IKEA kitchen cabinets, reviews, is it worth to buy?

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To make good renovation of a kitchen means to create durable, convenient and nice room, where you can enjoy eating, hosting, making a party, passing the time and so on. When you are going to remodel your kitchen, you want to get something amazing. Therefore, you choose the best variant combining price, quality and appearance of it. The Swedish company that produces furniture and other products, sales them around the world. It is an extremely famous and popular brand. Many people in all over the world prefer to set up IKEA kitchen cabinets. It is attributable to many reasons.

Some people stress out trying to choose the best combination of these characteristics. To simplify this process there is the list of pros and cons of IKEA furniture, some descriptions, examples and information about prices.

Advantages and disadvantages of IKEA cabinets kitchen, reviews

At first, we will tell about pros of cabinets. The majority of those who is going to do the remodeling of a kitchen preferred IKEA to most popular designers and companies because of many reasons. To them we can apply following things.

  1. Cheap

Not so much people can give a lot of money for remodeling a kitchen, because often it is simple refreshing. For example, you want to change something in your life or you fed up with this decoration and furniture. It is expensive to buy solid furniture every season. The majority of all people in the world cannot allow it to them. Therefore, IKEA cabinets are so suitable for a little renovation or for a budget kitchen improvement.

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  1. Big choice

IKEA have the biggest range of furniture and other thigs for home. There everyone can find suitable cabinets for kitchen and not only. In the Internet, you can choose the one you much prefer by color, shape, material and design. If there is no suitable in IKEA near the home, you can order kitchen cabinets IKEA online.

  1. Good quality

It is the best combination of quality-price. It doesn’t mean that you will get the best qualified furniture made of natural materials and it will cost five dollars. It means that this product is not made of best materials and technologies, but it can serve for a long time. It looks awesome, modern and at the same time, it is comfort. For these low prices, the quality is suitable. In IKEA cabinets are made in a large circulation. Each step of manufacturing process is controlled attentively. Therefore, this furniture is of a good quality without mistakes and deformations.

  1. Modern

When you are going to buy budget furniture, usually you think about used cabinets, because it is cheap. Nevertheless, used pieces of furniture are old-fashioned or in classic style. In IKEA there are a lot of contemporary models, which can refresh your kitchen. Designers of this huge company are in step with the time, therefore all pieces here are modern.

  1. Easy to set up

Furniture in IKEA delivered to your home knocked down. It is possible to order assembly work, but it costs extra money. It is better to do it yourself. There is instruction how to put all details together. It is very easy to set up IKEA kitchen cabinet by yourself at home. Any special skills and tools aren’t required.

People who bought IKEA furniture have different meanings of it and leave many reviews in the Internet. In them there are good and bad feedbacks. As for disadvantages they remain, IKEA cabinets have not so many of these.

  1. Not unique

This furniture is manufacturing in series, that’s why it isn’t unique. You can see the same cabinet that you bought in your friend’s home or in another places. This aspect depersonalizes your interior and adds it common look.

  1. Not so qualified materials
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IKEA cabinets are made of cheap materials, because they have low price. Therefore, these materials don’t have good quality. In a contact with water furniture units lose their attractiveness and swell out with the times. The pieces of furniture are not durable, and a guarantee period in twenty-five years is only when IKEA workers assembled cabinets.

  1. Universality

Kitchen furniture of IKEA have universal constructions. It seems that these pieces suit to any kitchen. However, there are some individual projects of rooms, where IKEA furniture is failed to come.

Kitchen plans

There are many plans of kitchen in all over the world. In each country where are IKEA shops, flats and homes are different. Manufacturer tries to satisfy all customers’ desires and create flexible cabinets, which can fit in almost any common room. Today there are following types of kitchen plans.

  1. Corner furniture

If you have a small kitchen this planning is suitable to you. Corner kitchen allows organizing effective cooking process with minimal space using.

  1. Line kitchen

This type of planning consists in setting all units in one range. The only thing is required for creating styled interior is suitable size of a room. To check it you can use application by IKEA “Do It Yourself”.

  1. Flat-topped plan

This variant suits to big and open kitchens. It requires a lot of space, but extremely convenient in use. In addition, more than one person can cook in this kitchen simultaneously.

  1. Island bench

It is for big kitchens, very popular nowadays. The peculiarity of this planning is that all functional zones are separated from each other. It is very convenient and looks extremely amazing.


Despite of a wide array of choices, all kitchen furniture of IKEA can be derived in four color types, depending on prevalent palette.

  • It is a trend color of last years. Such kitchen furniture adds to the room accurate and stylish look. Usability and quality of materials used in the furniture make clearing through it ease.
  • Thanks to bright accents and colors, a kitchen becomes unusual, dynamic and juicy. In order to brightness not to offend the eye, basic bright color combines with calm and neutral shades.
  • Embodiment of modernity and style is impressed in models with chrome surfaces. Despite of saturated color absence and calm palette, metal kitchen does not seem to be boring or dark.
  • These pieces of furniture add more natural look. To create interior in harmony with nature use this furniture.

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Five steps to change the look of cabinets with improving IKEA kitchen cabinet doors

It is possible to change doors of cabinets in other, because they have the same constructions. When you decide to refresh the kitchen but not to buy new furniture, you can buy only doors. It is the easiest way to make a simple renovation of a room and absolutely refresh its look. To set doors up you should do next activities.

  • At first, it is needed to get rid of old cabinet doors. You should open the door and find hinges spot of fixing.
  • Then with screwdriver remove them. Installation hardware is on the top and bottom of doors. Do not throw out screws and hinges, because they will be needed in setting up new doors.
  • After that take new cabinet doors and insert there hinges and screws from old ones.
  • Set new doors up to the cabinets and install hinges with screws to them. Screw in.
  • To be sure, that doors were installed in a right way, check them trying open and close.

Now your kitchen have absolutely another look thanks to new doors. In addition, you spend less money than if you have bought whole cabinets.


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How much are IKEA kitchen cabinets cost?

People in all over the world prefer to buy IKEA furniture because of its low price. But there are cabinets of different costs. All units of furniture in Ikea are sold separately. Thanks to it, it is possible to control prices at each step. As for cabinets prices, they are in a range from 15 to 150 dollars. It depends on materials and design of a door.

The most important part in cabinet is a door; they can be made in such materials:

  • The most natural and attractive material.
  • Wood-laminate. It is cheaper, than natural wood, but has good look and usability.
  • MDF with a top of lacquer looks original with paintings.
  • Glass foil. This one adds cabinets shining.
  • Very graceful looking, but it requires careful cleaning through
  • Particleboard with melamine film. Quite better in cleaning and usability.

Color of doors you can choose on your own taste. The cheapest one id Häggeby door. It is manufactured of particleboard with melamine. White door with straight lines looks modern and graceful. Thanks to its surface of melamine, it is very convenient in using and cleaning. It has waterproof coating. That gives the guarantee period in twenty-five years.

Door Haganäs is made of veneer wood. It costs only ten dollars. Its surface looks like natural wood. With the times, it looks only better, like a natural wood. Thanks to porous surface, there are no fingerprints and drops of water.

The next variant is Veddinge door. It costs 15 dollars and it is lacquered. This door is smooth with waterproof coating. It looks shining and graceful. In addition, it is easy to clean this door.

Edserum door costs 19 $. It is made of glass foil with framing. Thanks to the last, it looks natural, but is cheaper than natural wood and easier in cleaning.

Doors Torhamn are made of natural wood and veneer with lacquered coating. Their prices begin at 56$. They have original design and look extremely natural. If you want, you can paint them in any color that you choose. Thanks to natural materials, these doors will serve for a very long time.

These prices are for only panels, you should buy hinges and screws separately. Consulters in Ikea will help you to choose suitable variants.

IKEA kitchen cabinet reviews in the Internet

For many-many times of existing, IKEA Company has a huge amount of comments on sites in the Internet, in magazines and so on. People from different countries leave reviews in help to customers. Some reviews can help people to choose one or another.

A couple from Germany have bought fourteen cabinets for kitchen in Euro module system. They consist of upper and base units. Upper ones are made of MDF and lacquered coating in white color; based cabinets are manufactured of veneer wood in dark natural color. The wife said that her husband is a designer in a Company producing high-qualified and expensive furniture in German. But for their remodeling of a kitchen they have chosen IKEA, because it is cheaper. They not cut their slack of it, because IKEA cabinets dug in high-end furniture heels in quality and functionality. It was very easy to install all these cabinets. This couple did it together in one day. Within three and a half years, the functionality and appearance are not changed. All elements are still in a good condition. They recommend to buy kitchen cabinets in INEA, because it is the best combination of quality-price.

The other couple from Great Britain has bought IKEA cabinets twelve years ago and up to now glad to that. They have got Nexus units. The couple has children; therefore, one hinge was broken. It is happened, because a child was hanging on the door. Also, they remain that some units became scruffy, but it isn’t a disadvantage, because they used a kitchen in not careful way. When they bought cabinets, they ordered installation by IKEA. That’s why guarantee period still is. And they remark that if they wanted to do remodeling, they again will get cabinets from IKEA.

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Meg from Chicago leave a comment about IKEA cabinets. She said that five years ago she has bought cabinets for parents’ kitchen. She installed units herself and her boyfriend. Since then there weren’t any belly-aches on cabinets. Everything has good appearance and functionality, as it was five years ago. She was surprised, that IKEA cabinets have such good quality. Meg has spend about three hundred dollars for it. She recommends IKEA ccabinets because of their low price, good quality and ease installation.

The other customer of IKEA cabinets has a negative review. He said, that was recommended to buy the cabinets of IKEA by his friends. They had bought kitchens and they are still glad to it. But he isn’t in this mood, because installation was awful by his words. He confirms that IKEA installation is very expensive, that doesn’t make the result price as cheap as it was expected. And to install cabinets himself was extremely difficult.

About bad installation, one girl commented also. She told about his father, who has bought cabinets be IKEA. Her father had a pain when tried to put units together. And she confirm that it is better to order IKEA installation. But about quality and durability she said only positive words.

The other woman told multivalued review about IKEA kitchen. She has bought cabinets to her new house. In the beginning, she didn’t like them. She said, that color didn’t suit and appearance wasn’t attractive. Then she noticed that they weren’t convenient. Cabinets were extremely short and small. But as for quality, she said only good, because there weren’t any belly-aches.

The other customer of IKEA couldn’t buy IKEA cabinets because of bad logistic in a shop. Everybody knows that this shop is extremely huge; therefore, you should be prepared for long walking through ranges of IKEA furniture and other products.

The other man commented bad delivering service and advise to take goods by yourself from IKEA shop. He said, that they had to turn back because of broken units. They was broken in delivering. But good IKEA service met needs of a customer and changed broken units to new ones.

Is it worth?

When you are going to remodel your kitchen you think about different variants of buying cabinets, about colors and decorations. In IKEA there is a good service in a help for customers to choose the best variant specially for his kitchen. This project is named DIY (Do It Yourself). Thanks to it you can virtually match suitable cabinets, doors and hardware. It is needed only to know your kitchen plan and size. In this application you can at the same time to calculate the price of a whole kitchen.


Majority of all people from countries, where there are IKEA shops, prefer this producer of cabinets. It can be explained by their low prices and good quality. This popular company gain its popularity by good reviews from customers. It says it is really good and serious Company in fact doing qualified goods.

If you do not have in your city IKEA, you can get products through the Internet. Delivering system of IKEA is working in huge areas. Moreover, you can at the same time order installation by the Company, to get a guarantee period. So, you should decide yourself, to buy or not to buy IKEA cabinets, but as it was mentioned, it is the best choice by many reasons.

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