Kidkraft white vintage kitchen, 18 photo

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Vintage interiors charm the special charm. They touch, bring the nostalgic feelings on and enrapture. In fact it is so unsimple to combine modern technologies and charm of old times. A vintage interior must only look the same, but on the level of comfort and comfort he must answer all modern requirements. This task – not from the easiest! It is especially difficult to attain harmony of old and new at creation interior of vintage kitchen, as this apartment is unthinkable without the great number of the newest devices and gadgets.

It is necessary to observe balance between a decorativeness and functionality, saving style. But if it will be succeeded to obtain the desired result, a kitchen-dining-room in vintage style will become pride of owners and will deliver quite a bit gladness to them. In fact vintage interiors not only cute but also cheerful, pleasant for eyes, certainly, very original.

Vintage is name interiors in that the features of design of apartments are reproduced in a period 60 from 30 to back, id est approximately from 50th to 80th. In this period the first domestic technique appeared just, and furniture-makers began to make the first kitchen accessories.

The kitchens of that time already look like present, but differ in style and decor. In those times in a fashion was all bright, good-looking or, as it is sometimes talked, “fanny”. Then there yet was not such traction to the minimalism and asceticism, therefore interiors of kitchens were coloured, saturated, abundantly decorated. On the whole, many interior features of that epoch can be carried on a modern kitchen.

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A kitchen is in vintage style: basic lines

It is possible to name a brightness the first distinguishing feature. Creating a kitchen in style vintage, designers often give preference to the juicy, cheerful colors. Quite often a few bright colours are combined in one interior, therefore a kitchen turns out merry and good-looking. On a vintage kitchen there can coloured be not only finishing and decor but also furniture, and also domestic technique.

Another line is naive simplicity or even primitiveness. Certainly, it is perceived such from the height of our time. In this naive simplicity the special charm consists vintage kitchens.

The third line is an abundance of decor. As it was stated, traction to the minimalism did not yet prove at that time, therefore women actively decorated interiors in a number of shallow and large objects.

Choice of finishing for a kitchen in style vintage

Basic materials for most surfaces of walls are wallpapers or paint. Certainly, they must be very bright. Wallpapers are preferably with decorative patterns or pictures. Vintage of kitchen will underline wallpapers in a strake, pea, cell or floweret. Wallpapers will suit with the picture of gastronomic subjects: for example, with the image of candies, pastries, tea-pots, piattis, fruit, coffee-cups.

For those surfaces, that must be protected from influence of moisture, fat and high temperatures, a tile unsick formatwill suit perfectly. A kitchen “apron” can be pasted over by the small tile of one tone or a few bright colours.

For floor in a vintage kitchen it is possible to do a choice in behalf on the large tile of two colors, put offset. It “chess” floor  black-white, blue-white, brown-beige etc., can. Such floor were very popular in those times. If the floor offset not liked, there are other variants. For example, it is possible to put the tile of two colors a fir-tree, stripes, zigzags. Or to give preference to bright linoleum with a geometrical pattern. The floor on a vintage kitchen must be the same “merry” and “good-looking”, as well as all situation on the whole.

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Furniture for a kitchen in vintage style

If there is not a desire or possibility to order a kitchen set exactly in vintage style, it is possible to do a choice in behalf on a white or coloured kitchen with scope facades. Kitchen closets and stands equipped similar doors in a that epoch. As is generally known, a fashion walks about a circle. Here and scope facades are very actual today – a modern producer offers them in a wide assortment.

It is possible to enter a modern kitchen in a vintage interior and minimalism, but at one condition – her facades must be very bright and varicoloured. Such furniture will do a kitchen good-looking, merry and vintage naive.

In those times, that we take as a standard, not all could take the liberty of kitchen headsets. Therefore kitchens often became complete by stands with boxes and wall shelves. If to order the lower stands of analogical model, a kitchen will look very vintage. And instead of a few overhead modules it is possible to hang up open wall shelves. It will not only underline vintage kitchens but also will do working space easier and lighter. That a kitchen yet more reminded about a that epoch, some of the lower modules it is possible to leave without facades, and instead of them to use window shades.

Domestic technique on a kitchen in style vintage

Technique in style ретро most brightly underlines vintage style of kitchen. Appliances stand in vintage style, as a rule, expensive enough. In any event, perceptibly more expensive than technique with a modern design. However an aim justifies facilities: a technique with ретро-дизайном does a kitchen showy and stylish.

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It is necessary to include an and textile, and porcelain decor: table-cloths, covers or pillows on chairs, napkins, decorative wall piattis, jars for spices and friable and other Splendidly a bright decor will blend in a pea and in a strake.

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