Kitchen cabinet outlet in modern flat

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Pros on the face, but there is something and think: wash this apron will often: spots, blurring on the surface can be seen very well; cheaper options scratched with time; expensive light shades perfectly fit the interior of the Farm. Unobtrusive pattern just complete the picture. Art Nouveau lovers will also be something to think about when choosing the color scheme of the apron, which can be any.

The highlight of any kitchen

Dilute white interior kitchen capable of glass on which a photographic printing. One only has to look away from the white doors of lockers, and your eyes open stunning paintings. Meadows, covered with flowers in the style of Provence, or a complex geometric pattern for their endless style possibilities of this material is liked by many designers. On its surface embodied the most daring and bold ideas, making the kitchen apron is not just an element that protects the wall and the product advantages and disadvantages are solid glass suitable for the item. We add only one point, the image directly. Years of operation will not spoil the bright and saturated colors, applied once. Kitchen cabinet outlet will please you for a long time.

Easy brickwork

Apron, lined with brick, looks very interesting and unusual. Imitation bare walls and white furniture facades will be a source of inspiration for people who prefer a minimalist style and modern. Remember that this material does not necessarily have to be red, no one bothers to paint it yellow or white paint. Durable and practical (in the event that is covered by a protective agent) it will delight you every morning and meet in the evenings. Work on laying his best left to professionals and do not skimp on the quality of materials, it was not necessary to make a new repair.

The uniqueness of the mosaic

You want something original and unique? Then feel free to choose a mosaic, because it gives unlimited scope for imagination and will be a great decoration for any style. Do not forget to add shades of white, so as not to disturb the harmony with kitchen cabinet factory outlet or Provence, or country classics – no matter what the style of your taste, the main thing to choose the right material mosaic has all the advantages of ceramic tile: practicality and durability. Deficiencies have the same roots, but other scales: a large number of seams required quality material for grouting; expensive assembly and disassembly, so that a better picture to determine once and for all. Not afraid of? Then we can only envy the interior of your kitchen.

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For lovers of unusual kitchen cabinet outlets

The coldness of the metal apron is the perfect complement to a white kitchen in high-tech style. In terms of practicality – not the best option, but it is easy to cope with fluctuations of temperature, and is not afraid loves natural materials, so the apron, laid out a stone or a pebble, it will be a central element. Do not abandon him and minimalism. This material is easy to care for and bribes for their durability and beauty, despite the high price. Granite or marble? This is a bold person choose may on the mirror apron. White kitchen furniture to make friends with this material only in the event that high-tech style is selected. The increase in space due to the reflective abilities – it’s good, but cleaning will be added considerably.

It turns out that the choice of kitchen furniture for the white apron depends only on your personal preferences, love to clean, and financial capabilities. It is a pity that a normal cloth apron can serve as long as their counterpart wall. The wall panel is made of plastic or MDF, covered with water-resistant film and is considered the most cost-effective option. Touch and other advantages of these materials:

  • easy installation with which to handle even the one who first makes the repairs;
  • strength and durability provided good service;
  • the ability to install the entire sheet without joints, requiring careful maintenance.
  • What is worse, this option: and plastics, and MDF subject to strains, if they are near the fire;
  • Abrasive cleaners will have to be removed, otherwise it will have to admire the scratches;
  • plastic security is questionable, especially in the kitchen, where cooking process is accompanied by high temperatures. Countertop and apron duo will look good in the Provencal style, if we are talking about the MDF. For high-tech or a modernist style is better to choose plastic.
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Gloss glass surface

Apron made of plain glass, able to accentuate the whiteness of facades headset. Reflecting all that is on the opposite wall, the material will expand the space, giving it a special depth. Still in doubt? Then let’s deal. The empty space between the worktop and wall mounted cupboards white kitchen units does not look attractive. Do not save the situation or decorative plates, spaced along, or patterned pot holders, carefully weighing on the hooks. In this case, the main person involved – the apron, which in addition to aesthetic problems still performs and practical functions.

Tile diversity


When the phrase “kitchen apron” image tiles involuntarily arises in my head. Many housewives consider it their duty to protect the wall of this material is, in obedience to the voice of the ancestors, whose cuisine Lambent ceramics. If you understand, such devotion is justified: the richness of colors and textures allows you to realize any design idea – our mothers and grandmothers about this could not ask; undeniable practicality: a dense layer of glaze is not afraid of any chemicals, high temperatures, and is willing to endure daily wet cleaning with no loss of the original gloss; life: tiles will serve you as long as she does not decide to leave the wall.

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