meal together. To finish the kitchen walls in a classic style suitable light shades of brown, cream, beige, pink and yellow flowers. However, the most popular color is white, but in this case should be taken with extreme caution in the selection of furniture and decor. Suitable wooden furniture, bright colors, black or white, decorated with gold-plated elements. The combination of white and black – more modern and sophisticated, but no less sophisticated color scheme. This is usually black with gilded furniture or aged furniture against white walls.

  • For walls, you can use wood panels, paper and textile wallpaper. Textile wallpaper is very expensive, but the results can be stunning.
  • The pattern on the walls often choose floral or geometric (square, strip). Smooth walls will also be looked concisely, but this background is better to choose a more lush furnishings and decor.
  • The most popular flooring when you make room in classic style is parquet, but for kitchen uses more practical options such as ceramic tile or laminate. The floor in the work area can be tiled, and in the dining area to put laminate. Classical loves correct geometric pattern.
  • Depending on the size of the room, the floor color can be bright if the kitchen is small or dark, if it is sufficiently large.

The white color is ideal for finishing the ceiling. It should be high or seem so. An additional effect of height is achieved with the help of stucco. The color of the kitchen can be divided into working and dining area. Also, a two-level ceiling is suitable for this purpose.

The arched shape of the doors and windows makes the kitchen european design a royal luxury. Large doorways and large windows to visually increase the room.

To decorate the windows are used glass and stained glass windows.

European kitchen design ideas: shine

To highlight the kitchen in classical style will suit a central chandelier. It can be decorated with pendants or shade.

If the room is large, for its lighting, you can use additional light sources: floor, table lamps or sconces. They should be made in the same style as the chandelier.

If the kitchen is divided into working and dining area, over the dining area to hang a chandelier, and scatter over the working point hidden lights. The european design kitchens in classic style should adhere to regular geometric shapes. Equipment and furniture must be symmetrical. The working area can be linear or angular. Corner suites are particularly well fit into the kitchen with a small area.

Natural materials such as wood and stone, give the a rich conservative views. They not only beautiful but also durable in use. For countertops perfect marble or granite, blending in well with wooden furniture.

Because natural materials are very expensive, are gaining a lot of popularity over the available options. For countertops are increasingly using lath ceramics or chipboard frame, finished with a layer of wood.

  • Apron can be close to the table top decoration, and may vary. To expand the space, it is usually done in lighter shades. It is desirable to choose furniture for the kitchen made of natural wood. The most suitable species are birch, oak, beech Carpathian, Mediterranean and Siberian pine, walnut, cherry and pine.
  • In the design of furniture popular glass inserts in the doors of cabinets, floral or geometric carved elements.
  • The dining table should be large, made from natural wood or materials that mimic wood. You can select a compact sliding table that will be convenient for a small family dinner, and for a large number of guests.

In the European kitchen design ideas greater preference is given to square and rectangular tables.


Chairs should have the same design as the table. There are important items such as a high back, upholstered seat, curved legs. They can be covered with textiles or leather color curtains in european kitchen design ideas.

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