Ideas for a small kitchen. Colours

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The red color in the kitchen design

Red kitchen- a great choice for people who lead an active lifestyle, always in a good mood and always has a big appetite. Psychologists in one voice say, that this color is very active in psychological terms. Red shades increase the blood pressure and appetite and stimulate the central nervous system, so for people with any mental health problems, such color is not recommended. The red color can not be used alone. It must be used in accessories or emphasis. If your interior is too much red, you will often feel angry and irritable, finding no reason to do so.

Clean is not recommended to use red color. Designers are advised to use cherry, pomegranate and brick shades. Such colors are most harmonious look in the interior. Red kitchen will always look stylish and bright, if you are using a suitable coating color, which will balance the overall color scheme. Pale pink and dark shades are very well combined with a rich red color. For example, you can make a red wall and floor coverings, on the contrary, done in neutral tones. Please note that it is best to combine with red shades white, beige and all shades of gray.

If you are the owner of the large dimensions of the kitchen, then you do not have any restrictions on the choice of color. Red wall coverings can reduce the space visually. To make the room more comfortable, it is best to choose warm shades of red. Cold red colors can create monotony.

Neutral wooden cover is very stylish look combined with bright red tiles or other similar shade material. If you want to make a luxurious interior, the furniture combine white with a red background, or vice versa. This will add to your interior style and sophistication.

If your entire interior is designed in neutral colors, and you in the end, he seemed very boring, then you can place the red shades that will add joy to your overall color scheme.

Classic style in interior design

The classic style of the interior has been and will always be popular. You can be sure that it will never go out of fashion and will always look stylish and fashionable. Traditional style implies a full compliance with the proportions and symmetry, which includes a variety of components and accessories, made in the same style. The classic style is often applied wood coatings to perform various furniture kitchen sections. If you have a large size kitchen, the classic style- is the perfect solution for you. Also in the classic style you can use decorative molding, pilasters and decorative different gold-plated elements. If you do not like gold, silver is also perfect for this style of interior. Some places in the interior, you can select, illuminating them or placing emphasis.

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However, you should bear in mind that you should not use bright accents, as they are not compatible with the classical style. The classic style can be made in contrasting colors, but only neutral shades can be used. But only use bright colors impermissible. If you do such bright colors in the interior, it will look vulgar.

If you like light-filled interiors, you can make a bright wall coverings, and the floor is done in the dark, contrasting colors. Interior needs to be refined and have a smooth shape. Additionally, you must remember that the kitchen should be functional.

Classic kitchen design can include the following elements:

  1. Carving Classic-style tree.
  2. The rich textures of wood or natural stone.
  3. The glazed door in a traditional style.

Designing the kitchen island

The island, which is located in the kitchen, can be completely different shape. It can be rectangular, circular, square, semi-circular or have the shape of a letter L. The island can be performed in a completely different colors. If you are an interior in a classical style, you can make a brown door in combination with white tops.

The island kitchen in traditional style can have a sash decorated with carvings that will be seen all over the kitchen. The doors of the cabinet can not be fully glazed and stained glass can be inserted into them. The island can be decorated with a variety of shelves, which will be carved cornices. Also in the island can be embedded plate having a fireplace screen.

Also in the island can be applied this technique as weaving. Netting is often used on the furniture in the interiors executed in a classical style. And weaving can completely replace the wooden crates. This method will always look stylish and functional.

The islands, made in a modern style, it is very often associated with metal and glass materials. Worktop island it always looks perfectly smooth and has a completely smooth surface. All kitchen utensils are always placed inside the cabinets and doors are obscured. Handles are also often made of dark metal.

The most important characteristic of minimalism is simplicity and conciseness. All the elements combine maximum functionality. All equipment is integrated directly into the furniture to save space, and sliding fronts will add style to your kitchen and pantry sections can also contain compartments for food storage. And also, the sections may be in various household appliances.

How to use the yellow color in the kitchen design?

Yellow kitchen is always distinguished by a special comfort and friendliness. This is especially true for large canteens. Also, if your room has a small size, you can use yellow tints to visually expand the space. If you want to add the kitchen activity, use orange and warm golden hues. Warm autumn colors stimulate the appetite, so this is a great option for those who do not often want to eat. But, if you want to lose weight on the contrary, it is exactly the color scheme is not for you, since you will be constantly hungry. In this case, you had better look at the neutral range, since it is, on the contrary, suppresses appetite.

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But, if you choose a neutral range, and at the end of repair, you find that the interior looks too boring, you can use a bright accents. For example, it may be warm shades of mustard.

Yellow palette has a lot of shades. And you are sure to find among them are the colors that will guide you in the right mood and create a pleasant atmosphere in the room. If you are afraid to use open yellows, then try to apply transparent or pastel shades. Also, recently gaining popularity gold and cream colors. These colors are ideal for interiors in classic and traditional style. These colors never go out of fashion.

If you want to get the interior in a modern style, then your best bet is to use bright yellow shades. The classic interior, on the contrary, these flowers are best avoided. If you are a long time can not decide what color you are best to choose, stop for a light shade. This trick is used by many designers. Bright pastel colors always look beautiful and harmonious.

Yellow can be combined with different shades. The most common combinations lately are a combination of a bright yellow color with a white or milky color. And yellows are perfectly combined with the following colors:

  1. 1.Lyubye shades of green.
  2. The silver and gray shades.
  3. The shades like blue sky.
  4. Pink.
  5. Pastel red.
  6. Black.
  7. Brown.

If you want to make the interior a luxurious, then your best bet is to use a combination of red gold and relaxing. The combination of brown and yellow, on the contrary, will help to achieve naturalness. And if to add to this combination green accents, you will get a modern interior in environmental style, which will want to return again and again.

Remember that to the interior, executed in shades of yellow, very hard to pick up the blinds. Therefore, if you doubt my choice, it is best to stay on neutral hues fabrics that perfectly complement your interior. Curtains of light-gray color will add to your interior style and luxury.

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White color in the design of small spaces

Colour White is a combination of all colors, that’s what gives it a lot of unique features. White will always be perfectly combined with any scale and look great in any style of interior, from minimalist and finishing, classic. With white color you can achieve lightness and airiness even in the most difficult classical interior.

But if you decide to use white in its interior, it is not necessary that it should be crystal clear color. White has a large palette of colors, among which you can pay attention to the colors like ivory, baked milk, pearls, cotton or delicate magnolia. If you choose one of these colors, your kitchen will never look sterile. Also, the white color will make your kitchen a comfortable and inviting.

White is able to visually enlarge the space, so if your room has a small size, choose a shade of the color of furniture or wall coverings. And if your interior is filled with light and airy. To create the additional effect of cleanliness and comfort, you can use the white color in the kitchen cabinets, not applying the different textures.

If you can not find the right combination of white, try colors like dark blue, beige or lilac. With these colors will look great as yellow and blue hues. Importantly, do not use bright colors in contrast to white, otherwise, your interior will look too bright.


If your interior a classic, or is made in the traditional style, then try to apply the dairy shades. If you placed the kitchen section in a gentle shade of milk, it does not mean that you can not use the color on the walls or on the floor. You can complete the entire interior in white color, simply placing with color accents to your room does not seem too boring. To avoid the effect of sterile apartment, you can play with different textures, diluting them their space. It will give the interior style and completeness.

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