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You can see, plenty of varieties of kitchen wall cabinets counters, not just to draw the design space and make it original, thoughtful, functional. Then use the design will be a pleasure for a long period. The owners of country houses are in a more advantageous position than urban residents in housing arrangement. House can arrange the way you want, without the need to re-planning. The cottage is very cozy and comfortable, you may have a kitchen. In this case it is appropriate to use any version of the headset position, arrange the interior in any style and embody the most original design ideas. With the appropriate configuration of the house, the kitchen can have access to the terrace with a combined living room. In other words, the issue of registration of kitchen interior design in a country house in the photo, all the nuances and details of limited financial possibilities and wishes of the mistress.

Stylish interior of kitchen wall cabinets

Since the kitchen is an integral part of home decoration style must comply with the general stylistic decision of the entire structure. The owners of country houses, often equips real estate in a classic style. It involves the use of the following items:

  • Massive wooden furniture complemented by glass inserts.
  • The dense curtains to pick up.
  • Lamps and chandeliers of crystal.
  • Natural materials and natural relaxing colors.
  • Decorative accessories in silver and bronze.

No less popular country style or one of its destinations – Provence in kitchen wall cabinets. In fact, this rustic style, which assumes the use of interior:

  • wood furniture without frills
  • open shelves, which can be supplemented with chintz curtains
  • colored glassware
  • rugs on the floor
  • kitchen textiles checkered or floral pattern.

To create a harmonious interior design, it is recommended to use in the process of arrangement of stone, wood, textile finishing of cotton, linen, wool. The main principle in a rustic style, which is perfect for kitchen organization in a country house – proximity to nature and harmonious atmosphere.

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About planning kitchen wall cabinet

Although the area of a country cottage allows you not to worry about the lack of space for comfort and convenience, you should consider plan kitchen in the photo. In this case, it is important to take into account such nuances:

  • If the kitchen to build an additional exit to the yard, it will bring products, bypassing the central entrance.
  • Sufficient space in a private home allows you to build in the kitchen pantry, to be used for storage conservation, vegetables and other kitchen utensils.
  • For housewives, who are used to stock up on vegetables for the winter, it is recommended to organize underground.
  • Before furnish room furniture, you should carefully consider the location of every detail in order to know exactly how to lay communication.

Details of arrangement

A reasonable solution for the kitchen in a private house, is the creation of an island structure. It can play the role of the working surface, which is integrated sink and hob. A may be used as a dining table. Such an arrangement should be supplemented by a variant convenient storage systems, sliding shelves, numerous drawers.

If the kitchen with access to the terrace on the photo, this possibility should also be used in the process of organizing kitchen-dining area. Beautiful, cozy terrace can be a wonderful place for family dinners and celebrations.

Making interior design, keep in mind that adequate space allows us not to use multi-tiered set. An excellent option – kitchen furniture on the order. Cabinets, shelves and shelves can be decorated with stained glass additions, open shelves. Remember that the interior of a country kitchen includes appliances, cleverly hidden behind cabinet doors. Therefore, ordering a set, do not forget to remind the master of creating cabinets for built-in furniture.

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Décor kitchen wall colors with white cabinets

Private house owners to provide space for the realization of the most original design ideas. For example, the walls, the furniture and floor tiles can be decorated with bright colors, which is lined with a mosaic fashion. The rustic interior use for decorating wheels, beams and other wooden objects. The country style is appropriate to use forged elements, stained glass, and the composition of dried flowers:

  • Not the least role in the organization of a comfortable, cozy kitchen space to play textiles. Soft curtains made from natural fabrics, potholders and tablecloths, decorated in the same style, will create a unique home-like atmosphere. Fresh flowers in beautiful vases will be an excellent complement to any style.
  • Be sure to update the dishes. Bright cups, beautiful dishes and pans sparkling, create a work environment and cause a desire to prepare a culinary masterpiece.
  • Thus, the interior of the kitchen in a private home should be comfortable and cozy. Due to sufficient space, you can organize at home a warm, comfortable and functional kitchen in the style of Provence.

Of course, the final result depends on the wishes of the mistress, but do not miss the opportunity to test himself in the role of an interior designer. Many of the recommendations and advice of experts, used in practice, will create the kitchen of your dreams. A remarkable element of the design is a large window in the kitchen. Thanks to natural light, the space looks more warm and cozy. Besides the practical function, the window opening and carries a decorative load. With proper design of the windows, the kitchen is immediately more comfortable and homely.

In this case, there are plenty of options to properly organize the space, creating a functional and practical space. Of course, the final appearance of the area is totally dependent on the size and style of decoration. Still, the kitchen design a window in the middle, gives owners excellent opportunity to equip the room beautifully.

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Layout options

Typically, a small kitchen with a window in the middle is cluttered room furniture. For some reason, the space is not being used in the window. Designers recommend looking at the small-sized space a little differently. Try to use the area of the window. This will create a stylish and comfortable interior with a window in the middle of the kitchen.

The most simple and accessible method, the rational use of space, is the organization of the workplace on the wall cabinets kitchen. Free the area near the wall, you can fill in an oven, washing machine, or an additional cabinet for the storage of utensils. There is another option of using the window sill. It can be attached a folding table, which will fold out, if necessary, and fixed with legs. This table can be used for breakfast or lunch at the open window.

Under the window in the kitchen, you can build a convenient storage cabinet necessary details. Either place the sink. This option is suitable for those occasions when you want to hide a radiator. Of course, for the transfer of cleaning need installation of pipes and drain communication, but today, it is not much of a problem. If the apartment is located on the ground floor, close the window of the regiment will help to dry the dishes.

Large kitchen with a window in the middle, suggest the presence of a large aperture. To make the best use of this option plan, you can place a kitchen set in a European.

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