How to Make Modern Kitchen Cabinets

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A kitchen is that part of a home, where comfort and functionality are the most important components of interior. There are different styles of kitchen design providing these characteristics, traditional, vintage, modern and so on. However, the modern style combine not only comfort and functional, but also safety and attractive look. It is based on minimalism. Therefore, contemporary style implies nothing that can detain or annoy you. Simple details, straight lines, angular plates and accurate shapes give this style especially graceful look.

Modern style is the most popular kind of kitchen design in these letter days. It is simple and elegant. You can combine and add in your contemporary styled kitchen many things that you cannot to do in classic or vintage styled one. It is the main characteristic of modernity: richness, variety and uniqueness here at once. You can embody all your desires and dreams, get inimitable interior.

As it was already mentioned, minimalism is the base of modern style, so you can choose it both for standard and small kitchens. You can increase the room visually, because this type of design means absence of extra little things. Light walls and furniture add space to the room; modern white kitchen cabinets are suit to this style. There aren’t any ornaments, which make furniture heavy, only light aery self-colored plates. In addition, contemporary kitchen can be painted in calm deep red or bright yellow color, there is no matter. However, it should look fresh and light.

Recently, modern kitchen was a reflection of classic and middle-aged styles. Furniture in this kitchen was a little curved and had bold corners. Nowadays, it becomes sharper, straighter and more graceful. Cabinets are made of different materials. They can combine in themselves two or more ones, for example, plastic, steel and glass.

How to choose modern kitchen cabinet doors

Contemporary style of a kitchen supposes streamlined look. This characteristic attends to doors of kitchen cabinets too. They are the most viewed part of furniture and room at all. Therefore, before renovation of cabinets, you should pay to them more attention. The main thing that you have to think about before buying new doors is the material of them. Such common materials like wood and laminate-wood are not so suit to modern styled kitchen furniture. Doors of steel, metal or glass will be better for it. They are convenient in cleaning and look graceful. If you do prefer, you can choose wood doors, but with glance and smooth surface painted in deep color.

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There are different types of cabinet doors. For example, slab, flat-paneled, raised and others. For modern style most of all slab cabinet doors suit. Flat doors without frames and panels look solid and sleek. Flat-paneled kitchen cabinet doors also can be chosen for modern style, center panel of this door is flat, but framing is raised. Due to different level of panels, doors nicely stand out of overall image and impression of extra space appears.

Dark wood is an interest material, that can give a kitchen extremely modern look. Shining smooth surface in a contrast with light play of colors of tops, floor, hangings and steel hardware, add the room incredibly elegant look.

Laminate-wood is cheaper material, than natural one. In modern kitchens, this material is used in budget variants to create fake woody cabinets. Glance surface of this material can give it attractive look.

Glass doors are very popular now. They look graceful and accurate, but it is difficult to keep them clean. All fingerprints and drops of water leave on surface of such doors.

Metal doors are safety. You can be calm that nothing will break them. These doors look extremely modern and glossy, but they are cold and call for special care. Bleed lines is the main problem of metal and steel furniture.

Eight amazing variants of modern kitchen cabinet

A kitchen is a heart of home. There people spend a lot of time. They cook, eat, talk with friends, argue, laugh and cry in kitchen. Therefore, this place should be the most convenient in home. In dependence of habitants, you can choose this or that interior of a kitchen. There are ten beautiful and suitable variants.

  1. Fixed cabinets with wood doors

Wood surfaces came from last middle century. Their specialty involved in warmth and coziness of natural material. In the combination with stony overtop, wood doors of cabinets look extremely effective.

In Europe, wood furniture for kitchen has special popularity that raises. The reason is people’s craving to nature. Positive aesthetic characteristic is in appearance of wood kitchen cabinet. In compare with cold plastic and metal panels, wood ones are warm and comfort. Modern cabinets with wood doors have graceful and elegant look.

  1. Stainless steel storage system
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In past, stainless steel was the futuristic material. It symbolized spice and high technologies. Future has come. Now this material is the most contemporary one. Steel is incredibly shine and cold like it exhales frozen freshness. In every kitchen, there are many cutleries of stainless steel. And storage cabinet doors of the same material will look awesome.

But there are some disadvantages. It is needed to clean up this furniture with a special care. Common duster can leave scratches on surface after what it will lose its glassiness. Fingerprints are constantly marked on doors. That demands wiping them out very often. Nevertheless, stainless steel is very durable material. Therefore, service period of such furniture is much longer, than of wood one.

  1. Cabinets with lacquered doors

Good lacquered furniture looks stunningly and luxury. Many coats of varnish and wax create the impression of ice and beauty. If all technologies of varnishing were observed, such doors will serve for a very long time. However, it isn’t worth to check it for strength. If you will throw knives on lacquered surface, scratches can appear. Of course, such doors demand special care, too. For big families with small children it is not suitable variant of panels. Constant wiping and cleaning can lead to staining surface.

  1. Bright colored cabinets

Some people like bright colors, because they boost spirits. Different colors can call different feelings. For example, sunny yellow nudges to entertainment, deep red calls passion, clearly blue appeal to glad to little things. In daily routines, bright cabinets can play the role of making you happier. It is important right to choose colors, according to yourself and your family tastes and according to other surfaces. Calm pastel shades of overtops, fridge and table give coziness and comfort, at the same time bright colors of cabinets add good mood.

  1. Whit modern cabinets

White is the color that always in fashion. It is the symbol of clearance, calmness and precision. Therefore, white kitchen will always look effective. Cleaning up is difficult, but that is worth of it. Modern cabinets with white doors give a kitchen more light and space. Thanks to this effect, room seems bigger and cleaner.

  1. Cabinets without handles

Special closing mechanism in kitchen cabinets allows open them with pushing the edge of door. Thanks to that, it is possible not to use handles. Nothing detains and grab clothing. It is very convenient to clean such cabinets. They looks extremely modern and clean.

  1. Black kitchen cabinets
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White cabinets look clan and graceful, but black is also elegant color. Glance black doors in the combination with gray tops and fridge give a kitchen secret and magic appearance. The can be made of metal or plastic, all these materials can look amazing.

  1. Printed kitchen cabinets

In modern kitchens, different types of prints are used in decoration. Beautiful flowers, sea view, snow mountains and other photo can be placed on your cabinet doors. With the help of high-qualified pictures, you feel like you are not at home right now and somewhere al fresco.

Hardware of kitchen cabinets modern

Modern style of kitchen implies combination of functionality with beauty and high-technological supply. Furniture in contemporary kitchen have to coincide the time and be functional as it possible. There are many different hardware, which make using of kitchen cabinets very easy and convenient.

Manufacturers represent big handles choice of different shapes, colors and materials. They can be made of steel, wood, glass, plastic and so on. The most durable are metal handles, but they aren’t safety. The cheapest hardware is from plastic, but it isn’t reliable.

Handles can be hidden in doors. That makes cabinets look clean. Hidden handles don’t detain you. Many people like to hang towels or packets on handles. You can rid your relatives of this bad habit with hidden handles. These handles also make the whole impression of cabinets modern.

Rolling handles look very modern, too. Made of stainless steel they add to the kitchen clean and shining appearance. They are very convenient in use and looks awesome.



It is important to create a project before renovation. In the Internet, many applications and services allow people to make dream kitchen design. There you can choose suitable furniture, hardware, hangings, carpets and other things. You can also get advice from people in all over the world about your project in special Internet-forums. Moreover, you can find suitable furniture in the Internet shops, show your project and buy modern kitchen cabinets online. Then they get furniture to your home and can help with gathering it together. It is extremely useful and easy way to make remodeling of a kitchen.

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