Ideas for painting kitchen cabinets white

Ideas for painting kitchen cabinets white

Often there is a situation when after a big renovation in the apartment is not enough time or money for a full finish kitchen wall tiles, panels, plastic or moisture-proof pad under the tile and make the kitchen walls look beautiful, still desirable. In this case, the color of the walls will be the best solution in painting kitchen cabinets white. Painted walls look very aesthetically pleasing, modern paint very durable and have a varied palette, allowing you to choose the right shade for any color decision kitchen facilities.

Let’s find out in this publication, how to choose paint for painting the walls of the kitchen, how to prepare the wall for painting and how to paint the wall properly.

How to paint the walls in the kitchen? Choosing paint. Today, in stores you can find different paint manufacturers, intended for coloring the kitchen walls. It is water-based, chlorinated rubber, alkyd, latex and silicate paints. Their main feature is its high resistance to moisture and elevated temperature in the room.

Water-based paints

Water based paint is very eco logical, does not have an unpleasant odor, easy to apply. The only drawback water emulsion can be considered its low mechanical strength.

In addition, water-based paint that is easy to damage, it also was “afraid” of some detergents, and can simply be washed off.

Paints and acrylic latex-based

More reliable are the acrylic latex and water dispersion paints. They are much more durable and more resistant to physical impact.

Chlorinated rubber paint only began to emerge in the domestic market of construction materials. In Europe chlorinated rubber paint stained not only the walls of kitchen, swimming pools and walls in private homes.

Oil paint

Oil paint painted before all the rooms’ kitchen and toilets in the newly constructed houses. Oil-based paint on inexpensive, stable enough to damage and moisture. But for a long time to dry. It does smell.

  • When choosing paint for the walls of the kitchen, it must be remembered that the gloss paint is suitable for extremely smooth surfaces, while the matte paint can effectively hide the slight defect walls.
  • After the entire crack on the wall carefully sealed with putty, you should wait until it dries and then remove unnecessary roughness with sandpaper or a grinding machine.
  • It is particularly convenient to use grinders with dust extraction via a special hose that is attached to an industrial vacuum cleaner.
  • With this grinder you will not have to swallow the dust and sweat in a respirator.

After polishing the surface of the plastered walls, you can proceed to the primer. The primer is applied in a layer 2.3 according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The primer should be selected with anti-bacterial properties. This will help to protect the wall from mold and mildew.

Tools for painting walls

For painting walls will need to buy in the store several brushes of different widths, paint roller and tray with masking tape.

Brushes will be required to scroll through the walls in hard to reach places – under the kitchen for the toilet, a washing machine, a wash-basin, with the pipes of cold and hot water. Wherever get a roll will be difficult, will help out the brush.

Roller should be selected with a short nap, made of polyamide, if you paint the walls of oil or latex paint. Acrylic roller must be purchased if you have to paint the walls with emulsion paint.

  • Rollers Velour, usually used for drawing, so we they will not be considered.
  • The length of the pile roller is directly dependent on the roughness of the walls, which should be to paint over. If you previously have prepared the surface for painting, you do not need a long nap. Roller with pile 8-15 mm would be sufficient.
  • Before buying, check the roller carefully. From this it must not climb the thread and the seam should be invisible. If you need to get the staining pattern of the walls, you can choose a textured roller.
  • Foam roller with holes can give the effect of peas, plastic roller will give the effect of uneven surfaces and cushion with leather inserts leaves scenic spots.

For greater durability bathtub wall to paint recommended for twice.

First, it is recommended to paint brushes all the way places, and then applied to the surface of the remaining paint with a paint roller. Once the paint is completely dry, apply a second layer should be.

In places where you want to change color, it is recommended to stick masking tape to prevent paint on them. You should also stick the protective paper tape at the junction to the walls floor and ceiling.

When choosing paint, special attention should be paid to its durability and compatibility with the surface to which it is purchased. Choose high-quality latex paint can be in any hardware store. As a rule, the basic parameters of the properties and characteristics of banks are set out on the label. Also, an important role is played by the expiration date. Separately it is necessary to buy paint for the pipes in the kitchen, it has special properties, heat durable, odorless, and is ideal for water pipes, and the battery. Paint for ceramic and tile does not fit here. Before painting tubes and batteries, it is desirable to clean the old surface and degrease. There is another point in the choice of color. It should be borne in mind that the bathroom is not only to maintain health, but also for relaxation. It is necessary to try to make the atmosphere soothing, for it is not necessary to use aggressive color.

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