IKEA kitchen lighting: 500 lamps and lighting fixtures

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Do you like the electric bill? Whether guests admire your apartment in the evening light? There are 2 main questions, the answers to which will help you to understand everything in order with the lighting of the house. And if you can’t answer Yes to them, Yes, it’s time to change something. Perhaps let into your life a new light?

Ikea kitchen lighting: clear as day

The catalogue of lamps IKEA today has more than 500 solutions that help people around the world illuminate their houses. In the IKEA stores you will find ceiling, wall mounted lights, along with the consultant will be able to consider the main or spot lighting areas and lighting of any object, from a pair of socks in the dresser to the front of the building.

And you can be sure that the selected today for the living room lamp will go perfectly with tomorrow bought a chandelier. And placed, mounted and hung throughout the apartment lamps will solve the problem of dull evenings and will not punch holes in the family budget.

The secret is easy: even before developing the simplest soffit specialists IKEA are asking themselves those same questions about which you just thought.

Special solutions

In every moment of the day our needs are changing in light. If we brush our teeth or want to relax with a book in bed — for any occasion designers IKEA developed its own light scenario.

The right ikea kitchen lights will allow you twice as fast to cook dinner and reduce the risk of injury when cutting products. At IKEA you’ll find options for lighting countertops, General smooth and soft evening light in which it is so pleasant to drink tea and chat with friends.

Save Swedish

The Swedes are familiar with cloudy days and long winter like no other. But look in their homes: they just illuminated by the light. After all, homemade artificial sun can significantly boost mood and vitality. “But it is expensive”, — will notice you. “Already cheap” — say in the company and IKEA offer their customers to switch to led light bulbs for home. In contrast to conventional, they can save up to 85% energy and have the phenomenal life — up to 20 years!

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Another advantage of LEDs is insensitive to voltage drops, which undoubtedly will be appreciated by those who are forced to throw away dozens of incandescent bulbs in the trash due to the unstable operation of the power supply. A momentary flare-up allows you to use LEDs in any room.

In addition, LEDs are so small that can be embedded in any shade configuration. This fact inspires the designers to create more interesting models, which removes the barriers and when decorating the premises, allowing to realize the most daring design projects.

With the aim of promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle by 2016, IKEA plans to switch completely to LEDs. To buyers it will not cause any inconvenience, since due to the diversity of the bases of the led lamp is suitable for use in usual shades. Check it out today! Through an innovative approach, you will be able to significantly reduce their spending and to support the initiative of careful attitude to the resources of the planet. And or old mercury-containing energy efficient light bulbs can be left for recycling at IKEA stores.

1000 styles and 1 lamp

The choice of lamps is often a problem, if you are looking for a perfect and budget addition to the new interior. High, which offers the standard store is a set consisting of chandeliers, floor lamps and wall sconces, are solved in one color and style. However not the fact that their style will suit you and it is not evident that they will overlap by design with chandeliers for other rooms.

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Ikea kitchen lighting: why is it important

Rate the advantages of the IKEA solutions in the category of “Light”:

  • More than 20 designer series lighting fixtures;
  • Multiple color variations within a single series;
  • The versatility and easy compatibility of models from different series among themselves

In addition, the website IKEA presents dimmers, corner joints and cables, which will help quickly and without serious cost to place accents and to create unusual lighting scenarios in your house.

At that time, as we are rapidly adopting new technologies, in someone’s house still in the evenings there is no light. IKEA regularly carries out a charitable campaign designed to support those who need help. Follow the news of the company, participate in promotions and make the world brighter with ikea kitchen lights!

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