Kitchen storage cabinets free standing: Keeping Implements


The most used room in a home is a kitchen. There are a lot of food, crockery, technics, cutleries and other useful cooking implements. So, it is usually completely furnished by cabinets. Space is used extremely economically especially in small kitchens. Therefore, people create unusual storage systems, to contain all appliances. For your home, you can choose the most suitable kitchen cabinet storage that will adjust by its functionality, appearance, size, design, color and shape.

Five basic types of kitchen storage cabinets free standing

There are different types of cabinets for kitchen. It isn’t needed to set all of the represented, but you can choose ones that you really want. Following cabinets are the most useful.

  1. Sink base cabinet. It is standard furniture for every kitchen. This piece is a cabinet with a sink, which is set up on the top. It is extremely functional and saving space, because of using space under sink. You can place here cleaning supplies, bin and other things.
  2. Cabinet “Lazy Susan”. It is a corner cabinet with commodious round shelves inside. This name is coming up from 18th This piece of furniture saves room space, because shelves are deep. You can place here big pots and pans. It is also comfortable, because it fills corner space that is usually not completed.
  3. Base cabinet. This useful piece of furniture is set on the floor and have a flat top for working on it. The height of this cabinet is standard, about 90 sm. The height is done special to give an opportunity to use the top like working surface. It is multifunctional furniture and therefore saves space, too.
  4. Wall cabinet. This cabinet hangs on the wall. You can set it on that high you want. It is very useful, because you can put into it many things, from forks to food. In addition, a cabinet of this type saves space too, because it isn’t stand on the floor. It is universal; above high furniture, you can hang smaller cabinet, for example, above refrigerator. Wall cabinets are the first thing that people see when coming in. That’s why they should be the most attractive in a kitchen.
  5. Kitchen storage utility cabinet. It is usually narrow high cabinet with shelves and doors. It is set on the floor, but higher than base cabinet. Usually the height of it is on the top line with wall cabinets. This piece of furniture is extremely spacious; there can be stored all useful kitchen appliances.

In modern world there are small flats with very small kitchens, therefore, it is needed to use kitchen space to the maximum. It concerns not only minuscule kitchens, but also to standard rooms with kitchen corner. Storage systems in kitchen help to hide cooking implements and other small things to create accurate and attractive look. Room looks neat, when there are no things in view; all of them are hidden behind doors.

When you are going to remodel the kitchen, you create its project. You try to take into account all aspects, in order not to sorry about renovation after that. Is it possible to combine space opportunity with nice look and functionality? If you will choose right furniture, you can satisfy your demands.

How to store things in kitchen pantry storage cabinet?

Putting appliances in cabinets, you should think about where you are going to place them. It is important, because everything should lie in hand and shouldn’t detain you. There are some moments about getting supplies in storage cabinet in convenient way. And which storage system is good to choose.

  • Pots and pans should be placed on low shelves, because they can insert something in them else.
  • Set open shelves above basic cabinets, it will allow you to take something that you use very of the in easy way. For example, you can place there salt and pepper pot.
  • Sofa with a storage inside is a good decision for small kitchen. You can put into it little things that are used rare.
  • It is better to set narrow utility cabinets on sides of kitchen ensemble. They are high, therefore shouldn’t detain. However, in these cabinets you can put some technics that you use often, for example blender or toaster. Also. It is possible to put into them condiments.
  • Glass doors are better for wall cabinets, where you can set beautiful service. It adds attractiveness to your kitchen.
  • Thanks to railing pull under wall cabinets, you can hang needy supplies in open space that allows taking them easy.

Organized pantry is a good for storing food and things in order. It is easy to cook and stay on a diet with pantry. With the help of it, you can plan your meal and stick a plan of eating. If your pantry is not good organized or isn’t so functional as needed, you will eat out with shack and so on. Therefore keeping diet will be much more difficult. The process of cooking becomes easier, when everything lies on their own places.

Types of storage cabinets for kitchen

Storage cabinets and their usability allow people to save space in kitchen and make it more representative and attractive. There are different types of storing systems for kitchen. They show the ways that you can economical use space in room and make it more ordered and accurate.

Storage cabinets built-in

It is the popular way of kitchen storage systems. Any modern kitchen has at least one built-in cabinet. Usually there are built-in cabinets below and over surface for work. Higher cabinets are the first things that people view coming in. Therefore, they should look in such a way to make extremely good impression.

It is easy to change doors on wall cabinets to improve kitchen interior or simple repaint them. The other way to change decoration is to remove doors completely. That gives your kitchen new look, but then all things in cabinets should be in perfect order always. In addition, you can paint inside of cabinets to make your kitchen brighter.

Built-in cabinets are very convenient, because they are reliable and extremely commodious. There is no space between cabinets and walls, that’s why more things you can put into. They will never fall down, because they are built-in. It is the best choice for often-usable furniture.

Food pantry

In every kitchen should be special place for food. It can be separated room or big cabinet with many shelves. This pantry should be located in special zone, because there are food. Temperature should be lower, than in other places of home, but not lower than in fridge. Low humidity and light provide good storing of food.

Moreover, this storage should be installed away from gas and hot water. Therefore, the place, where you can place food storage cabinet, have to be cool, dry, dark and in the farthest corner away from oven and fridge. It is important, because some tin in cabinet can explode and instigate casualty. Right conditions for food provides safety in your kitchen.

Size of such pantry can be different, in dependence of your family preferences. You can put in it all food that isn’t stored in a fridge. For example, marinated vegetables, legumes, groats and others. Even very small storage cabinet can be commodious and useful in saving food in good condition. You can organize it in such a way that pantry will be very spaciousness.

Island storage

Kitchen is the place, where every centimeter is used with benefit. Storage systems combine in itself any other functionality, for example, working surface. Island cabinets allow using space like both a table, work top and storage cabinets for kitchen. It is very convenient, because all that you need when you are cooking is at hand. You can sit down the table and eat, also you can cook something taste and then take all dishes and food under the top, in storage.

You can store here food, cutlery, and some technics and so on. It is very convenient, to place on the top a cooker and a sink. Because you can go around the working surface and reach to your food from any sight of island. Then you can wash the dishes and put it in storage under the top. Cabinets can be built-in on a perimeter, so they will be very commodious.

Kitchen storage cabinets free standing

This useful cabinet you can move in another place if you want, therefore it is also convenient. Nevertheless, this one doesn’t save space in room. You can put in it different things from food to cutlery. It can be very spacious. Usually it has two main units with shelves. Upper unit is intended to food and lower one is for other cooking implements.

Advantages of free-standing cabinet are following:

  • It is easy to clean it up;
  • It is spacious;
  • It is movable;
  • It is easy installed;
  • It helps you keep separately food and non-food.

Therefore, free-standing storage is the one of the needed cabinets in kitchen.

Different storage systems allow you to organize all things that you keep in a kitchen. You can put them in order as you want and take with ease when you need them. Thanks to storage systems, you can separate food and other cooking implements. It is very important, because it is impossible to store food with other things. Moreover, different boxes and shelves give the opportunity to store condiments separately of other food.


Any habitant likes when everything lies on their own places, so kitchen storage cabinets help him to do it. It is easy and pleasant to cook with such pieces of furniture, because everything is at hand, you can enjoy cooking.

When you have so many implements that your kitchen cabinets do not insert all of these, you should make one more storage cabinet. It can be separate pantry for food, of one more upper wall cabinet. The problem will be solved, when one spacious drawer will appear in your kitchen. You can use different kitchen cabinet storage ideas for better using space in room and getting everything in order.

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